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Bastian Antonio Fuentes is a young British/American actor. He made his professional debut when he was cast as Ramon Peréz in Jurassic World: Dominion (2022) at the age of 8 years old, playing alongside Laura Dern. The following year he was cast as Tony's son in The Flash (2023) playing alongside Ezra Miller. Antonio Fuentes will be voicing a lead role in a new animated feature film due out in 2025.

TV Credits[]

Bastian's TV credits include playing Matteo Molena in an upcoming TV drama, Fifteen Love (Amazon) with Jess Darrow and Aidan Turner and voicing Enzo in hit children's animation series, Morphle (Amazon).

Early Life[]

Bastian was born on an American Naval base in Rota, Spain on the 18th October 2011. He holds both American and British nationality and lives in York, North Yorkshire, UK with his parents and big brother.

Spare Time[]

In his spare time Bastian enjoys parkour and training with his parents and big brother in the martial art, American Kenpo as well as Mixed Martial Arts.