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Biosyn is a genetics company similar to InGen and Mantah Corp.

Biosyn was founded in 1977 and has three other subsidiary companies, being NutriSyn, PharmaSyn, and Nano League Technologies. Its owners were Bill Steingarten (1977-1994), Jeff Rossiter (1994-2013), and Lewis Dodgson (2013-2022).[1]


Jurassic Park[]

The name 'Biosyn' is never heard in the film, but the sequence of events, involving Lewis Dodgson and Dennis Nedry, is more or less the same as in the novel.

Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous[]

Lewis Dodgson, now the Head of Research for Biosyn, travels to Isla Nublar to make a deal with Daniel Kon, the president of Mantah Corp, for Mantah Corp's mind control chips. During the mission to capture several dinosaurs, Dodgson inadvertently finds and retrieves the old Barbasol can containing the embryos that Dennis Nedry had stolen for him twenty-three years before. Lana Molina attempts to steal Dodgson's pack containing the can and Biosyn's entire prospectus to sell on the black market, but she is stopped by Kenji Kon and eaten by a pack of Compies. Dodgson subsequently finalizes Biosyn's deal with Mantah Corp and is promised production and delivery of the mind control chips within two weeks. However, the plot is thwarted by Kenji and his friends, leading to Daniel's arrest. Nevertheless, Biosyn is left in possession of the dinosaur embryos that Nedry had stolen for them decades before.

Jurassic World: Dominion[]

Biosyn appears in the sixth film. The staff members that appear are Lewis Dodgson, the CEO of the company[2], and Ramsay Cole, the company's head of communications. Dr. Ian Malcolm worked as a consultant.

The company has a research facility and sanctuary in the Dolomite Mountain range of Italy. Since the destruction of Isla Nublar in 2018, Biosyn offered to house the displaced animals in order to study their prehistoric immune systems in the hopes of finding better treatments for diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer's, or autoimmune, and at some point began cloning their own animals. By 2022, 20 displaced prehistoric species from Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna were held within the valley. They have been known to clone extinct animals, with only pure DNA without splicing it with others, in order to see their own evolution.

After the incident in 2022, their valley was designated a sanctuary for the dinosaurs by a United Nations decree. There they will live free from human interference. Biosyn is likely now defunct due to testimonies from Malcolm, Ramsay Cole, Alan Grant, Ellie Sattler and others, for causing the locust pandemic.

List of species cloned for the Biosyn Sanctuary[]

List of species transported to Biosyn Sanctuary[]

List of species confirmed via size chart[]


Leaked Documents by Dinotracker.com[]


  • "Biosyn" stands for Biology Synthetics Technologies, Inc.
  • There exists an actual company located in Lewisville, TX named Bio-Synthesis or Biosyn for short. Their website is biosyn.com.
  • In Michael Crichton's final novel before his death, Next, features a brief mention of a "Biosyn" corporation.[3] It's unknown if this was an intended allusion.
  • Lewis Dodgson is played by two different actors.
  • Although never confirmed, it's possible that Vic Hoskins, Eli Mills, and Eddie may have been working for Biosyn (although the latter was most likely an operative of Mantah Corp, as they are the central business of Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous).
  • The scene in Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous where Dodgson gains the Biosyn canister creates a continuity error in Season 5 when he says that he should've been able to use the Barbasol can 25 years ago, which would imply that it takes place in 2018. However, Season 3 shows that the campers were stuck on Isla Nublar for six months, and Dodgson lost the can back in 1993 when Nedry failed to retrieve the embryos for Biosyn. Therefore, Dodgson should've said 23 instead of 25. He may have been rounding though.
  • Biosyn is the only genetics company to not use the DNA of other animals to fill in the gaps of the dinosaurs genomes when cloning them. Instead they use the dinosaurs own DNA to fill in the gaps of their genomes, how they did this is unknown.


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