• Indoraptor123

    After a week, Enrique's house was done, he was escorted to the house.

    The postosuchus were with 1 week old and they started to grow, and their enclosures were done. They were almost ready to open.

    (phone vibrates)

    -Hello? Its Enrique.

    -Hi Enrique!

    -Oh, Jacob! Thanks for calling, but, what is it?

    -Ehhhhh, the dig crew!

    -Oh yeah, ummmmmmm, lets see.....

    I think you might send the dig crew to Australia.

    -Are you sure?

    -Yeah, send they in.

    -Great choice, but, i have another things to say.


    -First: The cientists in the hatchery have been watching Paul and Killer, and, they made an information paper, about everything they have studied, behavior, diet and etc.

    -Second: I need permission to fabricate an scope for our rangers tranquilizer-dart gun and make…

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  • Carnotaur


    Chapter 1: Different Faces

    Light From Darkness

    Faces. Four faces. Four smiling faces. That's what it saw when light came through the shell. The first face disturbed it, its round chubby head smiled down in a unsettling way. The second was darker in color, and the third was mostly calm, but showed a hint of excitement. Now, the fourth... The fourth was smiling so hard it was frightening! But the face cared, a face that was so happy that it began to cry. It looked around and saw three others: one was teal, another brown with white and black stripes, and the third as yellow as the sun. It looked back up, its eyes adapting to the light, and it learned something new. It was in a pack.

    Heat Rays

    Joshua Malchom sat under a lush gre…

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  • Indoraptor123

    At this thread, i, the creator of Isla Creta will discuss and answer questions in general with you guys!

    For start, heres a picture of Paul, the male postosuchus!

    Any questions? Go to the commentaries!

    Bye for now!

    Isla Creta Park Wiki is on development!

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  • BattleshipMan

    Okay, everyone. Here's the drill. We need to make some improvements of this wiki and it needs tons of help. We have to get to done so we make this wiki appealing and great for the Jurassic Park/Jurassic World fans.

    1. We need to get more images and screencaps of the characters who appeared in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom because we've been lacking to do that and need to focus more of that if we can.
    2. There has to more improvement of anything on Jurassic World Evolution because it's been lacking and we have to keep an eye on any updates on it.
    3. We need to add more of anything related to The Evolution of Claire, like the characters on the book and the plot summary of it.
    4. Adding categories of all the uncategorized pages. We can't leave them uncateg…

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  • Dinosaurus1

    Here is a question that I had in mind: when will Jurassic World III take place in? To me, I believe it will be in 2021, three years after Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom because all of the other films take place in the year they were released: Jurassic Park took place in 1993, The Lost World: Jurassic Park took place in 1997, Jurassic Park III took place in 2001, Jurassic World took place in 2015, and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom took place in 2018 (at the time the trailer released, the plot said it was four years after JW, but that was changed to three years after confusion among the fanbase).

    So for me, Jurassic World III will likely take place in 2021.

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  • Animalman57

    • Super posable Indominus rex that is film accurate
    • Super posable Stegoceratops based on the JW concept art 

    • 2 bigger variants of the Mini Dino assortment Parasaurolophus, based on both Lost World and JP3
    • JP3 Corythosaurus
    • Lambeosaurus that is green with blue crest
    • Maiasaura that is brown with green stripes
    • JW website based Edmontosaurus

    • Carnotaurus repainted to look like the novel
    • New Legacy Tyrannosaurus rex repainted to look like the Buck from Lost World
    • Minmi repainted to be entirely iridescence purple with yellow stripes
    • 3 Battle damage Blue repaints to look like JW accurate Echo, Charlie, and Delta
    • Allosaurus repainted to be similar to the Lost World series 1 toy
    • Carnotaurus repainted to look like the "demon" one from the end of Fallen Kingdom (complete with t…

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  • Dinosaurus1

    I have an interesting theory regarding Sinoceratops and Pachyrhinosaurus that might fit into the lore.

    So does anyone know about Mattel's Pachyrhinosaurus labeled as Sinoceratops? This gave me the idea that this Mattel figure could fit as some sort of InGen Pachyrhinosaurus prototype with some Sinoceratops DNA which was created sometime around Jurassic World. After this prototype, Masrani Global and InGen separated the Sinoceratops and Pachyrhinosaurus as two species.

    What do you think about this theory?

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  • Diabolusaurus127

    It's interesting to know that with the information given by the DPG about the creation of Spinosaurus (and Ceratosaurus as well), many loose ends were solved in the best way possible in this new canon.

    But some data was left in the air about that period of time between The Lost World: Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park III. Investigating in this wiki everything related to Jurassic Park III, I have come across some data that could build a rather curious story for that period of time that has not been counted (at least now) in the movies.

    I'll begin with the data I have taken to formulate this story (remember that it is only a theory). The important data is in bold, of course:

    • Jurassic Park Dinosaur Battles: In this game, we meet with Dr. Irene Corts, …
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  • Dinosaurus1

    I have an idea for Mattel that might work as an independent line... I call it: The Dinosaur Protection Group List Line!

    Here's how it will work.

    It will include all 36 species that are listed by the Dinosaur Protection Group website And they are the following...

    • Styracosaurus
    • Gallimimus
    • Triceratops
    • Stegosaurus
    • Dimorphodon
    • Velociraptor
    • Tyrannosaurus
    • Mamenchisaurus
    • Parasaurolophus
    • Brachiosaurus
    • Euoplocephalus
    • Pachycephalosaurus
    • Ankylosaurus
    • Coelurus
    • Stygimoloch
    • Dilophosaurus
    • Metriacanthosaurus
    • Spinosaurus
    • Carnotaurus
    • Baryonyx
    • Pteranodon
    • Compsognathus
    • Mosasaurus
    • Microceratus
    • Corythosaurus
    • Ceratosaurus
    • Allosaurus
    • Apatosaurus
    • Suchomimus
    • Sinoceratops
    • Pachyrhinosaurus
    • Edmontosaurus
    • Segisaurus
    • Herrerasaurus
    • Deinonychus
    • Lesothosaurus

    Each will all be sold seaparately, and in order to di…

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  • Theferretman21

    All for a deer

    October 11, 2018 by Theferretman21

    July 2nd, 2017

    Congressman Sherwood stood up as he saw another mando the same, he recognized him as Gerry Harding who had once worked for the original Jurassic Park, and said “Mr. Gerry Harding, are you here to give another reason for saving Jurassic World’s cloned animals, or a reason against it”? Gerry looked up for a moment before giving his plea “Sir Sherwood, while I do care for those animals, that is not what I want, I am pleading to save some of that islands native animals. While many of them like the Red tailed boa and Brown pelican are found in other parts of the world, some like the subspecies of tufted deer on the island are in danger of extinction from both the talk of bombing the island and the prehistoric animals infesting it.…

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  • Dinosaurus1

    This actually surprised me when I saw this. What is this?

    I think it is an audition by Shannon Coe for Jurassic World III as the real Maisie, even though I believe the real Maisie is dead years before Fallen Kingdom occurred.

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  • JacobBright

    Tyrannosaurus or better know with sort name T-Rex, was one of the most dangerous dinosaurs. T-Rex could reach the size of a tennis court in width and the head was the size of and adult. He could weight up to 7 tons.

    Paleontologists believe that this dinosaur was a carnivore and was fiercest by all the other animals in his time. T-Rex was powerful enough to crush with his teeth even the bones of other big dinosaurs like triceratops.  This was due to the fact that Tyrannosaurus had big teeth (8 inch-long); that had the shape of cones and were very sharp. His legs were strong and finished with 4 toes; that had heavy claws that helped them to grab the pray.
    But the strange thing about T-Rex was that he had a strong and powerful body but had tiny…

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  • JacobBright

    Dinosaurs first appeared nearly 230 million years ago during what is now known as the Triassic Period.  For the next 135 million years, these creatures ruled the earth as the dominate vertebrates, or animals possessing a spine or backbone, through the Jurassic Period until the Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction event took place at the end of the Mesozoic Era.  Through research of fossilized remains, it is believed that most species of today's birds have evolved from certain theropod families of dinosaurs and are still considered the present day descendants of the dinosaur ancestry.

    The term "dinosaur" can apply to an enormously wide range of animals.  To date, there are over 9,000 different species of bird identified on the planet earth, all o…

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  • JacobBright


    October 2, 2018 by JacobBright

    Triceratops was one of the biggest dinosaur weigh up to six tons. Compared with other dinosaurs of his era it had which had a large body and a small head, this had a big head and was as long as a adult human. But even he had that big head the size of this brain was approximately the size of a human fist. 

    Paleontologists believe that it wasn`t the smartest of the dinosaurs, but was smart enough to feed and take care of himself. The main menu for triceratops was vegetation. Triceratops had a bony neck frill that could get over 6.5 feet in width. It`s main weapon against predators where probably the 3 horns. One short nose horn and 2 big and strong long brow horns.

    Triceratops can be compared with rhinoceroses and elephants. 

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  • JacobBright


    October 2, 2018 by JacobBright

    It is about three years from the time when the theme park and the resort get destroyed by the gigantic dinosaurs. Ilsa Nublar now acquired by the humans, however, some of the surviving dinosaurs have shifted themselves in the jungles.

    But when the Island's gigantic volcano is about the explode Chris Pratt as Owen and Bryce Dallas Howard as Claire has decided to protect the remaining dinosaurs and they start to mount a campaign. The character of Owen and Claire inspires people and their looks were just mesmeric, especially Chris Pratt Owen Jurassic World Vest makes people crazy for the outfit. Owen is finding out his missing little raptor and Claire has made her mission to save the surviving creatures.

    As the Universal Studios released the fa…

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  • Dinosaurus1

    I have seen a lot of comments on the Internet via YouTube comments with some of the comments saying that they wished that Jurassic World III would have an apocalypse like world. To me, I have to disagree very much, as I have reasons that this will not only negatively impact Jurassic World III itself, but the franchise and legacy overall.

    So this is my opinion on why Jurassic World III should not be about dinosaurs ruling the world/a dino-pocalypse occurring.

    Yes, there have been some films that have dinosaurs ruling the world, so applying that to the Jurassic Park franchise and causing humanity to nearly go extinct, would make this film seem unoriginal and cheap, thus making it even worse than Jurassic Park III. Also, this can be compared to…

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  • Australopithecusman

    The film is completed!!! 

    The film has just wrapped. Here is the trailer. Will this unlikely team survive the dinosaur infested island. 

    Hi guys, 

    I'm currently working on a Jurassic Park fan film. The film will feature animatronics/puppets and some cgi. Follow this page for updates! Dinosaurs included are

    • Triceratops
    • Compsognathus
    • Ludodactylus

    Subscribe to my channel for updates! If this goes well, I'll make more dinosaur films with animatronics/puppets in the future! 

    Shot in found footage style, Brogan, an obnoxious YouTube Vlogger, is on a motorboat off the course of Isla Nublar. Prepared for an exciting Extreme Tourism vlog, nothing could prepare him for what he encounters. Featuring high quality animatronics/puppets and some CGI!

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  • Indoraptor123

    After Enrique reached the island and finished the tour,he was show an Hotel,were he was gifted with VIP acess, later, he would be escorted to his house that is being builded in the Northwest of the island. But, he needed to worry to one more thing:

    Where he excavation crew would be sended off to uncover the remains(or amber) of the first creature to born on the park!

    (Phone vibrates)

    -Hey Enrique! Its me, Jacob! Is everything okay there?

    -Oh, yeah! Im loving here, with the birds singing and everything, its so peaceful!

    -Okay. But we need your answer to that question...

    -Which question?

    -About where you want to send our dig crew!

    -Oh, i decided: send them to Texas.

    -Great choice!

    (Phone vibrates)

    -Henrique? Are you busy?

    -No... Why?

    -The dig crew just a…

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  • Indoraptor123


    September 23, 2018 by Indoraptor123

    I see,that Isla Creta should not be canceled,and i understand,so i need to ask one thing: if you never had seen Isla Creta before,go see it,everything will be explained,so please,comment in the episodes,give suggestions and,in the episode 3,comment a country,an country will be choosen and i will pick a random dinosaur of that country for the park.

    Thank you. Indoraptor123

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  • Indoraptor123

    Isla Creta CANCELED

    September 21, 2018 by Indoraptor123

    Isla Creta is canceled due to the lack of public and comments,i srry if you liked the series,but,if theres no audience,theres no point of making the series. But,maybe in the future,in an another wiki,or reddit, i may create an history, hope everybody understand...

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  • Carnotaur

    OK Guys, this is it! It has taking me almost a month and a half to make part 3. So I hope you enjoy! Please tell me what you think!

    The arm

    Night time in the Guadalupe Mountains was peaceful. Too peaceful. That made Roland Tembo uneasy. He was always more used to love nights in Africa. He said outside of his camper now Rusty and falling apart. He sat in a old camping chair clutching his rifle. But then, then there was a snarl, a DEEP snarl, and other sounds in the distance. "The hell?" He knew the sounds of a Rex, Compy, Raptor, Trike, Stego, and Parasaurolophus, but never heard this one. He lifted up his rifle, sat up, and walked forward. And then he took a knee. Not 20 feet away, a female Carnotaurus stalked torward him. Now, he saw her, B…

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  • Indoraptor123

    -(Yawns) Its time to go!

    -If i remember, i need to go to the InGen building again,there will be an helicopter waiting for me.

    Enrique finally reach the building and sees Jacob waiting for him, and on his right, an blue and white helicopter, with the InGen logo on it.

    -Hey! Enrique,you finally come!

    -Hi Jacob!Im ready for the flight!

    -So lets go!


    -So Enrique, this is YOUR island!


    -What about we take a tour in the Control Center?

    -Of course!

    -Ok, first, this is the principal room, here, is where all the cameras, and, where all the operations are made.

    -And here, is the nursery, where all the baby dinosaurs are cared!

    -Here,is the hatchery, where all the dinosaurs are made.

    -How you create dinosaurs?

    -First, you need the DNA of the creature …

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  • Indoraptor123

    Enrique then,goes to the principal building of the company InGen...

    -Wow,this building is so big!

    • phone vibrates*

    -Oh,someones calling...

    -Hi Enrique!

    -Hi aunt Débora! Glad you called!

    -So,you have been wondering with who you should talk to in the InGen build right?

    -Yes,i was going to ask for you.

    -You need to search for a man called Jacob Woods,hes the president of InGen.

    -Ok,thanks and bye.


    Enrique enters the building and ask for the receptionist about Jacob:

    -Excuse me, were i can find Jacob Woods?

    -Whats your name sir?


    -Sir, Jacob is waiting for you in the room B2 in the sixth floor.

    -Thank you.

    • knocks door*

    -Jacob, its me, Enrique!

    -Oh, Enrique, enter please!

    -Hi Enrique! Its good to see you! Sit here!

    -So,i heard you have a heritage for …

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  • Indoraptor123

    Hi, im Enrique, i live in Mexico, im am 32 years old, and im a dinosaur fan. I love to study them, and the best part is, my uncle works in the legendary InGen!

    Enrique just had the news, his uncle is dead. He takes his phone and call his aunt:

    -Hi aunt Débora, i heard the news...

    -Are you okay, Enrique?

    -Not exactly, im sad because, you know...

    -Oh,yes,i know,you would encounter him in the company,but,i sorry...


    -The burial starts tomorrow in the 9 AM.

    -Right,i will be in there.Bye.


    After talking with his aunt, he goes to sleep...

    Enrique wakes up,and looks for the clock:

    -*Yawns* What time is it? ...8:30 AM?! No, no, no! I have to be quick!

    He takes his car and goes to the burial as fast as he can.

    Going there,he saw everyone there...


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  • Indoraptor123

    Isla Creta:The new park

    September 1, 2018 by Indoraptor123

    Its my first time in this wiki with an account,and im very happy! And now im going to make a series where the principal character:

    Enrique gets out of his homeland (Mexico) and ends up turning into a manager of a dinosaur park, and starting new adventures, making new friends! Danger! Action! Friendship! And the most important: dinosaurs!

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  • Dinosaurus1
    • Edmontosaurus (original color or inspired by JW Website design) (Confirmed)
    • Deinonychus (based on Jurassic World: Evolution design)
    • Troodon (based off of Jurassic Park: The Game design)
    • Nodosaurus (original color)
    • Lesothosaurus (original color)
    • Tylosaurus (based on Jurassic Park: The Game design, real feel like Mosasaurus)
    • Segisaurus (color based off of Jurassic Park Institute or original color)
    • Euoplocephalus (original color)
    • Corythosaurus (based on JPIII coloration)
    • Parasaurolophus (based on TLW:JP coloration) (Released)
    • Indominus rex (based on JW coloration, of course) (Released)
    • Giganotosaurus (original color)
    • Apatosaurus (based on JW coloration)
    • Mamenchisaurus (based off of TLW:JP coloration)
    • Geosternbergia (based off of TLW:JP coloration)
    • Postosuch…
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  • Dinosaurus1

    So I noticed in this line that Mattel’s green Pachyrhinosaurus (the other one, not the switched Sinoceratops) has been missing. Here’s what it looks like, for reference.

    I was exploring JPToys-News and looked into the Roarivores section, seeing that the green Pachyrhinosaurus went missing and being replaced by the Sinoceratops (which was originally going to be Pachyrhinosaurus during post production).

    What do you think happened to the other Pachyrhinosaurus in the first image? Will it ever be released?

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  • Carnotaur

    Hi guys here's my 2nd chapter! hope you enjoy! CHAPTER 2: THE FEAST(S)


    One of the beings was crouched down just 8ft away, holding a small furry object, with a long naked string hanging from it. "Blue". it said, moving slowly toward the blue "other". He took the fur, handed it to Blue. He watched with a smile, as she devoured it. He pulled out of a small sack, three other more furs, and gave them to the rest of the pack Ember swallowed his whole, but Bengal and Sunshine began to cough and vomit, and collapsed, writhing like a pair of Snakes. "Wu!" The being yelled. "What is it, Grady?" Replied the happy being. The happy one came into the room with a face of concern. when he came in, he looked down, and saw the two newborn Raptors dying …

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  • Owerslachlan

    I just like to announce  that i am doing  shout for this wiki on my youtube channel so that  we can get more people working on this wiki or any of the sister wiki's thank you for listening.

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  • Carnotaur

    Hi guys! sorry I'm kind of late with this chapter it took a while to get done, but now I've got it, so I hope you enjoy! If you haven't read the synopsis I suggest you check it out first.

    Chapter 1: different faces

    Light from darkness

    Faces. Four faces. For smiling faces. That's what it saw when light came through the shell. The first face Disturbed it, the second was darker in color, and the third was mostly calm, but showed a hint of excitement. Now the fourth... The fourth was smiling so hard it was frightening. But the face cared a face that was so happy that it began to cry. It looked around and saw three others: one was blue, another brown with white and black stripes, and the third as yellow as a sun. It looked back up, and it learned …

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  • Carnotaur

    Hello guys, and welcome to my reviews! Today I'm going to be doing my review for the gem that started the whole thing: Jurassic park by Michael Crichton.

    PLOT: Ok, so the plot in a nutshell is that a old rich man that has way too much money on his hands. He creates a park full of genetic mutations of prehistoric animals, and brings people there to check it out. In the end... well you could say every chapter needs a "another one bites the dust" playing in the background. Then crap hits the fan, and the place gets napalmed. the story does drag in places, but the action sequences make you want to get a bowl of popcorn and sit in the dark on the couch and say "WOW", every time a raptor gets turned into chunks of meat by a drunk African hunter,…

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  • Carnotaur

    Hey guys I'm just letting you know I am going to start a series of reviews on Jurassic park and Dinosaur films and books! Ill be releasing a review about twice a week! I'll be reviewing the original Jurassic Park films/novels, the. B'movie Carnosaur trliogy, JP knock-offs, the 1920's, 40's, 50's and 60's dinosaur films, and more! Im really exited to do this, so I hope you enjoy!

    Also check out my JP fanfic!:

    Thanks and have great day!

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  • Carnotaur

    Hi guys welcome to my first chapter of my new jwfk fanfic!


    One and a half years after the avents of the Lockwood manner, the world has gone into turmoil. sections of the US have become wastelands. Only small areas have been able stay safe. On the outscirts of Glen rose Texas, one man has managed to stay alive after these avents. his name is Joshua Malchom, nephew of the great Ian Malcolm. Before the events of the manner, Ian had bought a section of woods around Glen rose.  He lived there for several years until now. His nephew lived in the same town and refused to leave his home and was left to fend for himself. He now survives off what he …

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  • Dinosaurus1

    Wow... I would prefer to keep Colin directing and writing the Jurassic World III Movie.

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  • Carnotaur


    July 10, 2018 by Carnotaur

    Im here to ask if anyone woild like to join the DPG wikia we need new people to help grow this wiki! There is only a few of us working there. Ask me or another ADMIN to find thing to fix up and build apon. Thank you!


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  • Carnotaur

    MALCHOMS WOODS. JURASSIC WORLD FANFIC Hello everyone🔥 I would like to announce that I will be posting a new Jurassic world falling kingdom FANFIC.


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  • Animalman57

    We have the main game, free Fallen Kingdom update, and special deluxe dinosaurs, but new DLCs and updates will be added, due to how Frontier usually update their games all the time. Here are my wants and speculations.

    When it starts to come to JW3 or whatever it will be called, I feel they'll make a DLC on any new dinosaurs in the movie like they did with Fallen Kingdom. Since we don't know what new dinos are in the movie yet, I can't add what they would be in the DLC, but I feel it was worth mentioning as I feel this would be very likely.  If any of the creatures below going to appear in JW3, I'll swap them for this DLC.

    Price: Unknown

    In this DLC, it adds pre built mini exhibits as decorations that make guests happy. The exhibits don't need…

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  • Dinosaurus1

    So, I was wondering about this for quite a while, ever since this particular action figure was released by Mattel...

    This action figure here is a Green Velociraptor, which Universal entirely intended it to be a generic Velociraptor aside from Blue, who stands out as the more unique one. However, there were some details that I noticed, such as this Velociraptor's odd quadrupedal stance, crawling on all fours. Curious? Let's dig a little deeper.

    Of course, as I said, this particular Velociraptor, for some reason, is crawling on all fours, which seems... off, especially for a theropod dinosaur that is meant to be primarily bipedal. For example, Blue is always bipedal. So if the two are the same genus, then why is the Green Velociraptor capable …

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  • Dinosaurus1

    I had a new idea that popped into mind; should we create a category for the dinosaurs that have been confirmed to live on Isla Nublar, but are either endangered or are extinct?

    Like this:

    Endangered Species of Isla Nublar: Tyrannosaurus rex (film canon), Velociraptor (film canon), Triceratops, Parasaurolophus, Gallimimus, Dilophosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Compsognathus, Pachycephalosaurus, Stegosaurus, Pteranodon, Ankylosaurus, Apatosaurus, Dimorphodon, Mosasaurus, Allosaurus, Baryonyx, Carnotaurus, Sinoceratops, Stygimoloch, Suchomimus, Pachyrhinosaurus and Microceratus.

    Extinct Species of Isla Nublar: Spinosaurus, Mamenchisaurus, Corythosaurus, Ceratosaurus, Metriacanthosaurus, Edmontosaurus, Segisaurus, Herrerasaurus, Styracosaurus, Euoploceph…

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  • Tubbybloxian

    If you don't know, everyone knows about Jurassic Park Builder, I like it and I think it's better than Jurassic World the game. To be honest I want them to update it with a lot of creatures that i'm gonna list right here: (Note: This is the list of cenozoic creatures I want added to JPB)

    Archaeoindris (Giant lemur), Dinofelis, Megatherium, Giant Moa (Dinornis), Argentavis, Haast's eagle (Harpagornis), Genyornis, American Lion (Panthera leo atrox), Dinopithecus, Australopithecus (Southern Ape), Titanotheres, Thylacine, Moropus, Quagga, and Metridiochoerus.

    Now here are the aquatic ones I want too:

    Titanichthys, Brygmophyseter, Atopodentatus, Stupendemys, Ophthalmosaurus, and Cryptoclidus.

    Still wondering, how do I message Ludia to make this actu…

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  • TheLionGuardB747

    Doesn’t that mean their married!

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  • Elephant777

    Howdy fans of Jurassic Park,

    Awhile back I posted a ultra short blog that had no real meaning or meat, but a flat out slightly disrespectful plea for support on crowdfunding campaign that I launched.

    So the reason I am reposting this as a new blog is because I genuinely need your support to help make this crowdfunding campaign a success. No before you think I am asking for money that is not at all the help that I need from you. What I need is awareness that this campaign exist, that this book of mine exists. And that the only way for it to be a success if you value this story as much as I do. I recognize that is asking a lot because you have not truly read it or seen it, and I realize that you may feel no genuine need to simply post the link…

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  • PopCultMedia

    JWFK mini dinos

    July 4, 2018 by PopCultMedia

    Here are some images of Fallen Kingdom's Mini dinos assortment that I found:

    Missing: Blue

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  • Dinosaurus1

    Shocking news: The Lockwood Manor dioramas are actually taxidermised early InGen clones, so Concavenator, Dimetrodon, Dracorex, and Mononykus were InGen dinosaurs...


    Edit: Apparently, Diplodocus was also an InGen dinosaur alongside Concavenator, Dimetrodon, Dracorex and Mononykus. Those two baby sauropods must have been the taxidermied juvenile Diplodocus. Jurassic Outpost says that the two baby sauropods are Diplodocus.

    Look at the end right before Dracorex, and you can see the Diplodocus.

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  • Dinosaurus1

    I’m just curious.

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  • Dinosaurus1

    Hello there guys. So a huge announcement for people who likes big dinosaurs: in this image, there appears to be an embryo in a DNA Case in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom that says “Drea”.

    If you look closely, you can see “Drea”, in which the only dinosaur with that word is Dreadnoughtus.

    Dreadnoughtus is a genus of large titanosaurian sauropod in Argentina from the Late Cretaceous Period. An interesting fact about it is that its skull is the most complete than any other gigantic titanosaur.

    If this is correct, then that means not only does this confirm that Dreadnoughtus was cloned illegally, but it also means we get another massive sauropod in the franchise to appear in Jurassic World III!


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  • Zeref Fullbuster

    JW3 and Dinos

    June 23, 2018 by Zeref Fullbuster

    With Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom now in theaters, we can discuss Jurassic World 3 and the dinos we want to see in the movie, JW: Evolution and JW: Alive.

    Dinos I want to see:

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  • PopCultMedia

    Here are some of the screenshots I managed to captured from the "Special Look" behind the scene featurette for Fallen Kingdom. They came from here.

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  • Dinosaurus1

    Hello, there guys.

    I am planning to not come back here until three weeks, because tomorrow is June 7, the early release of JW:FK, and I am concerned I might get spoiled in the process. So until June 21-22, 2018, I will not be back here until the time has passed and I watched the film.

    See ya!

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  • Elephant777

    White Winds

    June 3, 2018 by Elephant777

    Hey everyone it has been a long time, but given that this is a different form of social media its not like there is a cult following compared to say facebook or twitter lol

    NEVER THE LESS, I am here to try and advertise my indiegogo campaign to raise money to publish my book White Winds in any way that I can.

    If anyone is remotely interested, here is a link to the actual site:

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