The 4X4 is a die cast toy of the Mercedes-Benz M-Class vehicles seen in The Lost World: Jurassic Park. It was released as part of Matchbox's "Action System" line which tied in to the release of The Lost World in 1997.

It was released as one of the line's Tracker/Trapper vehicles and appears to be based on "Fontana," the one used by Sarah Harding and Nick Van Owen to transport the baby Tyrannosaurus rex. However, the enclosed viewing bubble has been modified from how it appears in the film, and functions as an elevated observation platform. In addition, it has two functioning grabbers attached to either side of the rearward portion, which can be used to pick up dinosaurs.

The vehicle came with two die cast figurines, one of Eddie Carr and one of a Pachycephalosaurus.


  • Although simply identified as "4X4" on the front of the card, on the card back of some releases, it is identified as "Mercedes AAV."
  • Similarly, although it is lacking the Mercedes logo on the grill, substituting a simple solid oval shape, the version released with one of the Action System playsets - identified as the Ground Tracker - does actually feature the full painted Mercedes logo, and is even identified as "Mercedes M-Class" on the undercarriage, unlike its single-carded brother.
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