In the chapter Big Rex, the endorsement team arrive at the Tyrannosaurus rex enclosure. Also in this chapter Robert Muldoon's backstory is revealed. as well as his thoughts on Jurassic Park.


Upon arrival in the Tyrannosaurus rex enclosure, the titular dinosaur is nowhere to be seen. Dr. Alan Grant and Dr. Ian Malcolm ask about the whereabouts of the titular dinosaur to which Ed Regis reveals to them that the tyrannosaurs are hiding, possibly because they have skin sensitive to sunlight. To draw one of the Tyrannosaurus out, Ed Regis places a goat in their enclosure. The spectators lean out of the windows of their automobiles, waiting in anticipation. The people inside the Control Room notice this and Robert Muldoon becomes concerned for their safety due to how close they are to the Tyrannosaurus' pen. Amidst his concern, Muldoon goes downstairs to where two laser-guided missile launchers are stored in his locker.

After a period of waiting, the adult Tyrannosaurus emerges from hiding and kills the goat, leaving the spectators in awe. The T. rex is hesitant after killing the goat, which Dr. Grant believes is because she is making sure there isn't another of her kind in the area, but ultimately she stays to consume the goat. While most of the tourists were amazed, Lex Murphy considered the T. rex feeding disgusting and Donald Gennaro is sick from fear of the dinosaur.

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