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Big Eatie is a female Tyrannosaurus rex and a supporting character in the fourth and fifth seasons of the animated series Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous.


Big Eatie is a female Tyrannosaurus with bluish grey skin, unlike other T. rex seen previously. Big Eatie also sports old scars of unknown origins, most likely from her and Little Eatie's previous play-fights, and gained fresh new scars from her and her daughter's fight as a result of Mantah Corp tampering with the meat they were eating; but by the start of Season 5, these scars were now healed.


In Episode 3, Big Eatie was observed by the campers engaging in a meal with her daughter, Little Eatie. Dr. Mae Turner informed the campers that Big Eatie consistently allowed Little Eatie to eat the meat first, indicating her nurturing nature as a mother. Similar to other Tyrannosaurus depicted in the movie canon, Big Eatie displayed a tendency towards aggression and hostility when provoked, as evidenced by several instances.

However, in Seasons 4 and 5, Big Eatie demonstrated a higher level of intelligence than previously believed. She exhibited the capacity to remember Darius after he removed a tail spike from her leg, and she recalled his actions when he freed her from the mind-controlling chips. There was a brief moment where Big Eatie made eye contact with Darius before walking away, indicating a recognition of his actions.

During the creation of a watering hole by Sammy in 'The Leap', both Big Eatie and Little Eatie arrived together. Initially, they displayed interest in attacking herbivores, but their attention shifted when they noticed the rising water level. They were the first to drink from the larger water source, followed by Pierce, two Velociraptors, Firecracker, Angel, and Rebel. This display of trust within their group established Big Eatie as the Alpha.

Another instance highlighting Big Eatie's caring nature occurred when she came to Little Eatie's rescue. Little Eatie was threatened by Asset 87, Toro, Limbo, and a Dimorphodon. Big Eatie intervened by biting Limbo in the shoulders and throwing him away, followed by a roar. Despite sustaining a neck bite from Asset 87, Big Eatie emerged from the forest and saved Darius while simultaneously freeing Asset 87 by destroying the controller dropped by Hawkes. She then defeated the Spinosaurus alongside her daughter, bringing an end to the threat once and for all.


Early life[]

Big Eatie and her daughter, Little Eatie, are one of the many dinosaurs that were taken from Isla Sorna by Mantah Corp, and are currently residing in the Redwood Forest biome on their island, where Behavioural Paleoneurobiologist Dr. Mae Turner would study them.

Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous[]

"Turning Dr. Turner"[]

As the campers enter the Redwood Forest biome, they encounter Big Eatie which gives chase to them, only for her to encounter her daughter, Little Eatie, and they begin comforting each other. Dr. Mae Turner observes their playful behavior in which they encounter her, and they leave with her to Mae's cave base.

Later on, Mae invites Darius and Sammy to observe their feeding behavior, which contained mysterious drugs that caused the two tyrannosaurs to fight and injure each other. Mae sent a BRAD to stop the two by using tranquilizer gas and also ordered another BRAD to send medical help.

"Rude Awakening"[]

Mae analyzes that the drugs inside the meat caused the two tyrannosaurs to be highly aggravated and insensitive to pain. After this, she resolves to get the kids home so that they don't have to deal with her business of finding out Mantah Corp's purpose. She has Ben and Kenji keep an eye on the tyrannosaurs to make sure they're asleep, while Brooklynn and Sammy remove the drugs from the meat and Darius with Yasmina tampers with the feeding platform. However, Kenji's sneeze via cold woke up the two tyrannosaurs, with Big Eatie leaving to find meat.

"The Long Game"[]

Little Eatie remained lying down with Big Eatie returning to give her a slab of meat, only Little Eatie cannot because the BRAD that was supposed to give medical assistance never came. Brooklynn and Kenji view this and leave to tell Mae.

"Mission Critical"[]

A BRAD comes to scan the two animals, deciding Big Eatie to be fit for a test, and sends electric drones to force Big Eatie to walk to an area. Despite Big Eatie destroying the BRAD, Big Eatie is carried off to fight with Pierce the Kentrosaurus. Kash sets up the fight outside the viewing platform to have the electric drones force them to fight.

"Staying Alive"[]

As they began fighting, Big Eatie received an injury on the base of her tail when one of Pierce's spikes broke off and got stuck. When Darius gets inside the facility to stop the fight, get the phone by destroying a BRAD, and call for help, Kash stops him. Darius convinces Kash to stop the fight because they are expensive, and succeeds. Big Eatie and Pierce are taken to the medbay, where Darius removes the spike from Big Eatie.


Big Eatie is seen not eating due to wanting to be with her daughter again which Darius realizes and the camper come up with a plan lead by Kenji to reunite them. Kenji freed Big Eatie and reunited with her daughter.

"The Final Test"[]

Big Eatie was the test subject for Kash's Mind Control chips and proved to be success but she was shown to be fighting it but it was no use.

"Battle Lines"[]

Big Eatie was also controlled by Mantah Corp, along with Asset 87 and two Velociraptors to kill Kenji, Brooklynn, and Ben. Darius and Brooklynn fried the control chip in Big Eatie's brain but instead of killing Darius, she remembered the kindness she showed him and just walked away.

"Evasive Action"[]

Big Eatie and Little Eatie were seen together panicking about sensing an earthquake on the island.

"Shaky Ground"[]

Big Eatie was seen pinned under a tree cause of an earthquake caused by the unstable generator but Darius and the campers helped remove it despite Little Eaties defensive charges to protect her mother. The tree was removed and Big Eatie was free as she was reunited with her daughter again.

"The Leap"[]

Sammy, Darius lured Big Eatie and Little Eatie (whom were playing together) away from where the watering hole was meant to be built. When Sammy created a watering hole in, Big Eatie and Little Eatie arrived together and were the first to drink together before Pierce approached and drank along with them followed by the two raptors, Firecracker, Angel and Rebel, making her the Alpha as a result of the show of trust within their group.

"The Core"[]

Big Eatie and Little Eatie were seen together for a short while.

"The Last Stand"[]

She was later freed from mind controlling and joined the group of the freed dinosaurs and she spared Darius' life by remembering his trust from Season 4, along with her daughter, Ben's Ankylosaur from Isla Nublar named Bumpy, Pierce and the Velociraptors in battling Mantah Corp and their mind controlled dinosaurs; a male Carnotaurus named Toro, a male Baryonyx named Limbo, and a Dimorphodon which all three came from Isla Nublar and sided with Asset 87. During the battle, Big Eatie (presumably) killed Limbo, but she herself was defeated and seemingly killed by Asset 87.

"The Nublar Six"[]

Big Eatie was later revealed to have survived and she saved Darius from Asset 87, smashing Hawkes' controller for the other dinosaur and knocking the Spinosaurus over. With Little Eatie joining the fight, Asset 87 retreated and Ben knocked out the two Tyrannosaurus with sleeping gas, which was passed off as the release of poisonous gas in order to trick Daniel Kon into abandoning the island. Big and Little Eatie later awoke from the gas unharmed and were left to live on the island, which was turned into a secret dinosaur sanctuary that only a few know still exists.

Jurassic World: Chaos Theory[]

Pre Season One[]

At some point during the investigation into Mantah Corp, Big Eatie was brought to the mainland and was eventually taken to the DPW's gulf coast port to be shipped off to an unknown buyer.

"Into the Fog"[]

Darius and Kenji discovered a T. rex in a shipping container in a warehouse filled with smuggled dinosaurs. Kenji questioned Darius if the T. rex was Big Eatie, with Darius denying that the T. rex was her but also claiming that it wasn't Rexy, leaving Darius and Kenji unsure as to where the T. rex came from.

"The End of the Beginning"[]

When Mateo drove a DPW truck into the warehouse, breaking the building, and knocking the Nublar Six and the Atrociraptors down, five dinosaurs managed to break free from their containers as they regained consciousness, specifically a Pachyrhinosaurus, a Carnotaurus, two Parasaurolophus, and a Suchomimus. As the four dinosaurs attacked the people on the dock, the Suchomimus went to attack one of the Parasaurolophus, but was stopped by an attack from the Carnotaurus. As they both fought, the Parasaurolophus ran away and accidentally released Big Eatie from her container. The two carnivores and the herbivores ran off as the Tyrannosaurus rex roared.

Big Eatie began to fight with the three Atrociraptors that were chasing the Nublar Six. When Big Eatie became overwhelmed and his friends were trapped, Darius released an Allosaurus, which aided Big Eatie in incapacitating the Atrociraptors before being attacked and driven off itself by Big Eatie. Once the battle had ended, Big Eatie left the scene and returned to the wild.


Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous[]

Season 4[]

Season 5[]

Jurassic World: Chaos Theory[]

Season 1[]


  • It is unknown who her mate and Little Eatie's father was.
  • Big Eatie is more of heroic character then Rexy, who has been anti-hero.
  • Her bluish grey skin could have been influenced by the default T. rex skin from Warpath: Jurassic Park.
  • From Seasons 4 to 5, Big Eatie and her daughter replaced Rexy as the series' prominent T. rex characters.
  • Big Eatie and Little Eatie's names are likely a reference to the cult classic documentary film, Grey Gardens.


Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous[]

Jurassic World: Chaos Theory[]


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