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A Beacon of Hope is the first episode of the second season in the Netflix series, Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous. The episode was released on January 22, 2021.


Still stranded on the island — and still reeling from the apparent loss of Ben — the campers make a last-ditch attempt at rescue by sending out an SOS.

Plot Summary[]

After the events of season 1, the group is left running from dinosaurs and carrying Yasmina Fadoula, who is injured. Darius Bowman has everyone head to Main Street in search of food and communication, but everyone spends the day goofing off, with Kenji Kon playing with walkie talkies and finding frozen pizza that smaller dinosaurs steal, Brooklynn filming for her followers, and Sammy Gutierrez reading a book. Sammy manages to discover a distress beacon in a book, but no one is able to find it that day.

Yasmina takes first watch, and wakens Darius from a nightmare, wherein he is blamed by Ben Pincus for letting him die. On waking up, Yasmina suggests that he do something fun, like pushups, to clear his head, but instead he looks at dinosaur information plaques. On doing so, he realizes that the beacon is probably camouflaged, and so the next day the group searches in earnest for the beacon. They find it — in a T. rex lair.

By spreading out and using the walkie talkies, the group is able to monitor the dinosaur to know when it's safe to enter the lair, at which point Darius and Kenji do so. In the lair, they're unable to unseat the beacon, but they are able to open it an activate it. Before the T. rex can return, Brooklynn distracts the dinosaur with a cutout of herself and a recording of her voice from the camera she found earlier, leading the T. rex to destroy the cutout while she escapes unharmed. Thanks to the distraction, Darius and Kenji also escape with everyone else to safety, where they plan to stay alive until help can arrive. The episode ends with the signal being received.

Characters and Cast[]


  • Sammy called the T. rex by her popular nickname, "Rexy", for the first time on screen in this episode. The T. rex was previously called this in the original novel, The Evolution of Claire, and Jurassic Park: The Game. In Season 3 of the 10th episode, Sammy mention Rexy again.
  • When Darius searches the lost-and-found box, all he finds are hats and sunglasses. All of which resemble Alan Grant's.
  • The idea that T. rex can only see prey unless they're moving, which was popularized by the Jurassic Park franchise, seems to have been retconned in this episode, when Brooklynn tricks the T. rex into attacking a life-sized cardboard cutout bearing her likeness. However, the T-Rex was also able to see the tree branch, and may only be unable to see still animals. The cutout being cardboard may have allowed it to bypass this.
  • In season 5 it was revealed that the evil organization, Mantah Corp, are the ones who received the distress signal, this also explains why no one came to rescue the campers sooner.