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Battle at Big Rock is a 2019 science fiction action adventure short film, directed by Colin Trevorrow and written by Emily Carmichael. It stars newcomers André Holland, Natalie Martinez, Melody Hurd and Pierson Salvador.

A spin off the Jurassic Park series (directly following after Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom) the story takes place in Big Rock National Park one year after the events at Lockwood Manor, which is located 20 miles away. Dinosaurs now exist in the wider world alongside humanity leading to dangerous encounters.

Battle at Big Rock was released on FX in the United States on September 15, 2019 with an international online release immediately after.[1]


The story follows a family of five whose encounter with these wild animals becomes a terrifying fight for survival.


The film opens with a newscast reporting dinosaur sightings in California and we meet a recently remarried family of five getting a barbeque dinner ready at a camping trailer at Big Rock National Park. The family consists of husband Dennis, his daughter Kadasha, wife Mariana, her son Mateo, and their new baby.

Neighbor Greg informs Dennis that he's expecting a meteor shower that night before the latter joins the rest of the family at the table inside their trailer. A brief scuffle occurs between Kadasha and Mateo which Mariana is quick to get on top of. Dennis follows her up saying they've got to look out for each other. As they talk about their day, Kadasha tells the rest that Greg let her play with his crossbow. Exasperated, Dennis calls out to their neighbor. When there's no reply, the family realizes that the rest of the campers are silent and gone.

That is when the family sees a mother and a baby Nasutoceratops wandering around their campfire. Mariana says, "The ranger says to stay calm and wait for it to go away." Kadasha points out that a recent incident up north the family heard about on the news, was caused by carnivores and the dinosaurs outside are herbivores. An Allosaurus then appears on the grounds and attacks the baby Nasutoceratops, but the baby manages the escape. Its mother starts to fight the Allosaurus until it gets injured, but her mate comes to its aid and wards off the hungry predator allowing the Nasutoceratops pair and baby to leave.

The family attempt to stay quiet but when their baby starts crying, the Allosaurus attacks the trailer and knocks it over, causing carnage and knocking them out. As the family wakeup among the rubble of the overturned caravan, the baby, strapped into his chair continues to cry. Dennis and Mariana manage to stop the Allosaurus from eating their baby just in time, and then Mateo kicks the door open and allows at least Kadasha to escape. Unfortunately, the Allosaurus blocks the exit trapping the rest of them.

Dennis starts fighting the Allosaurus with a piece of ripped off rebar and Mariana sprays it with a fire extinguisher while screaming. Ultimately, these are just postponements. Just as the Allosaurus lunges forward, two arrow bolts hit its face and almost close to the eye and the dinosaur retreats. The shooter is revealed to be eight-year-old Kadasha using Greg's double crossbow. The family is left shaken but alive, and they embrace each other.

The end credits begin to show found footage clips of how dinosaurs are affecting the world: a pack of Compsognathus chasing a little girl on a farm, a motorist swerving his vehicle off the road to avoid colliding with a Stegosaurus, fishermen encountering a Parasaurolophus at the riverbank, a Mosasaurus eating a breaching great white shark after it catches a seal, and a Pteranodon eating a wedding dove.


List of Prehistoric Creatures in the Short Film[]

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  • Battle at Big Rock is the first canon short film to be made for the Jurassic Park franchise, excluding productions made for children such as the Lego Jurassic World films.
  • Battle at Big Rock is the film debut of the Nasutoceratops species and the first major mainstream work of fiction that primarily features the species.
  • This is the first time no human dies on-screen in a Jurassic Park production, not counting the LEGO television productions.
  • The short film is not rated by the MPAA, despite the MPAA logo appearing in the end credits.
    • In addition to that, the short film marks the last time the 1967 MPAA logo would appear in the end credits for a Jurassic Park production.
  • This is the first Jurassic World media to not feature dinosaur hybrids.
  • This is the first media in the entire Jurassic Park franchise in which a Tyrannosaurus rex doesn't appear, excluding VR titles such as Jurassic World: Apatosaurus.


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