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Atrociraptor is an extinct genus of dromaeosaur theropod dinosaur that lived in Alberta, Canada during the Late Cretaceous period. It lived in the Horshoe Canyon Formation, living alongside famous species such as the Albertosaurus, Edmontonia, Edmontosaurus, Ornithomimus, Pachyrhinosaurus, and Struthiomimus.

One feature that defines this dromaeosaur from other genera is its somewhat short and tall skull with teeth featuring large serrations giving it the look of a bulky-snouted animal, in which it is hypothesized that Atrociraptor may have had a strong bite force than other dromaeosaurs or had specialized teeth to bite differently compared to its kin.


Like many of the dinosaurs featured in the Jurassic franchise, the size of the Atrociraptor clones is larger than its real life counterpart. Roughly the same size as Velociraptors such as Blue, the Atrociraptors stand around 2 meters tall, measuring nearly 4 meters long, and weighs around 500 pounds. One particular pack (trained by Soyona Santos to hunt down anything or anyone marked with a red laser and to be persistent enough to follow them long distances) consisted of four individuals named Ghost, Tiger, Red, and Panthera. This pack's coloration varies wildly between individuals - with Panthera and Tiger having orange coloring and black stripes (Tiger being darker in color), Red with light brown coloring and reddish-orange banding, and Ghost with white coloring with stripes.

Jurassic World: The Exhibition

Atrociraptor is only mentioned on a plaque display.


Jurassic World: Dominion

By 2022, Atrociraptors were bred, possibly from modified Velociraptor DNA from Isla Sorna, as trained hunting animals bred for speed. Proclaimed as "designer dinosaurs", Atrociraptors were bred with multiple color schemes per individual.[1] Soyona Santos bred and trained at least one pack made up of four individuals named Ghost, Tiger, Red, and Panthera. The pack was shipped by Santos to Malta, where she planned to have Rainn Delacourt ship them abroad to Riyadh. During the exchange however, a squad of French Intelligence Agents, including Barry Sembène, along with Owen Grady, ambushed the exchange and chased down the truck, eventually knocking it off the road and causing it to slam part way through a wall and send the Atrociraptors' cages flying. As the agents moved in to arrest Santos and her driver, Santos ordered the driver to release the raptors, and sent them to kill the agents as she made her escape. As Santos was escaping, Claire Dearing tracked her down Santos and got into a fight with her, but as Claire was questioning her, Santos called Tiger into the room and marked Claire with the laser. Claire ran out of the building and onto the roof of a lower floor with Tiger behind her, the two jumping between buildings during the chase. Meanwhile, the Atrociraptors made short work of almost all of the agents, but as Red had cornered Barry inside of a boat, Owen managed to sneak in, open the boat's sun roof, and help Barry out. The two got down and made up a plan to catch Red by tricking it into running back into a crate. Santos then returned to the scene, where Barry arrested her at gunpoint, but as he did so, she managed to mark Owen, which sent both Ghost and Panthera after him. In the meantime, while being pursued by Tiger, Claire falls on a truck trailer before being helped by Kayla Watts who then drives through the city with the raptor in pursuit, until Claire uses a metal bar, sticking it between two cars as the dinosaur relentlessly chases them before hitting itself in the throat on the bar, becoming incapacitated in the process.

Later, Owen arrives as Kayla begins to start her plane, still chased by Ghost and Panthera, with the latter tripping on its way to try and reach the man, leaving Ghost to be the only one pursuing Owen, who narrowly gets aboard the plane with his motorbike, followed by the dinosaur. However, the plane takes off and Owen is caught by Claire as he begins slipping. The bike then slips too and slams Ghost out of the plane, with the couple watching as the raptor plummets into the sea.



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Jurassic World: Dominion

Behind the Scenes

During the production of Jurassic World: Dominion, images of the Atrociraptor's maquettes surfaced online during filming in Malta.

Early in production, the Atrociraptors were originally intended to be Deinonychus, but were then changed into Atrociraptors. Production designer Kevin Jenkins said that he simply received an email from Colin Treverrow simply saying Atrociraptor when this change was confirmed.[2]


  • Most of the sound effects the Atrociraptors produce are identical to the sound effects used for the Jurassic Fight Club dromaeosaurs (i.e., Deinonychus, Dromaeosaurus, and Utahraptor).



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