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The Biosyn Research Facility is a facility that appears in Jurassic World: Dominion and in the Dominion Biosyn Expansion in Jurassic World Evolution 2. It is located in the Biosyn Sanctuary within the Dolomites mountain range in northeast Italy.


The Biosyn Research Facility is the headquarters and main facility of Biosyn used to monitor the dinosaurs within the Biosyn Valley. It is a huge ring-shaped gleaming steel building with grass and foliage growing on the roof. It has research outposts throughout the valley that are connected through underground tunnels with an underground hyperloop transportation system.

A circular courtyard is located in the middle of the compound. It contains a lecture hall, a café, and underground laboratories.



Biosyn Genetics originally bought out the valley in the 1990s.[1] At an unknown time, they built the research facility across from the dam overlooking the valley.

The first generation of dinosaurs transported to their sanctuary came from Isla Sorna.[1] Pillaging on the island was ceased after the Nublar dinosaurs were released into the mainland United States in 2018.[2]

Infiltration of the Biosyn Research Compound[]

In the year 2022, Dr. Alan Grant and Dr. Ellie Sattler arrived in the Dolomite Mountains via plane after an invitation from Ian Malcolm. They were welcomed by Ramsay Cole, Biosyn's head of communications. Grant, Sattler and Cole flew over the valley in a Biosyn chopper.

When they landed in the courtyard, Biosyn's CEO, Lewis Dodgson, came out to personally greet the two famous doctors. Later, Cole brought Grant and Sattler to the lecture hall. After Ian Malcolm's lecture, they met up with each other. They went down to the café and Malcolm put an access wristband in Sattler's pocket and revealed Biosyn's locust project to her while Grant was arguing with the barista.

Afterwards, Grant and Sattler went on with the guided tour led by Ramsay in a lab. He tells them to explore the facility on their own as they still have time before taking a hyperloop to the airfield. This gave them a cue to sneak into the restricted lab where the locust are bred. They head to the elevators that take them to the sublevel labs and wear personal protective equipment to disguise as Biosyn personnel.

In the meantime, Kayla Watts fly Owen and Claire to Biosyn after a chain of events in Malta, where they found out that Maisie is being held captive at their headquarters. After being denied landing, Biosyn turned off the ADS, causing a Quetzalcoatlus to attack Kayla's cargo plane. Claire ejects, while Owen and Kayla crash land the plane. Following an encounter with a territorial Therizinosaurus and a Pyroraptor, the three are reunited.

Once Grant and Sattler arrive to sublevel six, they enter the lab and manage to get a sample from a locust, who flutters its wings, calling the other locusts to swarm in the lab. They run to the exit, but their access wristband falls to the floor, but Grant takes it and opens the door. The two crawl out as the locusts suffocate and lay dead on the ground while Alan and Ellie catch their breath. Maisie, who was kidnapped by the company, looks to see Alan holding Ellie as they lay on the floor. Maisie clears her throat, making the two get up, immediately causing Maisie to recognize them both from Jurassic Park. They join forces to go to the hyperloop station and reach to the airfield.

Meanwhile, Jeffrey shows Dodgson security camera footage of Grant and Sattler stealing a DNA sample. He reveals that Malcolm put an access key in Sattler's pocket, which was caught by one of the cameras. This prompts him to shut down the hyperloop train that Grant, Sattler and Maisie are in, making it stop at the Amber Mines. After encounters with Dimetrodons, they manage to leave the mine with the help of Malcolm and later join with Owen, Claire, and Kayla at a research outpost.

After scrolling through news about locusts spreading across the globe, Lewis decides to delete research files about the locusts and set the insects afire in order to cover evidences. This caused a wildfire at the sanctuary, making the dinosaurs to be evacuated into the facility.

After the incident, Malcolm, Ramsay, Sattler, Grant and others testified against Biosyn in the U.S. Senate, whereas Dr. Henry Wu released a modified locust that carried a pathogen he discovered while studying Maisie Lockwood, successfully eradicating the locust outbreak. The whole valley was then repurposed as a global sanctuary for the dinosaurs after a United Nations decree.



Behind the scenes[]

The lecture theatre and the interior of the compound were filmed at Leonard Wolfson Auditorium, Oxford and Blavatnik School, Oxford respectively. Switzerland's Grande Dixence Dam and its surrounding mountains were digitally scanned during wintertime and recreated in the film as a frozen Biosyn dam. The Dolomites mountains were also scanned and added into the film.


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