Ash Skullstriker is a GI Joe action figure that appeared in the Jurassic Park 3D (Hasbro) toyline.


Ash Skullstriker wears a brown vest with grenades attached, olive green colored pants with a pistol holster. Ash's right arm is decorated with a tattoo of an Allosaurus skull with an arrow in its eye. He has a flat haircut with a goatee. Ash Skullstriker is fitted with a pistol, a bow and arrow and two katanas one of which is smaller. Ash has heavy armor plating.


  • Ash Skullstriker's enemy is an Allosaurus.
  • 'Skullstriker' is most likely a nickname inspired by his tattoo, which depicts an Allosaurus being peirced with an arrow.
  • Ash Skullstriker is not referenced anywhere else in The Jurassic Park Franchise.
  • Ash is a specialist in archery and martial arts.
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