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"She's curious, She's showing empathy."
—Owen in his video logs(src)

Blue is a female Velociraptor that appears in Jurassic World, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous, and Jurassic World: Dominion. She is the oldest of the four raptors in her pack consisting of her sisters, Delta, Echo, and Charlie.

The oldest of the four Velociraptors trained by Owen Grady for the IBRIS Project, Blue and her pack aided in the search for the Indominus rex, only to turn against their trainer when accepting the I. rex as their Alpha. However, Blue was the first to change her loyalty back to Owen and fight against the I. rex. While the rest of her pack was killed, Blue received aid from Rexy as well as the Mosasaurus and defeated the I. rex. She was subsequently encountered by the Camp Cretaceous campers, helping them to kill the two Scorpios rex hybrids and avoiding capture by Mantah Corp.

Three years later, when Isla Nublar was in danger of being destroyed by Mount Sibo, Blue reunited with Owen only to be captured and shipped to Lockwood Mansion to create the next generation of the Indoraptor. After Blue was healed from her injury, she once again saved Owen, Claire, and Maisie from the Indoraptor, defeating it. Following that, Blue ran off into the woods, now free.

Four years later, Blue lived in the Sierra Nevada mountains with a hatchling by parthenogenesis, Beta, while observing Owen, Claire, and Maisie living together from a distance. When Blue made herself and her offspring known, Beta and Maisie were both taken by Biosyn. Owen promised Blue he'd bring them back. Owen kept true to his promise, reuniting Blue and Beta. After saying goodbye and parting ways with her alpha/trainer, Blue ran off into the wilderness with Beta, with Owen knowing that, when she's ready to, she'll one day come back to him with Beta and live with him again.


Blue is more intelligent and cunning than her sisters. These traits most likely helped her become the leader of the pack.[1] These traits were reminiscent of a previous alpha raptor, the Big One. Unlike the Big One, however, Blue was capable of showing affection, kindness, generosity and loyalty. An example of this is when Owen removed her headset, she made affectionate noises towards him and defended him from the Indominus rex as well as the Indoraptor, even though both fights nearly killed her.[2] In Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Blue has a strong dislike for mercenaries, as she attacks three of them when they try to contain her. She is also able to express emotion, such as pain and empathy, which most of the other dinosaurs, except for Rexy, are unable to do in the Jurassic franchise. Eli Mills once commented that Blue is the second most intelligent creature on the planet. Blue seems to have learned an important lesson in the Jurassic World Incident about trusting any non-Velociraptor creature that speaks the raptor language, such as the Indominus rex, so she was immune to the manipulations of the Indoraptor while fighting him.[3]

In Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous, Blue is defensive of her hunting grounds around the old Jurassic Park Visitor Center and attacks the Camp Cretaceous campers for invading it. However, after they save her life, she appears to calm down before Kenji Kon accidentally infuriates her again. During the battle against the Scorpios rexes, Blue attacks the campers until Darius Bowman makes a submissive, yet pleasful, gesture towards her, causing Blue to recognize the campers as allies instead of enemies. Blue goes so far as to leap to their defense against the hybrids, helping to finally defeat the creatures. Blue once again shows her intelligence by following Darius' gaze to a falling piece of celling that threatens to crush her and then later by leading the Mantah Corp forces into a Dilophosaurus nest when they attack her, recognizing how outnumbered she is and outwitting her enemies rather than fighting them directly.

In Jurassic World: Dominion, Blue had been watching Owen, Claire, and Maisie from a distance in the woodlands of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, most likely just watching over her alpha, making sure that nothing bad ever happens to him since he's all she has left of her former pack, but also possibly learning from them in how to raise her sole offspring, Beta. While still loyal towards the three, including Owen, Blue still had her ferocious and predatory nature coupled with her protectiveness over Beta. When Beta was kidnapped by Biosyn, Blue became distressed and enraged, as she reappeared at their cabin roaring at them, informing them about what had happened. However, Owen managed to calm her down, vowing to bring Beta and Maisie back, whatever it took. Though still stressed, Blue understands and took Owen words seriously. When Owen did as he promised and reunited Beta with Blue, she exchanged looks with Owen one last time to thank him and say goodbye before the two Velociraptors ran off into the wilderness.[4]

Physical appearance[]

In the film canon, measuring approximately 3.9 meters long (13 feet) and 1.7 meters tall (5.6 feet)[5], Blue has bluish-gray skin with a white stripe with metallic blue in the middle going horizontally from her eye orbit, with one side has blue around the eye, while the other side’s stripe stop so at the head, down to the tip of her tail which the LEGO website states comes from the DNA of the black-throated African monitor lizard (Varanus albigularis microstictus) used in her creation. These dorsal patterns bear an uncanny similarity to the ones seen on the male raptors featured in Jurassic Park III.[2] As an infant, Blue has a lighter color of metallic blue in the center of her stripe, with a few dark gray spots on her bottom lip, and is more of a warm gray color. She also wore a blue bracelet.[6]

In Blue's LEGO depictions, she is sand green and dark green with her striping being a muted yellow instead of white. In LEGO Dimensions, Blue lacks her stripe. In Blue's LEGO Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom depictions, she is sea green and tan with her striping being white and a much darker blue color.

Hasbro's Jurassic World toy line is the only exception with most toys of Blue ironically having the color scheme dark green with a black horizontal stripe with no blue whatsoever.

Mattel's Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom toy line is the only toy line that is accurate to Blue's movie appearance. She is a stone gray color with a metallic blue stripe like in the movie. In some toys of her, she lacks her white striping or has a much brighter blue coloration, or contains a muted yellow underbelly.


Owen Grady[]

Owen is one of her trainers. Blue has a lot of respect for Owen so much she would not attack him, even after the I. rex briefly turned her against her human companions.[2] In Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Blue, even as an infant, recognizes Owen's position as leader,[6] and greatly looks up to him, and protects him from the Indoraptor, as she is present when he attempts to attack and kill him.[3] In Jurassic World: Dominion, Blue chooses to make her nest close to Owen's home and is seen observing him from a distance, apparently keeping an eye on her old friend while also possibly learning from them in raising her asexually produced offspring Beta. However, Owen appears to be unaware that Blue is living so close to him until Beta wanders onto his property. Despite her friendship with Owen, Blue does not take kindly to his or Maisie Lockwood's interactions with her daughter, possibly out of protectiveness. However, she still responds to Owen's attempts to calm her down with his old commands for her. After Beta's abduction, Blue is left so distressed and furious, that, while Owen promises to get Beta back for her, she doesn't respond too well, at first, to Owen's attempts to calm her down, and, without realizing, unintentionally slaps his outstretched hand down, but after finally realizing this, shocked and horrified by her own actions of unintentionally hurting her own alpha, something she vowed never to do, she retreats in shame. Owen later states several times that he is trying to save Beta because he promised his only surviving raptor that he would, even though several people are incredulous at the idea. When Owen returns Beta, Blue at first runs off with her daughter without acknowledging Owen at all. However, she returns a moment later and immediately does so by exchanging a look with Owen to thank him for saving Beta and say goodbye for now, until they see each other once more and forever one day.[4]

Barry Sembène[]

Barry is one of her trainers. Like with Owen, she has respect for Barry, as he is seen comforting Blue. However, after I. rex briefly turned her and her sisters against their human companions, Blue attacked Barry. However, after Barry shouted her name from inside the hollow log he was hiding in, she ceased her attack and peeked inside the log after recognizing his voice.[2]


Although they are not seen interacting much in the film, it is assumed that Blue and Echo cooperated with each other. In their youth, however, Blue and Echo fought for dominance over the pack. Blue was victorious, and Echo earned a scar across her face and an offset jaw. Nonetheless, Echo respected Blue and tried to avenge her after the Indominus rex seemingly killed her. Unfortunately, she was killed in the fight. Blue then avenged Echo's death by joining in the battle with Rexy and forced the I. rex towards the Jurassic World Lagoon, where the Mosasaurus lives.[2]


It can be assumed that Delta was Blue's second-in-command, as she and Delta can be seen communicating and working together many times throughout the film, such as when Leon fell into the Raptor paddock and Blue and Delta were the first to corner him. When the I. rex seemingly killed Blue, Delta tried to avenge her sister but was killed in the quarrel. Blue then avenged Delta's death by joining in the battle with Rexy, forcing the I. rex toward the Jurassic World Lagoon, where the Mosasaurus dragged the monster to its death.[2]


Because Blue is the oldest, while Charlie was the youngest in the pack, the latter looked to Blue for guidance and commands during hunts. Charlie had high respect for her sister that she gave up her meals to feed Blue. When Charlie was killed by an InGen soldier, Blue viciously attacked all humans she could find in retaliation.[2]


It can be assumed that Rexy the Tyrannosaurus and Blue had never met prior to the film, however, the two united against their common foe, the Indominus rex during the final battle on Isla Nublar. Blue saved the Rexy's life and fought by her side during the battle. During that moment, she briefly allowed Blue to ride on her back. After they killed the I. rex with help from the park's Mosasaurus, Rexy spares Blue's life (despite having a previously unpleasant encounter with Velociraptors during the first movie), presumably due to Blue's assistance in fighting the hybrid.[2]


When Darius, Kenji and Yasmina first encounter Blue in the old Visitor Center, Blue chases them. However, after being crushed under the car, Darius feels bad and convinces Yasmina and Kenji to save her. After freeing her, Blue immediately readies herself to attack, but Darius takes a stance similar to Owen Grady, which causes Blue to recognize his actions to be the same as her former trainer's. She briefly views Darius in a similar light and calms down, until Kenji alerts her with his quarters' presence. Blue snaps back to her aggressive state, causing the group to run, though Blue does not chase after them this time.[7]

Later on, the six campers encounter Blue while running away from the Scorpios rex. Blue chases them into the old Visitor Center. When Darius sneaks away to steal back his dart gun in order to shoot the Scorpios Rex, Blue stops him from taking it back, clearly wary. Darius then stands back, showing that Blue can trust him. Now, realizing she can trust Darius, Blue protects the campers by attacking the two Scorpios rexes. She shares one last look with Darius, before escaping the crumbling Visitor Center and, after observing the destruction, running off into the wild.[8]


After Blue was released into the wild, she asexually-reproduced and raised her only offspring, Beta, living in the abandoned bus and training her to become a dominate predator; i.e. hunting, killing, etc. Although Blue loves her daughter, she is also a tad-bit over-protective of Beta. When Beta met Maisie Lockwood, Blue became a bit hostile towards her and even Owen, despite her history with him.




Along with the other Raptors, Blue started training when she was very young, and her submission was unprecedented.

Blue was created by InGen for the IBRIS Project sometime before 2015,[2] and was the first Velociraptor to be created for the latest pack. She was created with the DNA of the Black-throated monitor lizard, which allowed her scales to reflect an iridescent blue color, giving her the distinctive pattern that she was named after.[1] Out of all the raptors that were to be created following her birth, she was the largest.[9][1] When she was born, Owen Grady imprinted on her, which allowed him to train her.[2] During her youth, she and Echo engaged in a fight for dominance over their pack, of which Blue was the victor.[1][9][6]

Jurassic World Incident[]

"She's the beta."
Owen Grady(src)

Just before the incident occurred, Blue, Echo, Delta, and Charlie attempted to strike Leon, a newly hired Jurassic World employee who had fallen into her pack's paddock, while trying to capture a pig that had escaped its holding pen. However, they were thwarted by their trainer in time to save Leon's life.[2]

Blue and her pack later assisted their trainer during the rampage of the genetic hybrid Indominus rex when Vic Hoskins, Jurassic World's head of security, forced Owen to use them to hunt it. Unfortunately, during the hunt, she and her pack mates began to communicate with the hybrid due to its raptor DNA. After the Indominus took Owen's place as the alpha, Blue and her pack mates turned against the humans. Her pack attacked many of the humans that had followed them, including Barry, who took refuge in a hollow log just before Blue lunged at him and began to viciously attack him through it. Conflicted about whether he should shoot her or not, Barry yelled her name, causing her to stop and look inside. At this point, Owen intervened and whistled to get Blue's attention, stopping her from possibly resuming her attack on Barry. She ended up chasing after Owen, who drove off on his motorcycle, to try and attack him.[2]

Blue and the rest of her pack later caught up with Owen, Claire Dearing, and the Mitchell brothers, Zach and Gray, on Main Street. Shortly after being cornered, Owen regained Blue's, and the other raptors', respect and his role as pack leader. The Indominus rex arrived, and ordered the raptors to attack the humans. Blue, however, retaliated and rebelled against the Indominus, and the hybrid responded by swatting Blue into a wall of the Starbucks coffee shop, seemingly killing her. Delta and Echo then attacked the Indominus out of vengeance. Unfortunately, they were soon overpowered by the hybrid and killed. Shortly after their deaths, Rexy; Jurassic World's resident Tyrannosaur joined the fight.[2]

Later, Blue regained consciousness and rejoined the fight, lunging at the hybrid and allowing Rexy to get back on her feet after she was pushed to the ground by the Indominus rex when it was preparing the killing blow for her. Blue continued to assist Rexy in her fight against the hybrid. At one point, Blue rode on Rexy's back while she smashed the I. rex into one of Main Street's buildings. Eventually, the Mosasaurus dragged the Indominus into the bottom of the lagoon when the hybrid was tossed to the edge of it. After the fight, Rexy decides to spare Blue, as gratitude for saving her life, despite her unpleasant encounter with raptors in the past. Blue then turned towards Owen, chirping at him momentarily before disappearing into the night, calling out for her pack mates.[2]

Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous[]

Season 1[]

Blue in the series

In the end of “Camp Cretaceous” and the beginning of “Secrets”, Blue was seen trying to attack Darius and Kenji after they snuck in to the Raptors Paddock mistaking it for the Compsognathus Paddock , but failed due to Dave and Roxie’s rescue. Darius shared one last look with her before being led back to camp.

In “End of the Line”, Blue was among the dinosaurs roaming free around the newly abandoned Isla Nublar.

Season 2[]


She made another appearance in season 2 of Camp Cretaceous in “A Beacon of Hope”, roaming the underground tunnels.

She later made another appearance in “Step One”, returning to her old paddock after the power turned back on, and swiftly left again.

Blue made another, and more significant appearance at the watering hole in “Chaos Theory”, joining the other dinosaurs there for a drink. She was going to be the first victim of big game hunters Tiff and Mitch, until the campers alerted Blue and the other dinosaurs of their presence, causing a stampede of dinosaurs with Blue among them.

Season 3[]

Blue in the old Jurassic Park Visitor Center

Blue makes a main appearance in “Clever Girl,” having been hunting the Compsognathus groups back to their hideout in the Jurassic Park Visitors Center while Darius, Yazmina, and Kenji were inside. The trio was initially able to successfully hide from Blue as they attempted to retrieve their compass, and Blue retreated into the shadows. Recognizing Blue as one of the raptors they saw on their first night at camp, Darius and Kenji deduced that Blue must have been nesting there now. However, the moment they tried to leave, Blue came out from the shadows to confront them. She gave chase to them until they hid in a rundown car from her. They assumed her to have left and correctly deduced her pack was gone judging by her current status, only for her to attack the moment they felt safe. Escaping in the car, the campers were chased by Blue until the car flipped over on her, trapping her in between. The Compies from earlier then appeared to eat the trapped Velociraptor. Taking pity on Blue and empathizing with her for being just as alone as they were on the island, Darius and the others chased the Compies off and lifted the car off of her. After freeing her, Blue immediately readies herself to attack, until Darius takes a stance similar to Owen, causing Blue to recognize his actions to be the same as her former trainer’s. She briefly views Darius in a similar manner and steps away until Kenji tosses her a coin, causing the group to run off after Blue snapped back into her aggressive state. This marks her second official encounter with the campers from Camp Cretaceous (not counting the watering hole incident since they didn’t officially meet each other there).

Blue vs Scorpios Rex

In “Escape From Isla Nublar”, Darius and Ben sneak back into the Jurassic Park’s Visitors Center and mention their hopes to not run into Blue, referring to her as “the blue raptor,” since they didn’t learn her name before. After they escape the Scorpios rex attack, Blue returns to her home and attacks the rest of the campers by cornering them in her home, trapping them between her and the newly arrived Scorpios rex, much to Blue’s confusion. When Darius sneaks away to grab his dart gun, but Blue stops him from taking it back, clearly wary, only for Darius to once again stand back, showing that Blue can trust him. Now recognizing Darius as someone to be trusted, Blue protects them by attacking both the Scorpios rexes. The fight ends when the kids collapse the roof on the dinosaurs, killing both hybrids while Blue flees with the kids. She shares one last look with Darius before escaping the crumbling Visitors Center and, after observing the destruction, flees into the wild.

Season 5[]

Blue S5 E6

In "Out of the Pack", Kenji Kon leads his father, Hawkes, Lewis Dodgson, and several others to the ruins of the old Visitor's Center in an attempt to find and capture Blue. The mercenaries find no sign of Blue, but Kenji points out that this is her territory and she knows where to hide. Hawkes makes noise in a successful effort to draw Blue out, but she quickly flees chased by the mercenaries when they begin firing tranquilizer darts at Blue. Blue leads the group right into a Dilophosaurus nest and watches from a distance as they fight off the other dinosaurs before she departs. As a result of Blue's trick, the group loses track of her.

Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous: Hidden Adventure[]

After the campers escaped Tarbosaurus territory and Chaos and Limbo, they see in a chamber that Darius found the Tarbosaurus nest, in which he found old recordings of the ratorps before the Jurassic World Incident. They discover that a man, named Hal Brimford, had been stealing food stocks. The footage reveals that Brimford attempted to give a letter to Owen Grady, which the cameraman joked about and threw it into the pen.

The campers head over to Blue's enclosure and the viewer can decide whether or not to bring Bumpy with. When the campers go in her enclosure they successfully find the note on the spot where it had been thrown. Unfortunately for the campers, Blue was in her enclosure at the same time and attacks the campers. If Bumpy is there, she will distract and fight the raptor with Ben on her back and will allow the campers to escape. If she is not, then Darius uses the camera and plays the sounds of Charlie, Echo and Delta to distract her. Blue, enraged with grief, destroys the camera. When she turns her attention back to the campers, they already had left.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom[]

"Hey, girl. You miss me?"
—Owen, reuniting with Blue(src)

It is revealed that Blue is still alive, but she and many other creatures will now face an impending danger, in the form of an erupting volcano. She is also revealed to be the last of her species by Eli Mills. Claire explains that Blue can pick up the scent of a human a mile away making her difficult to catch.[3]

At the beginning of the movie, it shows Owen Grady watching a training video of him, and her pack as infants on a computer.


Three years after the fall of Jurassic World, Blue found Owen again.

During the rescue mission, Blue reunites with Owen at her nesting ground, which is next to the damaged Explorer 04. Owen attempt to rekindle his bond with her, as it is evident that Blue is wary and defensive at first, before she begins to recognize him and attempts to touch his palm with her nose before Ken Wheatley and his team of mercenaries attempt to capture the dinosaur via tranquilizing her. Blue, infuriated by this, ends up attacking the nearest mercenary, only to have him fire his sidearm at her before he dies, mortally wounding Blue, and incapacitating her. After Blue is subdued, she's loaded into a cage, and taken to the East Dock where all the dinosaurs are being taken to be transported off of the island and to the mainland to be sold at the Lockwood Manor.[3]

Inside the ship, it is revealed that Zia Rodriguez, after explaining to Wheatley that she is the only one that can keep Blue alive after she is wounded, is desperately trying to slow the bleeding of Blue's wound until they reach the mainland so she can treat her injuries with the proper equipment. Owen, Claire and Franklin reunite with them and witness the horrible condition Blue is in, as she is hemorrhaging, and in immense pain. Owen attempts to comfort Blue, as Zia explains she is unable to remove the bullet without a transfusion from another of the carnivorous dinosaurs on board with two or three fingers. Zia and Franklin end up staying behind with Blue, as Owen and Claire venture out to use blood from the sleeping T. rex to use for Blue's transfusion.[3]

Once they return, Zia gives the blood to Blue, via an IV, while Claire puts pressure on her wound. Zia uses a surgical knife to create an incision in her leg in order to reach the bullet with a pair of tweezers. She successfully removes the bullet, and ends up saving her life.[3]

Meanwhile, at the lower level of the Lockwood Manor, Maisie Lockwood ends up sneaking inside Henry Wu's lab, and ends up watching training videos of Owen with Delta and Blue.[3]

When the captive dinosaurs are brought to the mainland, Blue is taken to Wu's lab, and is locked inside a cage, as she is not to be auctioned off like the other dinosaurs. Zia is also taken to Wu's lab, and is handcuffed to the bars after refusing to cooperate after she told Wheatley to "take his own damn [blood samples]" when he asked for samples of Blue's blood when the boat arrived at the dock.[3]

After the Indoraptor's escape, Henry Wu has Franklin, who is disguised as a geneticist, to get equipment for him to take blood samples from Blue, who is angrily pacing in her cage, which would help him create a new line of Indoraptors who would inherit her traits, and recognize her as leader. As Wu gets increasingly frustrated with Zia for not helping, she breaks the news to him that Blue's pure genome had been contaminated with the DNA from the T. rex from the blood transfusion, which further infuriates him. Before he can do anything about it, Franklin ends up subduing him by stabbing him in the neck with a tranquilizer, which was actually meant for Blue in order to prevent her from attacking while her blood was drawn. As Zia is uncuffed by Franklin, she attempts to escape and find Owen and Claire. Unfortunately, her plan backfires when two guards rush into the room to prevent them from escaping. Zia, with no other option, ends up freeing Blue, who then attacks the guards, providing enough time for the two DPG members to escape. When a tank of flammable gas is struck by a stray bullet, Blue bolts out of the lab, just as it explodes behind her, causing a tank of hydrogen cyanide to leak gas into the entire downstairs.[3]

Blue ends up reaching the upper levels of the manor, and confronts the Indoraptor, just as he prepares to attack Owen in Maisie Lockwood's bedroom. She and the hybrid are locked into a brutal battle, with Blue being thrown around by the stronger dinosaur, as her teeth and claws barely phase the bloodthirsty dinosaur from surrendering.[3]

The Indoraptor shoves Blue out the window, and after falling down on the roof, continues to pursue Owen and Maisie until he corners them atop a skylight. After barely surviving a fall through the broken glass of the skylight, the Indoraptor is ambushed from behind by Blue, who had survived her own fall out the window, except in a different direction. When she pounces on him, both dinosaurs fall through the skylight, with the Indoraptor being impaled by the sharp horns of the Agujaceratops skull in the center of Benjamin Lockwood's fossil room, and Blue surviving the fall. She stands atop the hybrid's body, giving a loud cry of victory, before jumping off and running outside the manor.[3]

After Maisie releases the dinosaurs from the hydrogen cyanide leak within the manor's basement, Blue approaches Owen, visibly injured from the fight between her and the Indoraptor. He strokes her muzzle and tells her he can take her to a sanctuary where no one would find her and where she would be protected. Blue, however, makes gentle clicking noises before running towards freedom, pausing only once to look back at her trainer, preferring to be free like the other dinosaurs instead of being locked in a cage again.[3]

At the end of the movie, Blue is seen overlooking a suburban California neighborhood while calling out four times into the early morning, signifying that dinosaurs and humans must now co-exist with each other.[3]

Jurassic World: Dominion[]

"Hey, girl. Staying out of trouble?"
—Owen Grady to Blue(src)
JWD trailer Owen & Maisie meets Blue & Beta

After four years, Owen and Maisie encounter Blue and meet Beta

In the four years since the 2018 Dinosaur Outbreak, Blue has settled in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and has had a daughter named Beta through asexual reproduction due to the monitor lizard DNA used in Blue's creation. Blue's nest is located in an old bus close to where Owen Grady is living with Claire Dearing and Maisie Lockwood and, although the humans appear to be unaware that Blue is living close by, she is seen observing them from a distance. Blue attempts to hunt a rabbit with her daughter but the small mammal is killed by a solitary wolf. The raptors then attack and kill the wolf, while their roars can be heard next to Owen's home.[4]

One day, Beta wanders onto Owen's property where Maisie attempts to make friends with her before an agitated Blue shows up, none too pleased by her daughter's or Maisie's actions. Owen manages to calm his only surviving raptor down, before she runs off into the woods with Beta. However, Blue and Beta are ambushed by poachers led by Rainn Delacourt who kidnap Maisie and Beta and run Blue off of the road. Enraged by her daughter's kidnapping, Blue returns to Owen's home where she informs him about what has happened in her agitated state with Blue even striking down his outstretched hand, leaving it with a slash mark. Nonetheless, Owen manages to calm Blue down again and promises her that he will bring Beta back to her before Blue runs off again.[4]

Upon rescuing Beta, Owen, Claire, and Maisie bring her daughter back to her and they reunite before running off into the wilderness. After a moment, Blue returns alone and looks at Owen one last time to thank him for saving Beta and apologizes to him for her actions earlier before saying goodbye and returning back to the wilderness.[4]

Other appearances[]

Jurassic World: The Ride[]

Blue appears as one of the supporting dinosaur characters in this ride. Here, she is sent by Owen to help rescue the riders. When the boat enters a dark hall and makes a turn, Blue appears and guides the riders to an exit, only for the Indominus rex to beat both parties during their escape.



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