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Brandon Bowman is the older brother of Darius Bowman, the adoptive brother of Kenji Kon and the first son of Fredrick Bowman and is a recurring character in the Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous series. Darius sometimes calls him "Brand" for short.

Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous

Season 1

He often teased his brother over his obsessive interest in dinosaurs, particularly his love of the Jurassic World video game. He disliked the Dr. Meriwether character, insisting his name ought to be "dinner" due to his tendency to get killed. Beside this Brandon cares for his brother very much and allows him to do what he wants to try to make his dream to come true. To win a journey to Jurassic World.

Season 3

Darius mentions to his brother Brooklynn that he was often the victim of Brand's pranks.

Season 4

Brandon reappears when he learns that Darius is alive, and sets out to rescue his brother after Darius tried to call him from Kash's phone.

Season 5

Brandon joins forces with Dave, Roxie, and later Mae Turner to rescue Darius and his friends. Following the defeat of Mantah Corp, the four reach Mantah Corp Island where Brandon is finally reunited with his little brother. Brandon expresses his pride in Darius' actions and assures him that their father would be too. After returning to the mainland, Brandon joins his mother in welcoming Kenji Kon to the family at Darius' request.

Two years later, Brandon remains close to Darius and is shown to have developed a close bond with his new brother Kenji as well.


  • During the Season 5 trailer, a person is shown arriving on Isla Nublar, meaning that Brandon Bowman will return in Season 5 to rescue his brother.
  • The deep bond Brandon has with his little brother is proved once again in the fourth season when a photo of him and Darius is seen were Brandon jokey cares Darius on his back.
  • Brandon is older than any of the kids in the Nublar Six.



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