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"ACU can handle this. No one else is going to get-"
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An ACU officer armed with a Taser rifle stands watch at Jurassic World.

The Asset Containment Unit (ACU) was a part of InGen Security Division whose role was to ensure the cloned dinosaurs (referred to as "assets") at Jurassic World on Isla Nublar remained in captivity and recapture them if they escaped. Consisting of highly trained professionals, the ACU was armed mainly with non-lethal weapons such as tasers, tranquilisers and net launchers but they would also make use of firearms on the off-chance a creature was too dangerous to non-lethally subdue.


In 2015, during the Jurassic World Incident, two ACU teams led by Katashi Hamada and Austin were called to stop the hybrid Indominus rex when she broke out of her paddock. Though they were able to successfully locate the creature, they were caught off-guard by its previously unknown ability to camouflage itself and many of them were killed trying to subdue it.

Two ACU members later helped crew the helicopter flown by Simon Masrani to hunt the Indominus rex, one serving as Masrani's co-pilot while the other served as a gunner. Though they were able to locate the hybrid by the Aviary, the helicopter fell under attack by pterosaurs that killed both troopers before causing the copter to crash.

A large contingent of ACU, including surviving members of the ambush, later assisted Owen Grady and park rangers in the Pterosaur attack on Main Street by firing on the flyers with tranquiliser rifles to protect the civilian guests. They later provided security and medical assistance for the evacuation center before being evacuated from the island.

Following their escape from Camp Cretaceous, Darius Bowman, Brooklynn, Ben Pincus, Kenji Kon, Sammy Gutierrez and Yasmina Fadoula found an abandoned ACU van and used it to escape from the Indominus.


Jurassic World Samsung Galaxy Gear

Katashi Hamada wearing his Galaxy Gear.

While it varied depending on the role of the trooper, the main ACU uniform consisted of branded gear, which included Vertex Kryptek Gunfighter shirts and Vertx Kryptek hats in a black and blue camouflage pattern that is either Kryptek Neptune or Typhoon. The uniform featured technology allowing the vitals and visuals of officers to be seen on the monitors in Jurassic World's control room. The ACU also used Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatches able to track dinosaurs via their implanted trackers.

ACU using UTS-15

Miller armed with his UTS-15.

Non-lethal weapons, including 12 ampere taser rifles, electric cattle prods, and Coda Netguns, were the main weapons of the ACU. However, firearms were occasionally used, such as Miller's generation 2 UTAS UTS-15 bullpup 12 gauge pump-action shotgun and the M134 Minigun, one of which was kept in an ACU changing room.

In Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous, the ACU have tablets which can track other tablets and dinosaurs. They also have walkie-talkies that have life monitors that turn from green to red when the carrier becomes disconnected, or dies.

Vehicles used by the ACU were mainly manufactured by Mercedes-Benz, such as the Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6X6 and the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, although they also used Ford E-Series vans.[1]


ACU troopers on screen
Members marked by a † were killed during the Isla Nublar Incident.



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