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Arrival is the tenth episode of the fifth season in the Netflix series, Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous. The episode was released on July 21, 2022.


The friends must think fast to outwit Mr. Kon and his cronies. Ben sets out to rescue an old friend - and gets help from a surprising source.

Plot Summary[]

Furious over that Bumpy's has been captured Ben pushes Kenji to the ground asking him how he could allow Daniel to mind control Bumpy. Kenji says to Ben that he tried to stop it, swearing on it. Ben then asks him why he should trust Kenji and Kenji can not answer feeling great shame over his actions. He then admits that he should have listen to them about their suspicion and that he is so, so sorry for leaving them. Ben says that he wants to trust Kenji, but doesn't know if he can trust him and Kenji says he will help him get Bumpy back even if it be the last thing he do.

Characters and Cast[]




  • In the beginning of the episode Daniel tells Kenji he that captured Bumpy depsite promising to leave her alone to motivate the other campers to stop them from trying anything dangerous again. But it's more likely he did it to please Lewis Dodgson. As this action has unaware to Daniel turned Kenji against him it shows that Daniel thinks Kenji always will be an idiot who never learns from his mistakes and can be manipulated to anything which in a way is actually true since Kenji wasn't able to realize the truth of his new relationship with Daniel without the help of Mae Turner. That Daniel all the time just saw him as a partner in business and not as a son.
  • As Kenji look and sounds heartbroken over that Ben don't trust him, he also shows he truly understands showing great shame over his actions when Ben asks him.
  • It is shown, when Bumpy was being controlled by one of the twins, she was able to fight back because she cared for Ben proving how strong the friendship between the both of them is.
  • Another way to stop the dinosaurs mind control by destroying the controllers for the chips is revealed in this episode when Kenji destroyed Bumpy's control.
  • This is the second episode where Yasmina and Sammy kiss.
  • Kenji earns Ben's forgiveness by helping him to rescue Bumpy and shows that he has truly returned to the side of his friends and is remorseful for his actions.