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Battle Lines is the third episode of the fifth season in the Netflix series, Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous. The episode was released on July 21, 2022.


Kenji asks his friends to back off and stay out of his father's business. But to save the island's dinos, they're willing to risk breaking his trust.

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  • Daniel is shown to be just as smart as he is evil as he make Kenji believe his friends actually don't trust either him or Kenji by telling that Sammy and Brooklynn broke into his office to search evidence without telling Kenji despite telling the two latter to not say anything about it which means Daniel even used this to his advantage in order to turn Kenji against the other campers.
  • As Kenji being happy that Daniel wants to work with him he takes this that he and his dad finally will have a true relationship showing how brainless he can be as he don't understand that a partnership in business is not how a true relationship between a father and his son works.
  • Daniel also uses his position as Kenji's father for his own gains to make his son turn on his friends.
  • Kenji mentions in the episode that the other campers don't know his dad like him while Kenji barely knows his own dad himself as Daniel barely has been around him during his entire life. This makes it more ironic when Kenji ends up betraying the campers.
  • What's more ironic with Kenji taking his father's side are that is was Kenji who told Darius to "put the group first" during their last arguing after saving Brooklynn and that "they always would have each other's backs" when they made up again after Kenji saved Darius from the mosasaurs while here neither of those seems to matter anymore.
  • This is the last and final appearance of Kash, as he is killed by the raptors after their mind control chips are scrambled by Yaz and Sammy.
  • The brief fight between the raptors, the Spinosaurus, and Big Eatie are references to the battle between the raptors and Rexy in Jurassic Park, the Spinosaurus vs T. rex fight in Jurassic Park III, and one of the alternate endings of Jurassic Park III in which the Spinosaurus would’ve been killed off by dozens of raptors.
  • As Kenji chooses his fathers side over his friends it reveals that he really has fallen for Daniel's lies that the other campers don't trust him as they broke his trust by interfering in the demonstration for the investors even if he told them not to which almost got Daniel killed.