Arctodus was an extinct genus of bear that roamed in North America, most commonly found in California, in the Pleistocene epoch from about 1.8,000,000 years ago to 11,600 years ago. Also known as the "bulldog bear" or "short-faced bear" because of its short, broad muzzle, Arctodus had a low forehead with eyes set far apart and facing forward giving it excellent vision. This characteristic is also shared by its extant relative, the Spectacled bear.

Though Arctodus might have been omnivorous, the vast majority of its diet was meat. Its longer legs would have allowed it to cover a larger territory in search of prey and carrion. It had the capability of catching and killing bison, deer, elk, muskoxen, and other large animals. However, like most predators, it would be an occasional scavenger. Because of its size, it could easily chase other predators, like Smilodon, off their kills.

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Jurassic World: The Game

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Arctodus appears in the Cenozoic Biosphere of Jurassic World: The Game as a Rare Snow creature.


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