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"See, not a T-Rex!"
"How is this better?"
Claire Dearing and Franklin Webb after sighting a Baryonyx(src)

Baryonyx (meaning "heavy claw") is an extinct genus of spinosaur, a member and of the same group as and a close relative to the northern African dinosaurs Spinosaurus and Suchomimus. Baryonyx was smaller than these relatives but was still a big predator. It was 10 meters (33 feet) long and 2.5 meters (8.25 feet) tall at the hips. However, studies in the fossils of Baryonyx indicate that it had not yet reached its adult stage, so it could be larger, and another study found that there were vertebrae a little larger than others, which would indicate a possible candle or hump in the adult specimen.

It had a long, narrow snout filled with teeth that were cone-shaped, a real difference from the blade-shaped teeth of typical meat-eating dinosaurs.[1]

Because of the shape of its snout and teeth (both of which are similar to those of modern crocodilians), some paleontologists think that Baryonyx ate lots of fish. Others, however, think it ate other dinosaurs. In fact, both ideas are supported by the original Baryonyx specimen from Surrey, England. In the guts of this dinosaur, paleontologists found the partially digested scales of large fish as well as the partially digested bones of a young Iguanodon. This strongly supports the idea that Baryonyx ate both fish and dinosaurs.[1]

A 2022 study comparing the bone densities of Baryonyx and its close relatives, Spinosaurus and Suchomimus revealed that Baryonyx and Spinosaurus possessed very dense bones and could dive and swim in deep water. By comparison, Suchomimus was more suited to wading after prey in shallow water.[2]


While artwork on the park's website was brown with yellow stripes on their backs, legs, and underbelly, an aquamarine eyespot and brown patches on their body and stripes on their tail, with a slender snout and proto-feathers running along the back of their arms and top of their heads, the cloned Baryonyx in the park were much different from the real-life counterparts and the Jurassic World website painting. These variants had a crocodilian-like armored back and underbelly, a long but broader snout that narrows as it reaches the tip of the snout, a less pronounced notch in the upper jaw, lacking the triangular crest on the top of its nasal bones, pronated wrists like all of InGen's cloned theropods, its second and third fingers and claws being longer, and more straight and conical teeth. Their coloration is mostly a drab grey with grayish black on the back with turquoise sprinkles all over its back, with a creamy white belly, and turquoise blue on the eye orbit.


Campers have made observations whereby the Baryonyx showcases hunting behaviors that encompass both solitary pursuits and collaborative endeavors within a social context. A solitary Baryonyx's relentless pursuit of Calir and Franklin serves as an example of an isolated hunting behavior that has occasionally been noticed. Additionally, a group of three Baryonyx have been seen cooperating in their predatory activities in their natural habitat. This observation suggests the existence of a social interaction, which may indicate a sibling relationship or another close relationship between the people in question. Interestingly, Baryonyx social groups have a compelling propensity to actively seek out and painstakingly track down the person or people who could be responsible for the death of one of their number.


Jurassic Park[]

Isla nublar1024x768

Jurassic Park brochure map showing the Baryonyx paddock.

InGen created five Baryonyx in the InGen Compound in Isla Sorna.[3] It was planned to live in its own paddock for Phase I of Jurassic Park, but never made it to Isla Nublar.[4][5] Its paddock was located near a river, which could have supplied its residents with fish to eat.

It is unknown if there were any surviving wild populations on Isla Sorna after Hurricane Clarissa hit the island. However, as its chosen environment of freshwater lakes and estuaries had next to no competition, it quite possibly thrived. That was, until 1999.

Jurassic Park III[]

In Jurassic Park III, the Kirby’s plane is attacked by a Spinosaurid of sorts. When Dr. Alan Grant asked Billy Brennan what kind of dinosaur they saw, Billy thought it was a Suchomimus, because of its snout, Dr. Grant said it wasn't and said bigger, Billy thought Baryonyx but he confirmed they both don't have a sail.[6] This species is later confirmed as Spinosaurus aegypticus.

Jurassic World[]

InGen recreated this dinosaur for Masrani Global Corporation's new dinosaur park Jurassic World. These Baryonyx were displayed alongside its relative Suchomimus in the Cretaceous Cruise.[7]

Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous[]

Main article: Chaos
Main article: Limbo
Main article: Grim

A Baryonyx trio named Grim, Chaos, and Limbo were featured in season 2. Grim is hunted by Tiff in the season 2 finale, but is avenged by Chaos and Limbo when they hunted Tiff and kills her.

Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous: Hidden Adventure[]

Limbo and Chaos appear in the Camp Cretaceous interactive episode, Hidden Adventure, where they compete with Pteranodons over a Gallimimus corpse. However, as this is soft canon, it can be said that we have little evidence whether or not this actually happened.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom[]

By 2018, Baryonyx were subject to cruelty at some point in the past, according to the DPG.[8] But, due to Isla Nublar's volcano threatened to erupt, it threatened surviving populations of Baryonyx. By 2018, water poisoning and increased acidity caused by toxic emissions from the volcano were predicted to kill populations of aquatic creatures such as fish, endangering piscivorous species such as the Baryonyx and Suchomimus.[9]


Baryonyx roaring in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

When the Dinosaur Protection Group made it to the island to rescue some of its dinosaurs, one Baryonyx appeared from a maintenance tunnel and attempted to attack Claire Dearing and Franklin Webb while lava is pouring in. Despite being pelted with lava, it remains unfazed and determined to get to its potential prey. Before it could attempt to devour them both, Claire and Franklin manage to lock it inside the underground control center, where it presumably met its demise by the surging lava. Another individual was seen and was transported by helicopter to the boat.

At least four Baryonyxes were captured to be sold off at the Lockwood Manor Auction.[10] Two Baryonyxes were briefly seen escaping the estate with all the other dinosaurs, while another one that was bought at the auction was last seen being loaded onto a cargo plane to be delivered to its buyer. It is unknown what happened with this last specimen. The viable embryos of this dinosaur were also sold at auction to the same buyer, alongside the genetic material of Dreadnoughtus. This has given fans the belief that it was Biosyn who bought the Baryonyx, but this theory lacks official confirmation.

Jurassic World: Chaos Theory[]

When Darius and Kenji were staking out an old shack to wait for an illegal DPW drop off, they saw two transport trucks pull up, one of them holding a Baryonyx with a color scheme similar to Grim. It was forced onto the other truck by the driver and locked up before being driven away. Kenji and Darius followed the truck to its location.

Jurassic World: Dominion[]

Empire Fight Pit

By 2022, the Department of Prehistoric Wildlife had confirmed sighting of a Baryonyx sleeping after swimming in a pool in Beccles, England and another attacking a tourist in Capulalpam de Méndeza, Mexico.[11]

A juvenile Baryonyx with a prosthetic left arm was kept in for a fighting ring in the Amber Clave Night Market in Malta. When Owen Grady, Claire Dearing, and Barry Sembène arrived at the market, they witnessed this individual battling a juvenile Allosaurus. Later, when a group of French Intelligence ambushed a deal occurring outside the market, Rainn Delacourt attempted to escape from a pursuing Owen, but ended up falling in the fighting pit, where the Baryonyx attempted to attack him, but was chained to the wall and couldn't reach Delacourt. Delacourt attempted to flee but was tackled into another fighting pit by Owen, where a Lystrosaurus and juvenile Carnotaurus began mauling his arms. Meanwhile, the Baryonyx managed to pull the bricks it was chained to out of the wall, and found its way to the struggle where it started mauling Delacourt's face off.

It is unknown what happened to the Baryonyx and the other dinosaurs from the market; if they roam free or if they are captured. Given the fact that it is in a city, they have probably been rounded up and transported to a safe facility like the Biosyn Sanctuary.




Promotional images[]

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Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous[]

Jurassic World: Chaos Theory[]



  • When trying to identify the Spinosaurus during the Isla Sorna Incident of 2001, one of Billy Brennan's guesses was Baryonyx before Dr. Alan Grant corrected him.[6]
  • In the teaser for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, the Baryonyx that attacked Claire and Franklin made an identical roar to Spinosaurus.
  • Many people belived that one Baryonyx that either chased Claire Dearing and Franklin Webb, or got taken out of Isla Nublar and then got sold or ran wild is actually Chaos. However, this is unconfirmed to be the same Baryonyx, and it is unknown which of the individuals is Chaos.
  • It is popular belief amongst some fans that the Baryonyx sold at the Lockwood Auction was sold to Biosyn, on the account of the white plane resembling those owned by the company and (most importantly) it was sold alongside various embryos, including those of Dreadnoughtus and Dilophosaurus. Both of the latter are known to’ve been cloned by Biosyn, hardening the fans claims.

Behind the scenes[]


Jurassic Park III logo with Baryonyx.

Baryonyx was originally supposed to be the main antagonist dinosaur of Jurassic Park III and a logo depicting it as well as a storyboard featuring this dinosaur[12] was even made. But Baryonyx was replaced by its larger relative Spinosaurus in the final product. According to Ricardo Delgado, who served as a concept artist for Jurassic Park III in early 2000,[13] several members of the Jurassic Park III would refer to the Spinosaurus as Baryonyx.[14]

On the Jurassic World website, the icon for Baryonyx is reused from the Dinopedia of the removed Jurassic Park Institute website's article about the dinosaur.[7]

When asked why the Baryonyx in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom differed significantly from its previous rendition on the Jurassic World website, film writer Colin Trevorrow simply responded with "That was just a drawing. This one’s real." [15]

For Jurassic World: Dominion, John Nolan Studios created an animatronic of the juvenile Baryonyx seen in the film. This animatronic was made up of the front half of the dinosaur's body, and could move its body up and down, sway its neck from side to side, and open and close its jaws.[16] This animatronic was only used in the scene where the Baryonyx corners Rainn Delacourt.


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