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The Biosyn Sanctuary is a remote valley 100 miles into the Dolomite Mountain range of Italy. According to Dinotracker.com, coordinates for the sanctuary are 46°30'36.7"N, 12°20'26.6"E.[1]

Physical Geography[]

The Biosyn Sanctuary is a flat valley surrounded by the Dolomite mountains on most sides. At one end of the valley, a dam overlooks the rest of the valley as it holds back a frozen lake. From this dam, a narrow river snakes through the valley and into the Biosyn Research Facility.

The sanctuary has an Aerial Deterrent System (ADS), which protects planes or helicopters from the airborne life (or vice versa).[2]

Several research outposts are located around the valley, interconnected via an underground hyperloop system.


The Biosyn Sanctuary was initially bought out by Biosyn in the 1990s for its rich amber deposits.[2] Biosyn subsequently built a dam and a research facility over the valley's river. In 2018, dinosaurs that had survived the destruction of Isla Nublar had escaped into the wilds of the United States of America and began spreading throughout the world. Seeing an opportunity, Biosyn offered to house the displaced animals in order to study their prehistoric immune systems in the hopes of finding better treatments for diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer's, or autoimmune and at some point began cloning their own animals. By 2022, 20 displaced prehistoric species from Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna were held within the valley. They have been known to clone extinct animals, with only pure DNA without splicing it with others, in order to see their own evolution.[2]

Prior to the Lockwood Manor incident in 2018, dinosaurs from Isla Sorna were pillaged by Biosyn to be transported to their sanctuary. However, the company ceased their pillaging on Sorna after the Nublar dinosaurs were released into the mainland.[1][3]

Apart from the dinosaurs, the sanctuary has a deer population that serves as food for the prehistoric predators.[2]

All animals have a neuro implant that can be used to remotely herd them to a different spot in the sanctuary. During the incident, they were herded to emergency containment in the research facility due to the wildfire caused by the burning locusts.[2]

In 2022, Rexy was transferred to the sanctuary, after being captured by the DFW who chased her for three years in the U.S.[2]

After the Biosyn incident in 2022, the sanctuary was designated a global sanctuary by the United Nations, where the animals will live freely, safe from the outside world.[2]

Prehistoric Animals[]



  • Some of the dinosaurs in the sanctuary came from the U.S. Wildlife Relocation Facility.
  • The first generation of dinosaurs came from Isla Sorna,[2] due to Biosyn's pillaging on the island prior to 2018.[5]
  • Due to Lewis Dodgson’s connections to Soyona Santos and her dinosaur trafficking ring, it’s possible that dinosaurs were obtained from the Amber Clave Night Market.
  • The sanctuary serves the same function as Lockwood's Sanctuary.
  • The location is included as an expansion named Dominion Biosyn Expansion for the game Jurassic World Evolution 2, which players can work for Biosyn, construct the research facility and manage the valley.
  • The scenes were shot at the Cathedral Grove forest in MacMillan Provincial Park, Vancouver Island.[6] The mountains surrounding the valley were shot at the Swiss Alps.[7]
  • So far, only 11 displaced species have appeared in the sanctuary, leaving 9 unknown species yet to be confirmed while the other 8 species were created here by Biosyn.


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