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Ben Pincus is one of the main characters in the Netflix series, Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous. His character is voiced by Sean Giambrone.


Ben is a guest of Jurassic World. He attends Camp Cretaceous. He is one of the main six characters in the series. His mother is an employee of Masrani Global and got him into the camp hoping that it would help him conquer his fears.

During a visit to the Genetics Lab, he imprints on a newly hatched Ankylosaurus who he named Bumpy and insisted on keeping with him throughout the deadly chain of events that he witnessed and experienced on the island.

Ben is presumed dead at the end of the series by the others after he falls from the monorail train car when a Pteranodon attacks him. When he is found and examined by Bumpy, however, his fingers twitch slightly indicating that he is alive.


Ben is a sensitive and bookish boy who is not much for the outdoors. Timid, anxious, and easily startled, he suffers from a wide variety of fears (both rational and irrational) and much prefers a quieter pace. That said he is also a kind and empathetic boy, bonding with a newly hatched Ankylosaurus whom he named Bumpy and quickly becoming very fond of her. Despite his many fears and the terrors of the island, Ben grew braver and more assertive to the point where he actually stood his ground and argued with his fellow campers about Bumpy tagging along and culminated in his heroic act of getting to the driver's cab of the monorail to correct their course despite being clearly terrified during the whole experience and risking certain death to do so.

Behind the Scenes

  • Ben was originally going to the older, athletic one of the group, and the thin, nervous boy was going to be an Asian teenager named Xi. In the final cut, however, Ben and Xi swapped builds and personalities and Xi was renamed Kenji.



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