Roberta "Bobby" Carter worked at a clinic building in the fishing village Bahía Anasco as a first aid employer at the beginning of the events of Jurassic Park.

Jurassic Park (novel)

Bobby studied two years at the Michael Reese Hospital in Chicago. After that she went to work two months at the small hospital in the village Bahía Anasco. Her assistant was the skilled Manuel Aragón. When three weeks passed, Ed Regis unexpectedly brought an injured worker, possibly Jophery, to the hospital. Ed Regis claimed that the boy was injured during a construction accident, but Bobby determined from the wounds that the boy was mauled by a wild animal. After Bobby thew Ed out of the room, she took photographs of the wounds. The boy muttered, what sounded to Bobby, like lo sa raptor before his death. She did not know that the boy actually meant Velociraptor. Manuel seemed to think that the boy meant a Hupia, faceless vampires that steal away children, and he would have nothing to do with the boy from then on. When the helicopter that had brought Regis and the boy departed, she discovered that the camera, with which she photographed the wounds, had been stolen.

Even after the helicopter had gone, Bobby still wondered what a 'raptor' was. She asked the another employee, Elena Morales, what the word meant, because she thought that it was a Spanish word. But Elena's guesses made no sense to her. When Bobby looked up 'raptor' in the English dictionary she got another definition entirely: "raptor \ n [deriv. of L. raptor plunderer, fr. Raptus]: bird of prey."


The surname Carter was used in The Lost World: Jurassic Park for the character Carter. It might be an allusion to Bobby Carter.

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