The AM General HMMWV or High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle, often referred to as simply Humvee is a military off-road vehicle.

Ingensecurity bg2

A HMMWV M1025 operated by the InGen Security Division


Humvees were used by the InGen Security Division in 2015. One arrived on the beach along with a Textron Marine & Land Systems Tiger armored personnel carrier.


Chaos Island: The Lost World

Humvees serve as enemy vehicles in Chaos Island: The Lost World. Just like in the Matchbox toy line, it has a rotating turret but has no capture gear.

Die-Cast: The Lost World

The Humvee is one of the Trackers or Trappers that appear in the Die-Cast: The Lost World toy line. The Humvee has appeared in many Matchbox toylines (see this list on the Matchbox Cars wiki), this vehicle has "InGen" on its back and side and the Jurassic Park Logo on its front. It has a Hummer stick also, even though Hummer does not manufacture Humvees.

The set comes with a Velociraptor figure and an action figure of Roland Tembo holding a gun.  Most of the Humvee toys are somewhat rare.

The Lost World Series 1

The Humvee appears in The Lost World Series 1, based on the Hummer H1. It is equipped with Dino Pursuit Claw and Pivoting Stampede Seats.

Die-Cast: Jurassic World

The HMMWV M1025 was released as the InGen Humvee as part of Matchbox's 2018 Jurassic World toy line. Unlike the Humvee in the film, it has its front doors on (since it uses the same sculpt as the '97 Lost World Humvee). A second green one with added bull bars on the front was released for the 2019 line. It is apparently, again, intended to represent the hunters' Hummers from The Lost World.


  1. Picture taken by sschatvet
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