Саундтрек к фильму «Мир Юрского периода 2» был написан Майклом Джаккино. Сборник был выпущен 15 июня 2015 г.

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  1. This Title Makes Me Jurassic
  2. The Theropod Preservation Society
  3. Maisie and the Island
  4. March of the Wheatley Cavalcade
  5. Nostalgia-Saurus
  6. Double Cross to Bear
  7. Lava Land
  8. Keep Calm and Baryonyx
  9. Go With the Pyroclastic Flow
  10. Gyro Can You Go
  11. Raiders of the Lost Isla Nublar
  12. Volcano to Death
  13. Operation Blue Blood
  14. Jurassic Pillow Talk
  15. How to Pick a Lockwood
  16. Wilting Iris
  17. Shock and Auction
  18. Thus Begins the Indo-Rapture
  19. You Can Be So Hard-Headed
  20. Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Free
  21. There’’s Something About Maisie
  22. World’’s Worst Bedtime Storyteller
  23. Declaration of Indo-Pendence
  24. To Free Or Not to Free
  25. The Neo-Jurassic Age
  26. At Jurassic World's End (Credits Suite)