"We will save them. What a gift...for our children."
—Benjamin talking to Claire Dearing(src)

    Benjamin Lockwood is a character that was featured in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and is portrayed by James Cromwell.[1]


When John Hammond was starting up InGen, the company that would clone dinosaurs from ancient DNA, Benjamin Lockwood was his partner.

John Hammond died in 1998 and handed over InGen to Simon Masrani, who built Jurassic World. After the disaster in that park, and the death of Masrani, unforeseen events started to manifest. Lockwood began to deal with the blowback of what he and Hammond had done.

According to Colin Trevorrow on Twitter, Hammond and Lockwood's falling out was due to the latter's intentions, not something that had been been done yet at that point in time.[2]

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Lockwood meets with Claire Dearing about bringing the dinosaurs to a safe haven. He's shown to be sick throughout the movie. He's very protective of his granddaughter and won't let her see pictures of her "mother". This is because he secretly cloned his daughter after she died, which resulted in Maisie Lockwood. He is smothered to death by Eli Mills with a pillow, after he finds out about Eli's secret agenda.


  • Benjamin Lockwood was the first human to be murdered in the franchise.
  • Lockwood is currenty the only person who was murdered by another character.



James Cromwell shares details about 'Jurassic World' sequel Larry King Now Ora

James Cromwell shares details about 'Jurassic World' sequel Larry King Now Ora.TV


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