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Armormata is a genetically modified hybrid of Mosasaurus GEN 2 and Nodosaurus.


Jurassic World: The Game

Armormata is one of the hybrids that can be created in the game. It was added to the game as part of the November 16th, 2020 update. It is first unlocked by fusing a Level 40 Mosasaurus GEN 2 and a Level 40 Nodosaurus together. It is the second hybrid to be a mix of a Jurassic creature and an Aquatic creature, after Allonogmius, but the first to take a herbivorous form

Unlocked Trivia

Evo 1

Reward: 30,160 Food

“Although Armormata’s tail fin gives it the appearance of mid-evolution, it is equipped to thrive on land.”

Evo 2

Reward: 218,080 Food

“Armormata’s name references Squamata; the reptile family which Mosasaurus comes from.”

Evo 3

Reward: 998,530 Food and 100 Bucks

”This hybrid burrows in mud to regulate its body temperature and to protect its soft underbelly while resting.”

Evo 4

Reward: 4,222,520 Food, 100 Bucks, and 1500 DNA

”Armormata has a terrible temper. It’s highly aggressive nature likely comes from the aquatic carnivore it was fused from.”


  • It cannot swim despite having a finned tail