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BRAD-X is a group of upgraded robots, meant to assist Mantah Corp and Kash, and eliminate any unauthorized forms.

Appearance and behavior[]

The BRAD-X models resemble metallic anthropomorphic reptiloids, with deep black coloring and vehicular like detail. Much like their previous version counterparts, they have white eyes that change color based on commands. They have only 3 fingers and two toes on each limb, and a short but distinct tail.

Like the BRAD models, BRAD-X is designed to receive and perform commands, but they are on a much more dangerous level than the older versions. BRAD-X can run on all 4 limbs, fire energy concentrated plasma projectiles and mouth bombs, as well as release a sleeping chemical to sedate animals. BRAD-X are much more durable but still prove to be weak to some creatures such as Spinosaurus or Nothosaurus. BRAD-X models are able to hold others hostage, and are ruthlessly relentless. They possess scanning peripherals and will pursue targets with it.

Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous[]

Season 4[]

Spinosaurus trashes BRAD-X

A BRAD-X was attacked by a Spinosaurus.

The BRAD-X robots were made as improvements by Kash from the BRAD bots. They're much more durable than the original robots, even being able to recover from a giant log smashing onto its neck. The only way to kill it is by incorrectly wiring the robot, as shown by Brooklynn, who failed to reprogram it in an episode. The few creatures who would fight a Brad-X and win are the veteran Spinosaurus and the Nothosaurus.

Season 5[]

After hacking into Daniel Kon's computer, Brooklynn manages to shut all of the BRAD-X's down and changes Daniel's password so that they can't be reactivated again. The group later has to search the jaws of all of the BRAD-X's for a flash drive containing a backup of the schematics for the mind control chips. One BRAD-X pursues the campers at the underground chemical plant before its destroyed by the native Nothosaurus. After Daniel Kon's arrest, it's likely that all production of BRAD-X's and BRADs ceased once Mantah Corp Island was turned into a dinosaur sanctuary.


Season 4[]

Season 5[]


The only way to kill it is by incorrectly wiring the robot, as shown by Brooklynn, who failed to reprogram it in, which lead to it going haywire and randomly walking around and shooting everything, before collapsing and shutting down.

Even, though the BRAD-X is very durable and able to withstand a log being dropped on its neck and being grabbed by a Spinosaurus with its jaw, thrown to the ground and stepped on with its foot and still get back up. There is only one creature that can tangle with a BRAD-X and win: a Nothosaurus. As, the Brad-X was about to engage the campers, the Nothosaurus began fighting with the BRAD-X. Afterwards, when the campers returned to the sewers, they noticed a destroyed BRAD-X and as said by Darius “lost a fight to the Nothosaurus."