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Brave is the fifth episode of the second season in the Netflix series, Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous. The episode was released on January 22, 2021.


The campers reunite with a long-lost friend, who shares an inspiring story — then reveals that Mitch, Tiff and Hap aren't who they seem.

Plot Summary[]

Time resets back to when Ben Pincus fell from Darius Bowman's grip. As he falls, he's attacked by Pteranodons, but they do end up reducing his fall and he ultimately survives, although he gets knocked out by the impact. Later, Bumpy wakes him up and drives off the smaller Compsognathus dinosaurs, but Ben, faced with the enormity of being on his own without a map or food, promptly passes out once more. Waking once more, he tries to continue with the plan to activate the distress beacon, but cannot find his way or climb a tree to look for landmarks. As he wanders, trying to find his way, he keeps encountering things that frighten him, forcing him to turn back each time.


Toro guards the way

At last, he finds a road that leads all the way back to Main Street and the port; however, it is guarded by Toro, who tries to kill Ben. Ben and Bumpy only survive by hiding beneath a large rock shelf, so Toro returns to the wide open space it guarded before. With every direction leading somewhere frightening, Ben spends the night at the crossroads in terror, unable to move in any direction. The next morning is a bit better, with Bumpy showing him a patch of berries that are good to eat, and water that's good to drink.

The days blur together for Ben in this fashion, with Bumpy waking him in the morning, leading him to food, leading him to water, and leading him back to the crossroads. There, Bumpy always steals the bed he made for himself, frustrating Ben, but rather than make a new bed he simply sleeps upright every night. Repeat, ad nauseam, until eventually Ben lashes out and drives Bumpy away for stealing his bed. Ben regrets this decision almost immediately, but cannot find Bumpy anymore.

Closing in

Compsognathus closing in

Abandoned, Ben goes through the routine once more, but notices a steadily increase number of Compsognathus as the day goes on. Back at the crossroads he sobs, alone, even as a storm comes and a herd of Compsognathus close in on him. At the last moment, Ben finally snaps and screams at the dinosaurs, frightening them away. This event becomes a kind of rite of passage for Ben, because the next day he becomes more self-reliant, wild-looking, and even fashions a spear for himself — to hunt Toro.

He takes his spear and faces off against Toro, and holds his own fairly well initially, nearly stabbing the dinosaur several times. However, things go wrong when he gets disarmed. He's nearly eaten by Toro when suddenly, Bumpy, now fully grown, rushes out of the bush and slams into Toro. Bumpy continues attacking Toro while Ben recovers his spear and joins in. Together, Ben and Bumpy drive Toro back and back, until Toro falls off a cliff.


Ben overhears the hunters

Victorious and jubilant, Ben walks off with Bumpy, and eventually notices Mitch and Tiff's campsite off in the distance. He even finds Kenji's knife, so he proceeds with caution, and eventually spots Mitch himself, discussing with Tiff and Hap, which rouses Ben's suspicions and alerts him to his friends' location.

Characters and Cast[]