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R.B. "Arby" Benton was an African-American seventh-grade student at Woodside Junior High and best and only friend of Kelly Curtis and only appeared in The Lost World.

In The Lost World

He was only eleven years-old, having skipped two grades because he was a child prodigy and particularly extremely skilled with computers. Both of his parents were doctors in San Jose, California, and Arby was accustomed to a well-to-do lifestyle, dressed in formal clothes in school with had good, reliable parents. His mother was a gynaecologist and very kind. Both Arby and Kelly worked odd jobs for Richard Levine, who was working as their teacher as part of his court order. Arby later discovered the hidden files on Levine's computer, and thus helped Doctors Ian Malcolm and Jack Thorne to discover the location of Site B. Originally, both he and Kelly were allowed and prepared to go on a field trip during school break to test out a large range of equipment that Levine had ordered from Doc Thorne. However, they were disappointed to find that the testing session was cancelled.

Not wanting to be left out of finding Levine, both kids stowed away in the field trailers that were destined for Isla Sorna by concealing themselves in bundles of blankets. Arby managed to get into the Local Area Network and was amazed to see live dinosaurs. Once found by the adults, Arby first acted to save them from an adult Tyrannosaurus. Later, during a raptor attack on the High Hide, Arby fell out and sought refuge in the predator protection cage. The raptors nevertheless brought him to the nest, injuring him, until he was rescued by Levine and Thorne. He later escaped the island on a boat with the rest of the survivors.[1]


His character, along with Kelly's, was the inspiration for Ian Malcolm's daughter Kelly Malcolm in the film The Lost World: Jurassic Park.



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