When they reach the Visitors Center, they find that the Bravo team have been killed, but not by dinosaurs, but instead by gun fire. Oscar and Yoder head inside the Visitors Center, only to find one of the men from the Bravo team, Vargas, has gone crazy. Oscar and Vargas engage in a gunfight, while Yoder uses the cameras in the control room to tell Oscar where Vargas is. Soon, Oscar shoots Vargas in the shoulder to stop him from running around the place. Yoder and Oscar are unsure what the matter is with him, but decide to go look at the cameras to see if they can found out what happened. Whilst Yoder spots something he can't quite make out, he spots two people being held at gunpoint, exiting the Visitors Center. Soon, the wounded Vargas is devoured by the dinosaurs. Yoder and Oscar leave the Visitor Center, with Yoder telling D-Caf to start the engine, for they are getting out of there.


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