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Alicia Peréz is a child living in West Texas.

Jurassic World: Dominion[]

In 2022, Alicia and her brother Ramon live in a farm in West Texas. She feeds hens, whereas he collects their eggs. While doing so, Ramon sees a giant locust sitting on a fence. It took off, calling more locusts, thus making it a swarm. The insects fly on the children's direction and they hide in their barn to wait for the swarm to go away. A locust ended up entering the barn, and the children captured it with a bucket.

Later that day, Dr. Ellie Sattler pays their farm a visit to investigate the locust problem after being called by their mother, Farmer Peréz. She is told by their mother that they caught a live locust.

In an extended scene, Sattler meets the children in their home, being introduced as a scientist from a university. Alicia asks if she's a "bug scientist", to which Sattler responds that she is a botanist, a craft that now helps her to protect plants and soil. Sattler then approaches the captured locust kept in a cage and proceeds to collect DNA from the insect with a device and takes it with her.[1]



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