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The "Super-raptor" was a dinosaur of unknown identity or possibly a fictional dinosaur that was considered for The Lost World: Jurassic Park, but Steven Spielberg discarded it because he felt that it was "a little too much out of a horror movie" and that he "didn't want to create an alien."[1]

As stated before, it is unknown if this "Super-raptor" was a nickname for an already existing dinosaur species or if it was fictional. One might assume that it was the similarly named Megaraptor, which was originally thought to have been a large dromaeosaur, but Megaraptor was scientifically described in 1998, a year after The Lost World was released. It could be also the largest known dromaeosaur, Utahraptor. The latter would be most likely since it was described in 1993, coincidently the same year Jurassic Park came out.

Notes and references

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