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The Agrarian Crisis of the Giant Locusts was a locust pandemic that occurred in 2022.


Some time in 2022, a species of locust, hybridized from prehistoric and modern locusts, appeared and was threatening the world’s crop and food supply. Dr. Ellie Sattler was called by a farmer in West Texas whose crops have been devastated by the insects. Sattler has been studying the impact of the prehistoric insects on crops and her studies have pointed to a global ecological collapse.


On her visit to Farmer Peréz's farm, Ellie investigates and finds out that the locusts didn't eat Biosyn's seeds. The farmer's children caught a live locust, which she takes to Dr. Alan Grant for a second opinion. She suspects that Biosyn is responsible for this problem, but she needs evidence to support her claims.

Ellie pays Grant a visit at his dig site in Utah, where she tells him about the locust problem and shows him the captured locust. She persuades him to go to Biosyn's sanctuary in Italy, where she was invited to watch Ian Malcolm's lecture, and where she hopes to get a sample of a locust from their lab. After they watch Malcolm's lecture, they go to the facility's café, where Malcolm tells Sattler that the locusts are part of a Biosyn project named Hexapod Allies.

Once they complete their tour in the Biosyn facility guided by Ramsay Cole, they are left to explore it on their own, a cue for them to sneak into a lab where locusts are bred and get a sample.

While deleting files about the Hexapod Allies project, Lewis Dodgson receives a push message on his phone with news about locusts spreading across the globe. This prompted him to burn the locusts in the Biosyn lab, thus covering evidence.

Grant and Sattler successfully got a locust sample and testified against Biosyn in the U.S. Senate.


Modified locust

A modified locust to be released by Wu.

Following the crisis and the Biosyn incident, Dr. Henry Wu releases a modified locust that carries a pathogen he discovered while studying Maisie Lockwood, successfully eradicating the locust outbreak. Wu's work revolutionized modern genetics and Wu publicly attributed the discovery to Charlotte Lockwood's work.