Atlanta Cruz is an unseen character who plays a large role in why her mother, Nima Cruz, agreed to work for BioSyn and retrieve Dennis Nedry's Barbasol can from Isla Nublar.


Atlanta was born either before or shortly after her mother's people were deported from Isla Nublar, to make way for InGen's new theme park. With no financial support from InGen or the Costa Rican government, Atlanta was raised in extreme poverty. The reason why Nima accepted BioSyn's job offer is that she did not want her daughter to end up like other young girls living on the streets in their neighborhood: working for local cartels and dealing drugs, sometimes just "disappearing".

In the end, Atlanta is saved, but the method depends on which ending the player chooses. In the "good ending", Nima arrives with Gerry and Jess on the boat, but the can has been trampled by the Tyrannosaurus rex. However, Jess discovers that Nima's reward money had been brought onto the boat to be delivered to her upon her return. In the "bad ending", Nima is dead - killed and eaten by the Tyrannosaurus - but Gerry and Jess resolve to call the Costa Rican government about Atlanta on her behalf, perhaps even adopting her.


  • Throughout the game, Nima refers to Atlanta as her "Mariquita" (Spanish for 'ladybug').
  • Atlanta's age is never directly stated. Nima describes her as being "almost of an age where she will outgrow my protection", implying Atlanta was in her early-teens by the events of first film, or perhaps nearly 18.
    • Nima's fondness for Jerry Harding's daughter Jess suggests Atlanta may have been 14 - the same age as Jess.
    • Yet again, in the "bad ending" of the game, Gerry Harding refers to Atlanta as a "little girl".
      • Nima's people were evicted from Isla Nublar in 1981, twelve years before the Isla Nublar Incident. If Atlanta was born shortly afterwards, she would have been a pre-teen.
  • During her conversation with Gerry Harding in Episode 4, Nima mentions naming her daughter after the city.
  • Nima makes no mention of Atlanta's father.
  • In the German version of the game her name is Savannah instead of Atlanta.


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