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The ACU Gunner was a member of Jurassic World's Asset Containment Unit.


Jurassic World[]

When Simon Masrani took it upon himself to kill Indominus rex after the ACU's initial failure and the death of Katashi Hamada, he attaches a GE M134 minigun to JW001, which is manned by the ACU gunner. Masrani flew the helicopter in pursuit of Indominus, but the gunner failed to hit her.

When Indominus broke through the aviary dome and freed several Pteranodons and Dimorphodons, these winged reptiles flew up towards JW001 and attacked the copter. As the helicopter was attacked by the Pteranodons, the gunner managed to shoot down 1 of the flying reptiles, but another slammed into the chopper, causing him to slip out. He manages to save himself by grabbing the M134, but a swooping Pteranodon snatched and presumably killed him.

LEGO Jurassic World[]

He is African-American instead of Caucasian. He fires the minigun at Indominus rex and instead of Indominus crashing through the aviary wall, the gunner loses control of his weapon and accidentally shoots the top of the dome, shattering it. When JW001 crashes, he survives along with Simon Masrani and the other trooper.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • His death was originally scripted to go to a photographer in a helicopter who is then dropped into the Mosasaurus tank, where he is eaten by the aquatic reptile. This never progressed beyond the storyboard phase, though, and the photographer's death was split up and instead given to the ACU gunner and Zara respectively.[citation needed]


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