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"You look just like Blue. Is she your mother?"
—Maisie Lockwood(src)

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Beta is a juvenile Velociraptor and the offspring of Blue, who made her debut in Jurassic World: Dominion. Henry Wu explains that Beta was born asexually due to the monitor lizard DNA in Blue's genetic makeup.


About the size of the real life Velociraptor, Beta looks and supposedly acts like a younger and smaller version of her mother, Blue. Her snout is stubbier than her adult parent, and she has slightly bigger eyes. She has a chipped sickle claw on her right foot.

Beta makes a loud, yapping noise akin to puppy.


As a young and curious creature, Beta exhibited a natural inclination to explore her surroundings, which led her to investigate the humans living near Owen's property. Having been trained by her mother to survive and hunt, Beta displayed a healthy wariness of humans, a common trait among many species.

Interestingly, Beta was able to form a connection with Maisie Lockwood, possibly due to their shared experience of being the product of asexual reproduction. This connection seemed to have a calming effect on Beta, similar to how her mother would respond to Owen's presence.

When confronted by the group of Owen, Maisie, and Dr. Grant, Beta's behavior shifted to a more defensive posture. She attempted to intimidate the humans by roaring and even charging at them, likely due to their larger size and unfamiliar presence. However, Maisie's approach of making direct eye contact appeared to have a soothing effect on Beta.

It's worth noting that Beta's subsequent attempt to attack Dr. Grant, the eldest of the three humans, may have been influenced by a perceived vulnerability or a lack of familiarity with him, compared to the other two individuals. This selective aggression suggests that Beta was capable of assessing potential threats and adjusting her behavior accordingly.

Beta, under the guidance of her mother, demonstrates her developing hunting skills by successfully stalking and attempting to capture a rabbit. Although the rabbit is subsequently killed by a wolf, Beta's mother seizes this opportunity to teach her daughter a critical survival skill: predation of a potential competitor. With her mother's encouragement, Beta boldly charges at full speed, exhibiting a swift and efficient hunting behavior, and successfully takes down the wolf without hesitation or difficulty. This experience suggests Beta's rapid development of hunting proficiency and her ability to adapt to changing situations, a crucial aspect of predator behavior.


Jurassic World: Dominion

Beta was born sometime in the four years after the 2018 Dinosaur Outbreak. She lived in the wilderness with her mother in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, not far from the cabin owned by Owen Grady, Claire Dearing, and Maisie Lockwood. During this time, they made their nest in an abandoned school bus.

Blue in the snow extended cut

Blue attacks the hunters

Beta first appears when her mother collects her from the nest to take her on a hunting trip. Stalking a snowshoe hare, they are surprised when a wolf ambushes their quarry, but Beta, enraged by her prey drive, attacks and kills the wolf. Following that, two nearby hunters were watching and take a shot at Beta. Though missing, Blue reacts protectively and kills both hunters.[1]

Later, Beta wanders onto Owen's property where Maisie attempts to make friends with her by giving her some toast before an agitated Blue shows up, none too pleased by her daughter or Maisie's actions. Owen manages to calm his old friend, who runs off into the woods with Beta. Later, Blue gave her daughter a fox to eat. However, they are ambushed by poachers led by Rainn Delacourt who kidnap Maisie and Beta and run Blue off of the road, knocking her down a steep hill. Though Owen attempts to pursue Rainn's men, he is thwarted and returns to the cabin to alert Claire of the situation. Enraged by her daughter's kidnapping, Blue returns to Owen's home where he recognizes that she could potentially kill them in her agitated state, with Blue even slapping down and wounding his outstretched hand at one point. Nonetheless, Owen manages to calm Blue down again and promises his friend that he will bring Beta back to her before Blue runs off again.

Beta was then transferred to Biosyn's headquarters in the Dolomite Mountains via a transfer plane in Malta, where she is held captive in Henry Wu's laboratory by Lewis Dodgson. When Maisie inquires why she was brought to Biosyn, she learns that in order to understand the pathogen used to save Maisie from the same genetic disorder her mother died from, they needed to examine both her and Beta, which Wu intends to use to kill the genetically modified giant locusts Dodgson made him create to destroy crops not made by Biosyn. After learning this, Maisie releases Beta, who causes havoc and knocks over the lab equipment before escaping into the lab's server rooms.

Beta remains in hiding throughout this time and the chaos of Dodgson's attempt to burn the locusts and destroy the evidence to his crimes, which causes a forest fire and evacuation of the staff and dinosaurs in the sanctuary there, until Owen, Maisie, and Alan Grant come to find her. Agitated and scared, Beta tries to attack them, but Maisie, utilizing Owen's training, uses her adoptive father's techniques to keep Beta's attention with Alan's help until Owen tranquilizes her. They then carry the unconscious Beta out, strapped to Owen's back, where she remains until they escape Biosyn via helicopter.

After a repentant Dr. Wu takes a sample of Beta's blood and Maisie's to stop the locusts, Beta is returned home to Blue. Reunited with her mother, she said goodbye to Maisie as she acknowledged her as her first human friend and runs off into the wilderness with her mother. However, Beta had to wait as her mother briefly returned to say goodbye to Owen. The two raptors leave and are both free at last.


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Jurassic World: Dominion

Behind the Scenes


  • Beta's name is a possible reference to her mother being the beta of the Jurassic World Velociraptor pack.
  • Through the movie, Beta's size is slightly inconsistent with some shots having her much smaller than Maisie, and some (where Beta is strapped to Owen's back) have her the size of Owen's entire back.
  • Beta being fed some toast by Maisie may be an allusion to Cathy Bowman feeding a Compsognathus roast beef in the beginning of The Lost World.


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