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"Can't get hold of anybody since everything is on fire."
Ian Malcolm(src)

The Biosyn Incident was an event that occurred in the Biosyn Sanctuary, located in Italy.


Following the Malta Skirmish, Owen, Claire, and Kayla fly to Biosyn HQ to retrieve Maisie Lockwood who was kidnapped by the organisation via Soyona Santos and her associate.

Meanwhile, Dr. Ellie Sattler arrives to a farm to investigate a recent locust outbreak in which the farmer’s two children capture one. Ellie asks the farmer why the other farm's crops weren’t destroyed, to which the farmer replies that the crops use Biosyn's seeds. Ellie then spots a pattern that the locusts are only targeting non-Biosyn crops, and she figures out that Biosyn is attempting to control the world’s food supplies.

The same day Dr. Alan Grant is on a dig, talking to some children who are ignoring him due them being on their phones, with Grant ultimately overseeing the dig. One of the dig site members shouts to Grant saying he will need to see this, as it was Ellie who was in his tent.

Grant then joins her and they talk about their lives, including Ellie’s children who are now in college and her husband who she is now divorced from. Grant studies the dead locust and says they will need the DNA of a locust, Ellie then invites Grant to join her to head to Biosyn HQ, as she was invited to Ian Malcolm's lecture.

The doctors then arrive at an airfield of the Department of Fish and Wildlife to head to Biosyn and talk to one of the staff members there who says Biosyn is a tough invite and they must know someone, who was Ian Malcolm.

The staff member shows them some of the dinosaurs there and says all the animals are given a health inspection before being handed over to Biosyn and that they need a lot of security due to poachers. She states that they shut down an illegal breeding facility and then saved the dinosaurs there due to a tip off from Claire who was there days earlier alongside Franklin and Zia when they broke into the facility to save a baby Nasutoceratops which was sick. Dr. Grant and Sattler then fly to Biosyn.

Later on, Alan and Ellie arrive in the Dolomites mountain range where they are greeted by Ramsay Cole, Biosyn's Head of Communications, before flying again to the sanctuary. While en-route, Ramsay goes on to explain that Biosyn brought around twenty prehistoric species, both from Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna, and how the sanctuary works regarding the dinosaurs. Upon arrival, they are greeted by Lewis Dodgson himself before meeting up with Ian Malcolm after he finishes a lecture. Now reunited, Ian explains to Alan and Ellie that Biosyn is indeed behind the locust outbreak and gives them the means to access the laboratory where the insects are bred before Ramsay comes to give both Grant and Sattler a tour around the facility.


While Sattler and Grant are being guided by Ramsay in a lab, Ramsay tells them to explore the facility on their own as they still have time before taking a hyperloop to the airfield. This give them a cue to sneak into the restricted lab where the locust are bred. They head to the elevators that take them to the sublevel labs and wear personal protective equipment to disguise as Biosyn personnel.

Meanwhile, Maisie and Beta are held captive in a lab, where Dr. Henry Wu reveals to Maisie that she is Charlotte Lockwood's cloned daughter. Charlotte, Wu’s colleague on Site B, wanted a child and used her own DNA to reproduce Maisie without a mate. Charlotte died due to a genetic disease, but she had altered Maisie’s DNA to make her immune. Wu wants to study Maisie, believing that her DNA is key to creating a pathogen to halt the locust outbreak. Blue reproduced Beta in the same way, so Wu had ordered Beta’s capture as well. She decided to escape back to her adopted parents and released Beta.

Once Grant and Sattler arrive to sublevel six, they enter the lab and manage to get a sample from a locust, who flutters its wings, calling the other locust to swarm in the lab. They run to the exit, but their access wristband falls to the floor, but Grant takes it and opens the door. The two crawl out as the locusts suffocate and lay dead on the ground while Alan and Ellie catch their breath. Maisie looks to see Alan holding Ellie as they lay on the floor. Maisie clears her throat, making the two get up, immediately causing Maisie to recognize them both from Jurassic Park. They join forces to go to the hyperloop station and reach to the airfield.

After the Malta operation, Claire, Owen, and Kayla fly to Biosyn's valley in order to rescue Maisie. As they enter Biosyn's airspace, Kayla communicates with Biosyn's tower, claiming she has a shipment to be delivered, but they deny her landing, as they know that she is flying with Maisie's guardians. The ADS is turned off, causing a Quetzalcoatlus to attack Kayla's cargo plane. Claire ejects, while Owen and Kayla crash land the plane. Following an encounter with a territorial Therizinosaurus and a Pyroraptor, the three are reunited.

Hyper loop 2

When Sattler, Grant, and Maisie arrive at the hyperloop station, they hear footsteps, and Maisie hides behind a box. Ramsay arrives, and Sattler and Grant play dumb, saying they got lost. Ramsay asks them if they got a sample, but they look at each other confused. He goes on saying that Biosyn is responsible for the locust epidemic and that Dodgson has been covering it up. He orders them to enter the hyperloop transport, which will take them to the airfield. Grant gives Maisie a sign to stop hiding and join them in the escape.

As they're on their way to the airfield, a Biosyn worker calls Dodgson to see the security camera footage at the control room, showing Grant and Sattler getting the locust DNA sample. Dodgson presses a button to stop the transport, making it stop at the Amber Mines. They open the transport's door and try to find a way out of the mines. As they walk through the tunnels, they are attacked by Dimetrodons. When they find an exit, the gate is locked. However, Malcolm shows up and tries to unlock it by trying different codes. Back at the control room, Ramsay looks to a security camera and sees the predicament and proceeds to type in a code that unlocked the gate right when Ian pressed the code he thought was right. They enter a car and drive through the valley.

Claire is alone in the valley and finds a research outpost. She presses a button so the ladder can be lowered down. She hears a Dilophosaurus sound and suddenly she is ambushed by a group of them. Owen and Kayla show up and kill the Dilo that was about to spit venom on Claire.

Dinosaurs evacuating to Biosyn

Dinosaurs being evacuated into the facility

Concurrently, having discovered that Sattler and Grant got a locust sample via security camera footage, Dodgson sets fire to the locust laboratory to destroy any evidence Alan and Ellie uncovered. The locusts escape and the fire spreads, engulfing the entire sanctuary in flames. The dinosaurs are then evacuated into the facility. Dodgson tries to pass his legacy to Ramsay, but Ramsay abandons him.

As Grant, Ellie, Ian, Maisie, Owen, Claire, and Kayla reunite, a Giganotosaurus appears and attacks them at the outpost. They manage to enter the outpost, but the Giga breaks out the balcony. Kayla then gets a rifle and shoots a dart at the Giga's snout. Maisie then gets her taser and slides it to Claire. Claire then grabs it and tases the animal square in the eye, forcing it to roar in pain and storm off. Meanwhile, Biosyn starts a evacuation due to the wildfire and herds the dinosaurs to take refuge at the research facility.

Grant and the others manage to get to the main facility through the tunnels that connect the whole valley and turn the power on, as well as capture Beta. In the meantime, Dodgson tries to escape via a hyperloop transport, but the transport suddenly stops due to its system being turned off. He gets out of the train, but is attacked and killed by three Dilophosaurus.

As the group goes straight to a helicopter, they see Wu in front of them. Sattler tells him that he's created an ecological disaster, and he says he can fix it by using a technique that Charlotte Lockwood used to save Maisie's life from a genetic disease by altering Maisie's DNA. He states he can do the same with the locusts. As they go to the chopper, Giganotosaurus fights with Rexy, but overpowers her, almost killing her and the people stranded beneath it. But before the Giganotosaurus can kill them, a Therizinosaurus distracts it long enough for Rexy to push it into the claws of Therizinosaurus waiting, killing it in an instant. The humans then escape in a Biosyn aircraft.

In an airfield, the group is given medical care and Ramsay and Malcolm give an interview to the media about Biosyn's systemic corruption.



Rexy encounters the Buck and Doe in the sanctuary

Following the incident, Wu releases a modified locust that carries a pathogen he discovered while studying Maisie, successfully eradicating the locust outbreak. Ellie and Alan renew their relationship as they prepare to testify against the now-destroyed Biosyn. Owen, Claire, and Maisie return home, where Beta reunites with Blue. Around the world, dinosaurs learn to co-exist with the modern world. About a month later, Rexy encounters the Buck and Doe from Isla Sorna in Biosyn valley, which has now been declared a dinosaur sanctuary by the United Nations.

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