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Revan221 Revan221 9 days ago

JW: Alive blog

Live updates

  • Collected 91 DNA from an Apatosaurus
  • Collected 69 (noice) DNA from a Purussaurus
  • Leveled it up to LVL 3
  • Collected 105 DNA from a Deinochierus
  • Collected a supply drop which gave me 10 darts 9 coins and 2 cash
  • Collected 73 DNA from a Triceratops Gen 2
  • Breezed through a battle and won it with a dead Velociraptor
  • Collected a bunch of rewards
  • Evolved Allosaurus and Deinonychus
  • No more updates day 1 will fill u guys in during day 2 if a cool thing happens then i will report it
  • Got disconnected lol
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The dino guy 0344 The dino guy 0344 22 days ago

f the indoraptor project was successful???

We all know that Indoraptor was a military investment made for America. While the indoraptor we saw in the movie was still a prototype, it had nothing to do with what it should have been. blue was necessary for the project to be successful, but the project could not be implemented because trex blood was mixed with the blood of the blue (remember here). We don't know if it will remain as such, but we guessed that different types of indoraptors would be produced, for example: separately for the cold environment, separately for the desert, separately for the forests, etc. In this project, blue would train the indoes. NOW, has the project become impossible... even though many people say it can't be continued anymore, I have a logical theory: h…

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When there's anything to do with spoilers, please use spaces (enough to block text and images) like this:

to block out spoilers, it worked better than 10 spaces which doesn't do much.

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Lord of the Lizard Eaters Lord of the Lizard Eaters 26 September


The Malumonstrum is a hybrid animal characterized by long spines on it's tail, Certaopsid scutes, and dramatically down curved snout. When an adult this animal will be 5 tons, and almost 40 ft long. The name when fully translated into English means "Evil monster", it is derived from Latin. This creature has the most horrible screeching roar, it can stun it's prey using it's ability to produce a gut- wrenching scream/roar.

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Spitter is da 1 Spitter is da 1 25 September

Eddies mercades

Eddies mercades is cool as hell

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Lord of the Lizard Eaters Lord of the Lizard Eaters 25 September

Rare Jurassic World toys

Mattel released alot of figures for their 5 line-ups and some either got cancelled or got production hick-ups and as a result are really rare, especially at their original planned retail price.

there was this little set that had a battle damage Blue and Indoraptor, and a Ceratopsid skull that the I. raptor could be posed on. Somethjing must have happened with the figure's production and it is rare (to find cheap). On eBay the minimum prices for these things is $200.00, they can reach 250 dollars or more though.

The Stem anatomy t rex is a educational thing that has a T. rex with bones, muscle, and organs that do things, almost could remind one of the 1997 Allosaurus by Hasbro/Kenner.

there was in 2018/19 going to be a Figure of Franklin released w…

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Lord of the Lizard Eaters Lord of the Lizard Eaters 23 September

the best opening scenes I've seen of films

I have been watching more films lately with Amazon, which is how I saw Star trek: Into Darkness and got to see a few free ones. There are some opening scenes in movies that are really good, these are some of the best.

Star Trek: into darkness isn't the best star trek release, but the opening scene jumps straight onto an alien planet with red vegetation, cool alien creatures, and a tribe of very human-like peoples. The aliens are really good, there's a ground sloth like animal and a giant fish. There was a starship that was supposed to be hidden from the native aliens to not disrupt their development, but they failed. also Spok (the android one) is on a volcano and they save him just in the nick of time. But the rest of the movie kinda sucks…

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King Dart GT King Dart GT 19 September

Top 10 best creatures in JWTG (My Opinion)

Hello everyone welcome to the first Top 10 we are but before we start this is my opinion so yours can be different from mine so let us start the list.

  • 1 10. Stegoceratops
  • 2 9. Suprannotitan
  • 3 8. Zalmoxes
  • 4 7. Metriacanthosaurus
  • 5 6. Apatosaurus
  • 6 5. Tanycolagreus
  • 7 4. Indominus Rex
  • 8 3. Metriaphodon
  • 9 2. Yudon
  • 10 Honorable Mentions
  • 11 1. Indoraptor
  • 12 0. Triceratops

This is one of the creatures that is cool looking for me and it has decent stats, pretty good health and decent damage.

This is the best Super Rare Hybrid you can get and at Level 20 it is stronger than Rexy at Level 31. good health and high damage.

This is one of the strongest tournament creature with weak health but really good attack.

This is the strongest tournament dino in the game it sucks at health…

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KamikazePyro KamikazePyro 18 September

Camp Cretaceous timeline

Camp Cretaceous has been pretty ambiguous about its timeline in-universe. We know the beginning and (current) ending dates because they're direct tie-ins with JW and the opening of JWFK. However, we don't really know much beyond that. Here I'll be trying to piece together the timeline using the show and interviews from Scott Kreamer and Colin Trevorrow.

Season 1: Happens during the 2015 JW incident

Season 2: Begins "a couple of days later"

And that's all I have so far for the overall timeline, but I'll try to get more in-depth later on when my schedule permits.

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Back dude

|species = Human |portrayed = Unknown |role = Jurassic World guest |status = Unknown |family = Unknown man |born = 1980s?}} "Chubby dude/Back dude" with no known name is a man who appears at least once in Jurassic world. Appears in the Pterosaur tack scene, seen in the background running away with a friend.

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Jwelegendary Jwelegendary 8 August

Dinosaur Escape (incase anyone is wondering)

Just for those of you who are wondering if there will be a Dinosaur Escape DevLog today. Im here to say no.

Due to something serious happening within my family, I simply won't have the time to create the DevLog, although its should be able to release by this tuesday

Just for those of you wondering

If you want to know whats happening, just ask, i'm fine with saying

Edit: There is a possibility that it does happen, but development for the next patch is seriousely behing

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Mrclubtail1234 Mrclubtail1234 1 August

I can't even comment on any blog post.

I can't even comment on any of the blog posts, how do I EVEN COMMENT ON THERE!!!!!!!

Fandom screwed up the layout so hard that, even though it is possible for other users to comment on articles, I can't even find any way to comment and Google and YouTube have nothing relevant to suggest and the comment tutorial in Community Central is completely outdated.

If anyone can teach me how to comment on the new layout, that would just be fantastic.

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Jwelegendary Jwelegendary 16 July

How I would do Camp Cretaceous Season 4

Thanks to @Savage Almond for this idea

  • 1 Season 4 (Episodes 27-36)
    • 1.1 Episode 1/27: When The Mosa's Attack
    • 1.2 Episode 2/28: That Sinking Feeling
    • 1.3 Episode 3/29: Discovery and Destruction
    • 1.4 Episode 4/30: Something Dreadful
    • 1.5 Episode 5/31: Operation: Scorpios
    • 1.6 Episode 6/32: Project Mantah-Corp
    • 1.7 Episode 7/33: Catch-22
    • 1.8 Episode 8/34: Queen of Isla Sorna

Shortly after the mosasaurus is released, and the campers of Camp Cretaceous are back on the boat, seemingly on their way home, but there is serious tension between Darius and Kenji, for an unknown reason, when suddenly, halfway through the episode, as Darius is inspecting the hole in the boat, the Mosasaurus' tail appears, while Kenji is sleeping in the chair, Yasmina throws it out of the way, a…

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Savage Almond Savage Almond 18 June


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KamikazePyro KamikazePyro 13 June

JP3 Spinosaurus Info Cache

The controversy of the Jurassic Park III Spinosaurus comes up frequently enough for me that I decided to create something for quick access to useful and verified information. If you, like me, are sick of the consistent misconceptions people toss around when arguing about this animal, this may come in handy.

  • 1 Size
  • 2 Intelligence
  • 3 Speed
  • 4 Miscellaneous

The Spinosaurus was fully grown in 2001 for the events of the third film. Jack Ewins confirmed this both on Twitter and in one of his YouTube streams.

Twitter confirmation (elaborating that growth accelerators were used)

YouTube confirmation

Glen McIntosh stated on the DVD that the weight of the animal was intended to be 8 tons.


And of course, the official ILM size chart gave us their model in a neutra…

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Superjakob Superjakob 6 June

My Idea: Jurassic World: The Game - Stage Changes

I hope Ludia game will be updated soon. The level cap has been pushed to 110.

  • 1 New Modes:
    • 1.1 Get the Aquatic:
    • 1.2 Get the Cenozoic:
    • 1.3 Extra Battle:
  • 2 Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Creatures:
    • 2.1 Common:
      • 2.1.1 Land:
    • 2.2 Rare:
      • 2.2.1 Land:
    • 2.3 Super Rare:
      • 2.3.1 Land:
      • 2.3.2 Aquatic:
      • 2.3.3 Cenozoic:
    • 2.4 Legendary:
      • 2.4.1 Land:
      • 2.4.2 Aquatic:
      • 2.4.3 Cenozoic:
    • 2.5 Legendary (Tournament):
      • 2.5.1 Land:
      • 2.5.2 Aquatic:
      • 2.5.3 Cenozoic:
    • 2.6 Legendary (V.I.P.)
      • 2.6.1 Land:
      • 2.6.2 Aquatic:
      • 2.6.3 Cenozoic:

  • In this mode, you have to select your land dinosaurs to win each stage. To unlock this mode, you must complete the Battle Stage 11.

  • In this mode, you have to select your aquatics to win each stage. To unlock this mode, you msut complete the Battle Stage 21.

  • In this mode, you have to select your land dinosaurs …

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KylaraE KylaraE 3 June

FandomDesktop opt-in is LIVE

Check it out, and let me know your thoughts! Report bugs and feedback to me here.

To access the new FandomDesktop skin:

  • Go to Special:Preferences
  • In the top menu, select "Appearance"
  • Under "Skin" select "FandomDesktop"
  • Select any FandomDesktop preferences you want such as default light/dark mode, content width, and right rail collapse. (Personally I am all about that WIDE WIDTH experience.)
  • Click "Save" at the bottom

You can also opt-out the same way, just go to Special:Preferences and switch the Skin from FandomDeskop back to Oasis.

Helpful links!

  • New blog post about opt-in
  • FandomDesktop preparation guide
  • FandomDesktop highlights with links to staff blog posts
  • For admin: Blog about the customization policy

If you find a bug, please let me know about i…

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KamikazePyro KamikazePyro 27 May

Fixed JW Intel Profiles

The JW Intel website is non-canon, but it still bugs me when I see obvious mistakes that Universal is too lazy to fix. So I did it myself.

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I'm probably right on this thing, and boy how I hate it!

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Jwelegendary Jwelegendary 4 May

What I think EACH camp cretaceous episode & summary will be;

Episode 1/17: Stranded on Isla Nublar;

The campers are now stranded on the island once again, and the campers visit Kenji's penthouse to find a new home, only to find a new dino has taken it over.

Episode 2/18: A Brachiosaur Rescue;

Yaz, Sammy, and Brooklyn go to main street, only to find a baby brachiosaurus stranded from it's family. While Sammy and Brooklyn comfort the dino, yaz searches for it's parents, only to realize she's being chased by a mysterious creature

Episode 3/19; The Jurassic World Gondalas; now that main street is once again out of the question for a home, the campers search for a new home, specifically one near the former gondala attraction, but some Dimorphodons have nested; Brooklyn and yaz discover the hard way that the…

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Owerslachlan Owerslachlan 29 April

Jurassic World Evolution 2 hope's and stuff that i want added.

With Jurassic World Evolution 2 out i through i make a post of stuff i would like to see in the game in future updates and DLC.

  • 1 Campaign and park location
  • 2 Dinosaurs and Creatures
    • 2.1 Ceratopsians
    • 2.2 iguanodonts/Ornithopods
    • 2.3 Hadrosaurid
    • 2.4 Ankylosaurs
    • 2.5 Stegosaurs
    • 2.6 Ornithomimids
    • 2.7 Pachycephalosaurs
    • 2.8 Sauropods/Prosauropods
    • 2.9 Therizinosaurs
    • 2.10 Tyrannosaurid
    • 2.11 Spinosaurids
    • 2.12 Med and large Theropods
    • 2.13 Dromaeosaurids
    • 2.14 Small theropods.
    • 2.15 Sea and air reptiles.
    • 2.16 Mammal like reptiles.
    • 2.17 Hybrids

  • Malta (JWD update)
  • New island from JWCC season 4 (JWCC update or DLC)

  • Triceratops added
    • Isla Sorna Variant (update )
    • JWCC variants if trike does appear (jwcc update )
  • Sinoceratops added
    • JWCC variants (JWCC update )
  • Nasutoceratops added
    • accurate Nasutoceratop…

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Leben420 Leben420 20 April


I’m new on the wiki. Hello!

@nyways, for my birthday I ordered the sound strike Baryonyx and the Camp Cretaceous Albertosaurus vs velociraptors, does anyone know if these sets are good?

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Setting up Tabbers


(This works best on a Laptop or Desktop computer)

Hello to the Jurassic Park wiki community!

As the community awaits the third season Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous and the 2022 release of Jurassic World: Dominion we are constantly reviewing ways to improve the Wiki and of course, user experiences. One thing we are currently working on (as proposed by Battleshipman), is phasing out page tabbers. To do this we will be setting up the tabbers above the page itself. However we need your help!

This task requires you to use the Source Editor which (especially for new users) can be intimidating at first. Fortunately I've created a step by step guide to help. I'll be setting tabbers as I write this and speaking as someone who sucks at computers (and…

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The Most ROBBED Character

Today I'll be discussing who I believe, is (quite possibly) the most robbed Jurassic Park character, Tim Murphy.

As many of you know, Tim's story began back in the 1993 Jurassic Park film, being presented as the Grandson of John Hammond alongside his older sister Lex. Since the first film however, the character Tim Murphy falls into a state of obscurity, but his legacy still lives on.

Four years later, John Hammond is fired as CEO of InGen (now an environmentalist) and replaced by his nephew Peter Ludlow. Following the deaths of both men however, InGen was acquired by Simon Masraini (CEO of Masrani Global Corporations). This is where the blog starts to get interesting.

Now here is a quote by his actor Joseph Mazzello I do think about it all th…

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Modder of Minecraft Modder of Minecraft 25 February

Rexy vs Giganotosaurus

The Indominus Rex is fighting Rexy.The Indominus claws Rexy and bites her.Rexy bites the Indominus Rex's neck and slams her against a building,killing her.Rexy stares at the Indominus' corspe and roars in victory.Later,a male Giganotosaurus is fighting a Spinosaurus that recently killed a T-Rex.The Spinosaurus bites the Giganotosaurus and claws him.The Giganotosaurus rams the Spinosaurus and bites a chunk off the tall spine on it's back.The Spinosaurus bites the Giganotosaurus.The Giganotosaurus bites the Spinosaurus' neck but doesn't let go.The Giganotosaurus twists the Spinosaurus' neck with his jaws,killing the Spinosaurus instantly.The Giganotosaurus roars in victory and looks for a challenge.Ten hours later,Rexy and the Giganotosaurus…

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Zweiarrorus70852 Zweiarrorus70852 14 February

problematic pages

i've been made aware of this on two occasions with the jurassic world evolution discord community server, but this wiki is starting to become suspiciously unreliable. me and a few others at the JWE discord are showing disgust and disappointment in some of the decisions for some creature pages. firstmost, i would like to point out that the unknown creatures list is completely useless. secondly, who the world decided to start naming the dinosaurs? the male alpha raptor from JP3 does not have the official diagnosed or offically documented name of "alpha". i don't know what you guys are trying to pull here but please try to take more responsibility as a fandom and actually make pages that aren't useless to the community and stop trying to name …

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Mrclubtail1234 Mrclubtail1234 30 January

Creature sounds in Jurassic World: The Game

From what I can think of

--Land creatures--

Triceratops and other creatures with its animation: Walrus

Spinosaurus and other creatures with its animation: Elephant

Stegosaurus and other creatures with its animation: Polar bear

Therizinosaurus and other creatures with its animation: Leopard

Iguanodon: Elephant

Brachiosaurus: Bull

Indominus: Lion and elephant

Sarcosuchus and other creatures with its animation: Crocodilians


Dakosaurus and other creatures with its animation: Leopard

Tylosaurus and other creatures with its animation: Elephant, wild boar, and walrus

Plesiosaurus and other creatures with its animation: Elephant


Woolly mammoth and other elephants: Elephant

Smilodon and other creatures with its animation: Tiger and bison …

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Mrclubtail1234 Mrclubtail1234 30 January

Creature sounds in Jurassic Park Builder

From what I can think of


Spinosaurus and other creatures with its animation: Elephant

Stegosarus and other creatures with its animation: Elephant


Shonisaurus and other icthyosaurs: Dolphin

Basilosaurus and other cetaceans: Whale

Megalodon and other creatures with its animation: Lawnmower


Woolly mammoth and other elephants: Elephant

Smilodon and other creatures with its animation: Tiger

Sarkastodon and other creatures with its animation: Bear and elephant

Megaloceros and other creatures with its animation: Seal and panda

Eremotherium and Chalicotherium: Bear

Andrewsarchus and other creatures with its animation: Wolf

Can anyone else think of the sounds that were used for them?

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Deinosuchus skeleton


Today I'll be discussing the Deinosuchus skeleton from Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

Now recently (bureaucrat) Dinosaurus1 pointed out the skeleton is almost identical to the Deinosuchus reconstruction by Gaston Designs Inc. - the same company Fallen Kingdom was believed to have used for its skeletons.

At the same time, others have previously pointed out that the skeleton is way too small for an adult Deinosuchus. Indeed, size is another important factor to consider. But how big is this particular Fallen Kingdom skeleton? Although it can be difficult to extrapolate; using Chris Pratt's height of 1.88 meters/6"2" as a rough guide, I'm estimating this would scale to a length of around 8-8.5 meters (26-27 feet) if you use the skull - (e…

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KamikazePyro KamikazePyro 5 January

TLW Website InGen Personnel

These were the InGen personnel listed on the old Lost World website. I tried to piece together as much information about them as I could but not everything was revealed. This is just for my own notes.

Melissa Shenkin

Vice President of InGen

Notes: Believes Hammond is a “doddering fool” and threatened Steve Hyland to finish the daycare center on time and on budget because she will be next in line to run the company after Stephen Jackson drops the ball on the “Triceratops thing.” Sent an email to Hammond requesting a detailed breakdown of costs incurred by the Security division because she thinks they are siphoning money from other divisions.

Steve Hyland

Employee Relations

Notes: Expressed his reservations through email to Melissa Shenkin about b…

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KamikazePyro KamikazePyro 23 December 2020

JW Miniature Game Collection of Dino Sizes

Just collecting the measurements for the JW Miniature Game, both the in-game models and other tidbits I could find throughout the Kickstarter site. The in-game models are 1/50th scale. Measurements may be rounded up a tiny bit on my end but overall are faithful.


Height: 80mm = 13.1ft = 4m

Length: 180-240.2mm = 29.5-39.4ft = 9-12m

Weight: 2t = 4,000lbs = 1814kg


Height: 72mm = 11.8ft = 3.6m

Length: 192mm = 31.5ft = 9.6m


Height: 52mm = 8.5ft = 2.6m

Length: 186mm = 30.5ft = 9.3m


Height: 250mm = 41ft = 12.5m

Length: 430mm = 70.5ft = 21.5m


Height: 58mm = 9.5ft = 2.9m

Length: 208mm = 34.1ft = 10.4m

Weight: 1.5t = 3,000lbs = 1,361kg*


Height: 6mm = 0.98ft = 30cm

Length: 20.1mm = 3.3ft = 1m


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KamikazePyro KamikazePyro 8 December 2020

ILM Digital Model Size Chart for JWFK

I figured this size chart deserved its own post because, in a rare occasion, we got an official one like the old JP3 size chart. As seen at 9:42 in this video (narrated by David Vickery, one of the VFX supervisors), this is a chart ILM created to assist with production on Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. One might reasonably assume this is not a post-production chart because Pachyrhinosaurus is still on it, when we know that animal was replaced late in production by Sinoceratops. This list will be alphabetical and include the cages, humans, and Gyrosphere since they were also on the chart.

* = Print illegible, best guess based on counting grid lines. Do not take as fact.



12.1 meters / 39.7 feet

10.4 meters / 34.1 feet

7.2 meters / 23.6…

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Rainysummer23 Rainysummer23 20 November 2020


I first liked dinosaurs with Dinosaur Train and eventually Jurassic World

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Pachykeith95 Pachykeith95 24 September 2020


Acrotyrannus is the first hybrid dinosaur ever been bred by two species of dinosaurs, which is include a male Tyrannosaurus Rex and a female Acrocanthosaurus that was fan-made by Pachykeith95. Looks like a giant version of Concavenator.

1: It small sail like back  allows her to control body temperature like her mother.

2: Like T-Rex they bite strength were about as much as 4 tons or even more.

3: The Teeth of the hybrid were banana size, bit with razers on the edge.

4: The can only reach up to speed of 20 miles per hours

5: The hybrid cannot roar like it's parents, but indeed they make a bellowing sound in order to communicate, much like a tiger.

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Evan Forest Evan Forest 20 September 2020

Jurassic World: Dominion (Speculation)


Jurassic World: Dominion Is The Sixth Film In The Jurassic Park Franchise. It Is A Direct Sequel To 2018's Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. It Serves As A Conclusion Of The Franchise, Though More Films Are Possible. The Sequel Was First Confirmed By Fallen Kingdom Director JA Bayona. Filming Began In Canada In February 2020 And Was Released In June 11, 2021. 

  • 1 Premise
  • 2 Plot
  • 3 Cast
  • 4 List Of Species In The Film

Dinosaurs Have Been Wrecking Havoc On The Mainland Lately. Ian Malcolm Decides To Investigate What The Problem Is. Owen And Claire, Now Under The Care Of Maisie, Must Accept The Faith Of All Dinosaurs. Alan Grant And Ellie Sattler Decide To Join The Dinosaur Protection Group. As The Protagonists Meet Each Other During The Perilous …

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Evan Forest Evan Forest 19 September 2020

My Version Of The Jurassic World Park

Jurassic World Is A Zoological Theme Park Located In Isla Nublar, Covering Most Of The Island.

• Ferry Landing

• Main Street 

• Innovation Center

• Creation Lab

• The Scrambler (Egg Spinner Ride)

• Hilton Jurassic World Resort And Spa

• Botanical Gardens

• Jurassic World Monorail

• Boardwalk East And West

• Aquatic Park

• Pterosauria: The IMAX Experience

• Winston's Steakhouse

• Bamboo Forest

• Gondola Lift

• Camp Cretaceous

• Fossil Zone

• Golf Course

• Viewing Domes 

• Bone Shaker 

• Jurassic World Adventure Golf

• Jurassic World Balloon Tours

• Safari Lodge

• Prehistoric Carousel

• T-Rex Kingdom

• Gentle Giants Petting Zoo

• Pterosaur Aviary

• Cretaceous Cruise

• Jungle Trek

• Gyrosphere Valley

• Mosasaurus Exhibit

• Underwater Observatory

• Indominus Rex Paddock (Com…

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Zweiarrorus70852 Zweiarrorus70852 1 September 2020

page image assitance+other help requests

i have currently added most of the Jurassic World: Alive creature icons that were missing. two of the creatures, such as Ardentismaxima had two different icons (with the current one non-existent in image searches) which forced me to snip in my own image. the only one left is Edaphocevia, who's image I could not find anywhere on search engines. if anyone would be considerate to go into JWA and snap in the icon for edaphocevia, It would be greatly appreciated. also, we need wiki articles for the april fools goat bosses for JWA.

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Clumsystiggy Clumsystiggy 6 June

Ankyloranodon in film canon?

According to Lewis Lee on Twitter, the lab in Fallen Kingdom is filled with small secrets, such as Pteranodon and Ankylosaurus images on computer monitors. The tweet can be found at this address:


Maybe Wu was doing experiments and wanting to create another hybrid, just like the hybrid Ankyloranodon from the Chaos Effect toyline.

What do you guys think?

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OperaSinger OperaSinger 21 August 2020

Sonic in Jurassic Park: T-Rex Breakout

Sonic in Jurassic Park (abbreviated as Sonic in JP) was an animation by Balenaproductions that was in development created by Steven Page for the Balena Productions YouTube Channel. On March 27th, 2015, it was announced that it was delayed until July 3rd, 2020.

  • 1 Production
    • 1.1 Pre-Production
  • 2 Synopsis
  • 3 References

The project started in 2008. After the success of 'Sonic in Glitch-Hog', Steven Page (the creator of the Balena Productions) wanted to practice making videos and movie parodies seemed to be the best bet. He wanted to do Jurassic Park first, but he needed to practice. JAWS was easier so he made that.

Sonic: [closes door of Amy's Tails' and Conker's car and races back to his and Knuckles car] Well, it looks like their radio's out, too. Guess…

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Asmitthe Jurassic park geek Asmitthe Jurassic park geek 18 August 2020

My Jurassic Movie Reviews; Part one, the Original Trilogy.

This is the first in a series of three brief reviews, where I review the originals, the sequels (including BABR), and the novels. Also, I have an unusual grading system, so hang on. Also remember that these are JUST MY OPINIONS. Quoting IHE, don't get your Metacritic in a twist.

1. Jurassic Park (1993)

Cinematography - 5/5

Direction - 6/5 (Well of course it's Spielberg)

VFX - 5/5

Music - 6/5

Acting - 6/5

Setpieces - 4/5

Script/plot - 5/5

Characters - 5/5

Action - 5/5

Editing/pacing - 6/5

Final score - 11/10

The greatest film of all time. Period.

When Jurassic Park came out, it was a worldwide phenomenon. It changed the game of filmmaking. It's stellar direction, performances, and the groundbreaking VFX have made this movie a classic. I dunno, this movie…

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Endertubby Endertubby 23 June 2020

a battle of dinosaurs

if i take a hundred velociraptors to fight another 10 dinosaurs, which dinosaur do you think can kill the velociraptors?

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Dude Wassup Dude Wassup 17 June 2020

Day 6/17/20

Why do I need to post a blog. It was my choice so it wasn't required of me. If you're a stranger then why do you bother reading this bs? BTW I can't change my Earth avatar for now. Deal with it 😎

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CheviYB CheviYB 11 June 2020

Up to

Up to t-rex attack

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Dinosaurus1 Dinosaurus1 31 May 2020

Film Canon Design Outlook Series

Hello, fellow JP/JW Wikians.

I would want to be tempted to continue some more blog posts time to time after a long absence in these blog posts (after my JW Design Defense and Accuracy blog), so to do that, I will be sharing my personal opinion and outlook on every film canon designs in order of each appearance they make in the film, to evaluate on how I feel on these designs.

To note; this will include soft canon material (JP: The Game and JW: Live Tour).

So here we go.

  • 1 Velociraptor
  • 2 Brachiosaurus
  • 3 Parasaurolophus
  • 4 Triceratops
  • 5 Tyrannosaurus rex
  • 6 Dilophosaurus
  • 7 Gallimimus

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Dinosaurus1 Dinosaurus1 25 May 2020

Unpopular Opinion: Should accurate designs be in future JW Media, and Defense of JW designs.

Hello, fellow JP/JW Wikians.

I shall bring you a WIP blog since November 21st from last year, and with it, something to discuss about.

It’s about the dinosaur designs of the JW Trilogy, and whether the future media for this franchise needs to have accurate dinosaurs. For my starting claim, I’ll say this:

JW’s designs are not bad at all, and I disagree with accurate dinosaurs for this franchise, as I have stated many times in the Discussions forums, but this blog post should be a accumulation of all of that and put forth a strong argument because if the majority of fans who want accurate dinosaurs can be likely heard, why can’t this?

I will go into detail about my thoughts on the design style of this franchise and the criticisms brought forward…

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Freighttrain, The Freighttrain, The 19 May 2020

Styrankentriceratops, the Ultimate Herbivorous Dinosaur Hybrid to Match Ultimasaurus

Styrankentriceratops is a Triceratops hybrid with Styracosaurus frill-spikes, long epijugal bones (perhaps from a Bravoceratops), Ankylosaurus dorsal osteoderm armour, Kentosaurus shoulder spikes, dorsal spikes along its lower back and tail, which ends in an Ankylosaurus tail club with added Stegosaurus thagomizers.


Styra - ank - kent - triceratops

Here are these features listed in a dot point format for easier comprehension:

  • Triceratops as the base animal
    • Sturdy and powerful quadrupedal built
    • Strong armoured frill to protect the head and neck
    • Long dangerous supraoribital horns for a strong focused offense
  • Styracosaurus frill spikes
  • Bravoceratops epijugal bones
  • Ankylosaurus dorsal osteoderm armour
  • Kentosaurus shoulder spikes
    • Dorsal Kentosaurus

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Freighttrain, The Freighttrain, The 17 May 2020

Chinese Spinosaurus Conspiracy

(Updated as of 23/05/2020)

Contact e-mail: freighttrain@email.com

I believe that there is a possibility, that the Spinosaurus morphology revision beginning six years ago, is some kind of Chinese conspiracy, and I know that China has some vested interests in Africa (where Spinosaurus fossils are found) which it tries to play down.

First of all let's look at its name, Spinosaurus, without the letter 'p' that would become Sinosaurus, Sino- being a prefix meaning of or in relation to China, essentially making it 'Chinasaurus', with the omission of only one letter!

Now look at Spinosaurus' revised sail with its twin uneven peaks, it looks like the forward two sails of an old Chinese junk, especially with its pronounced battens and the recently added eel-…

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Bendygames2 Bendygames2 31 March 2020

Hi Yo

Jurassic Park/World memes. If you got any comment below! That's all. 

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Spinoraptoriscool20 Spinoraptoriscool20 28 March 2020

Was the Jp3 spinosaurus a hybrid?

As you can see the spinosaurus from jurassic park three didnt look realistic at all speaking of it being a hybrid Technically,all dinosaurs in jurassic park are hybrids ,either mixed with frog DNA or lizard or Fish DNA But is the Spinosaurus an advanced hybrid? The answer is yes the dinosaur was a hybrid consisting of Spinosaurus,Suchomimus and a Fan theory of it being mixed with a baryonyx

In my opinion I realized that the spinosaurus had cuttlefish or chameleon DNA ,Want proof? I will tell you proof This scene where Alan Grant and Eric Kirby were reunited and met Eric Kirby's parents Yes after almost a minute they heard this noisy phone ringing (it was probably in the dinosaur's intestines)and the dinosaur was completely silent as if he…

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Pachykeith95 Pachykeith95 18 March 2020

Jurassic World: World of Prehistoric

When the dinosaurs got loose to the mainland:

  1. Allosaurus (4)
  2. Ankylosaurus (4)
  3. Apatosaurus (4)
  4. Baryonyx (3)
  5. Brachiosaurus (3)
  6. Carnotaurus (2)
  7. Compsognathus (11)
  8. Gallimimus (8)
  9. Pachyrhinosaurus (2)
  10. Parasaurolophus (6)
  11. Pteranodon (3)
  12. Sinoceratops (4)
  13. Stegosaurus (6)
  14. Stygimoloch (5)
  15. Triceratops (5)
  16. Tyrannosaurus Rex (1)
  17. Velociraptor (1)

  1. Nasutoceratops (3)
  2. Deinonychus (2)
  3. Lystrosaurus ()
  4. Giganotosaurus ()
  5. Pyroraptor ()
  6. Dimetrodon ()
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