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Brooklynn is one of the four tritagonists (alongside Ben Pincus, Sammy Gutierrez and Yasmina Fadoula) of the Netflix series Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous and the overarching protagonist of Jurassic World: Chaos Theory. She was 13 years old during the events of Camp Cretaceous and is 20 years old during the events of Chaos Theory. She became Kenji Kon's girlfriend in the first series but ended. She became Darius Bowman's love interest in Chaos Theory. In Camp Cretaceous, her voice was played by Jenna Ortega, but in Chaos Theory her voice changed to Kiersten Kelly.

She was presumed dead in Chaos Theory, supposedly dying to an Allosaurus. However, at the end of Season 1, it is revealed that she is still alive, but she lost her left hand to the Allosaurus, cut most of her hair and went into hiding.


Past Life[]

She is likely American due to her accent. However, she used to live in London, the capital of the United Kingdom. She learned how to fix radios and cars and other things like that with her fathers. At some point in her life (although possibly during the time she was ten), Brooklynn became a vlogger, traveling the world and gaining sponsors to make interesting videos and her followers are known as "Brooklanders" which also includes Sammy Gutierrez. As a student, Brooklynn never went to high school and was taught only by online tutors. Before going to Isla Nublar, Brooklynn had had already been on various adventures, such as climbing Mount Everest, and diving with hammerhead sharks, one of which she said she hit one in Hawaii, possibly to avoid getting bitten by it.

Darius nicknames her "Superstar".

Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous[]

Season 1[]

"Camp Cretaceous"[]

At some point in 2015, Brooklynn acquired VIP tickets to Camp Cretaceous, an adventure camp on the Northern end of Isla Nublar that was not open to the general public yet. She had acquired the spot by being a famous social media personality, and was focused on getting content for her social media, usually interviewing other kids. Arriving at Isla Nublar and the camp, all the campers ride the zip line over the herd of dinosaurs.

Brooklynn then sneaks away with Darius and Kenji to the Raptor Paddock to what they assumed to be the Compsognathus pen. When they enter, Kenji and Brooklynn fight over the phone, causing it to fall inside the compound. Darius tries to warn Kenji that it's not the pen, then Brooklynn tries to open the enclosure after Velociraptors attack Kenji and Darius.


After Dave and Roxie rescue the children, Brooklynn's account contradicts theirs, so they are warned that they will be punished if another incident occurs. Eventually, Darius and Kenji were tasked with shoveling up dinosaur excrement for sneaking into the Raptor Paddock and putting themselves in danger. Since Brooklynn was involved but not actually going to the paddock, she only received a stern warning. He arrives at the Genetics Laboratory, where they are introduced to Dr. Henry Wu. Dr. Wu initially stops Brooklynn from recording in the lab. However, Brooklynn plays on Wu's insecurity about being in the shadow of Masrani and Hammond to convince him to allow it. Brooklynn interviews Wu while he introduces himself for his blog and shows her around the lab. Later, when they notice that an egg is breaking, Brooklynn records and notices that the baby Ankylosaurus, Bumpy named by Ben has a very small horn. Although told that Wu's office is private, Brooklynn tries to sneak into it, but runs into Sammy.

Brooklynn sneaks into the office to try to search the contents of his lab. As it does so it tries to view your files, clicking classified triggers an alarm and the computer shuts down. However, she finds documents referring to the 'Indominus Rex', before Wu discovers her. Wu forces the rest of the group to leave after this incident and they return to the camp.

"The Cattle Drive"[]

That night, she is among the group listening to campfire stories, before the rain forces them inside. The next morning, the campers drive the gyrospheres with the herd. Brooklynn hangs out with Darius in his gyrosphere, though she is initially too distracted by the loss of her social media following to strike up a conversation with him. Initially planning to stay where she was, Darius persuades Brooklynn to help bring a lone Sinoceratops to their enclosure. The other campers lack of coordination causes the Sinoceratops to push Darius and Brooklynn's gyrosphere into the herd, causing a stampede.

Darius and Brooklynn get separated from the group and encounter the reclusive Sinoceratops. They briefly exit the gyrosphere to try to get closer to it, but quickly re-enter it, just before it attacks them. They quickly get stuck in a mud and slowly sink as the group discovers them. Just when it looks like they will drown, the group manage to attach a vine through a hole in the gyrosphere to the Sinoceratops, using its strength to help pull the vehicle out. The campers are immediately found by Dave and Roxie, who proceed to admonish them for their actions and the danger they were in. That night, while Brooklynn is editing one of her videos, she discovers that she has inadvertently filmed Sammy, taking a sample from the Sinoceratops, and Sammy realized that.

"Things Fall Apart" (Jurassic World Incident)[]

The next day, Brooklynn realizes that her phone is missing, and confronts the other campers accusing Sammy, but Yasmina defends her. The group is distracted by the sound of a dinosaur and decide to head to the observation tower to try to determine where the roar is coming from. The campers successfully enter the tower, after Brooklynn uses a buckle to pick the lock and climb up, apparently relieved to see that it was just a Brachiosaurus. At that moment two employees arrive and warn them to come down. Initially refusing because they do not understand them, the children watch in horror as the Indominus rex ambushes and kills the two men. When the hybrid attacks the tower, the group tries to use the zip line to escape, but the emergency brake activates, leaving them stranded in the center. The Indominus manages to bring down the tower, along with the line, causing the campers, including Brooklynn, to fall to the ground. The campers wake up after being briefly disoriented and run back to the camp, only to see that it has been destroyed. Brooklynn confronts and accuses Sammy again in front of the group, demanding her phone back and revealing her previous forays into park security. After some deliberation and discussion, the group decides to head towards the park's Main Street to seek help.

"Happy Birthday, Eddie!"[]

As they walk, Brooklynn continues to accuse Sammy of stealing her phone. The group then finds a van and decides to use it to get to the genetics laboratory, but shortly after they are attacked by the Indominus. They manage to evade him and eventually find and seek refuge in the laboratory, encountering scientist Eddie, who had gone so crazy with fear that he had tried to escape from the island and the children in the van. The Indominus rex pushes the truck off the road and devours the guy, while the gang escapes to their abandoned vehicle. But while they were trying to leave, Brooklynn's phone falls out of Sammy's pocket, which catches everyone's attention, including Yaz, causing the truck to crash.

"Welcome to Jurassic World"[]

Eventually, Sammy reveals that she is a Mantah Corp spy and was sent to spy on the park. The campers then run to the safety of the Kayak River by the Pteranodons. While rowing down the river towards the main park, Brooklynn tries to blame her situation on Sammy, however, Kenji responds that their situation could have been the same anyway. The group is then sucked into a side tunnel by a strong current, which expels them into the Mosasaur Lagoon. The Mosasaur begins to surround them, even as the children quickly paddle to safety. Kenji and Brooklynn reach the safety ladder, although the rest of the group is still too far away. Brooklynn watches as Yasmina creates a distraction so Sammy and Darius can safely reach the platform, even as Kenji rescues her with the feeder controls. While the campers take a break, Brooklynn repairs the fences with Sammy for her stolen and broken phone.

"Last Day of Camp"[]

Brooklynn and the other campers try to reach the monorail, before being stopped by the Carnotaurus Toro. The group carefully surrounds the dinosaur and begins to climb the stairs. When Bumpy accidentally kicks an empty coffee cup, Brooklynn silently fights to stop the trash from making a noise. She, among the others, climbed the stairs and boarded the monorail train, away from danger.

Brooklynn and the others toasted at their leisure before noticing a flock of agitated Pteranodons swarming around them, due to the light and speed of the vehicle. She and the others turn off the lights and try to divert the train before it speeds toward a downed monorail. They managed to change the route thanks to Ben, but he was caught by a Pteranodon.

"End of the Line"[]

When Ben falls, and thinking he is gone they all jump, somehow surviving the hard landing, and scatter from Bumpy. They then take the underground tunnels to reach the docks, confused by the now blocked passages, they are lost. Brooklynn found a Taser in a locker and gave it to Yaz as a cane by her ankle. They hid from Tonto, who seems to torment the group once again. They were cornered in a closed loading dock and decided to blow up the Carnotaurus with a box full of compressed air, hand sanitizers, and the use of the Taser gun.

The initial attempt failed, causing Brooklynn and the campers to go into hiding. When Darius throws the Taser into another pile of compressed air, they explode, causing the dinosaur to suffer severe burns. The dinosaur limps away and they saw that they made a hole, and they finally reach the docks. Except for the fact that they had missed the last evacuation exit. The last shot of Brooklyn and the gang shows them aimlessly wandering around Nublar, looking for a place to try and survive.

Season 2[]

"A Beacon of Hope"[]

Brooklynn and Sammy help carry Yaz as they ran away from the dinosaurs and finally reached Main Street. There, Brooklynn found a camera with which she records for her followers, lazing around on the first day of searching for communication devices. The next day, everyone locates a distress beacon in the T. rex Kingdom, so Darius and Kenji invade the lair while Rexy is away. However, when Rexy returns, Brooklynn uses a cutout of herself that was used for marketing in Jurassic World and the camera to distract him, allowing Darius to activate the beacon.

"The Art of Chill"[]

When they return to the ruins of Camp Cretaceous, to build a fort, Darius trusts Brooklynn with his expertise in building a shelter, as she did with a barn-building video that Sammy loved. Then Brooklynn accompanied Darius and Sammy to look for medical supplies and food. While looking at a Stegosaurus plaque on the ground, Brooklynn hears a humming noise that makes her ask the group if they hear anything, but no one else hears the noise. Upon arriving at the clinic, the children discover that there are caged dinosaurs and decide to free them. At that moment they notice that there is a caged Baryonyx, which is very aggressive when they approach it. Sammy and Darius disagree on whether to release him or leave him. While they argue, Brooklynn hears the noise again but it is ignored.

Eventually, she follows her ear to find another Baryonyx, who chases her back to the medical station. She yells for the others to run and another corners her and Darius on top of a cage. Sammy releases other dinosaurs to distract the carnivores and allow everyone to flee back to camp. There he heard the strange noise again: a grove of frozen flowers in the center.

"The Watering Hole"[]

Brooklynn finds a strange folder

Still insisting that everyone go back to look for the flowers, Brooklynn convinces Sammy and Yasmina to come with her, although she can't relate to her high school experiences as they search. They finally find the flowers and a vent underneath, which means electricity and air conditioning, so they continue searching, this time with a more common topic that they talk about a television series she has seen called "Esther Stone", of which it turns out Brooklynn is a fan. They finally find the genetics lab, there when they find a photo of Eddie, Brooklynn theorizes that he could have been working for Mantah Corp. But they see that the Baryonyx Trio entered and Sammy called them Chaos, Grim and Limbo. While trying to avoid them Brooklynn finds a manilla folder with the number "E750" that she recognizes from Wu's computer. But when they see them, she loses the folder, although luckily Sammy recovered it.


After Mitch, Tiff, and Hap saved the campers, they took them to their camp. As they enjoy a proper meal, Brooklynn tried to strike up a conversation with Hap about his travels, but he harshly reprimanded her, and when she drops her keycard, Hap picks it up and starts looking at it before dropping it. Brooklynn becomes suspicious of him and tried to break into his yurt, but this caused the alarm to go off and almost resulted in a fight. Darius tried to make her back off, but she refuses and accidentally offended him, so Darius, Yaz, and Sammy leave her to go see dinosaurs with Mitch and Tiff. Brooklynn tries to break into Hap's yurt again, but is caught and detained. She then pretended to sleep and ran away with Kenji once Hap was distracted. Hap chases them and corners them, but ends up knocked out by Ben with Bumpy now an adult, surprising Brooklynn and Kenji.


Brooklynn decided to try Hap's story that he was trying to help them and that there was a ship in the harbor, but he insists that he stay tied up. She led everyone to the storage unit he indicated and used her key card to get in just before the Baryonyx Trio could catch them. There, he finds a motorcycle and rides it alongside Bumpy in the middle of an explosion to distract the Baryonyx. She tried to shake the Baryonyx, and Ben even tries to move it away a little, but can't make much distance between them. At Hap's urging, they untied him and he fought back against the dinosaurs, but he quickly realized they couldn't escape, so he jumped off the motorcycle and sacrificed himself to stop the Baryonyx trio long enough for Brooklynn and Kenji. would escape. At night, they bump into Yaz, who informs them that Darius will be forced to take Mitch and Tiff to kill the dinosaurs.

"Step One"[]

Everyone enters the tunnels to try to get to Main Street in time to help Darius and Sammy, but a door blocks their way, Brooklynn heard the strange sound again and found a strange door. Using his key card again, he opened it, seeing that this entire hallway is very cold, he guided everyone down to finally discover a control room. Kenji restores the power and after a while, Brooklynn and everyone else managed to master the controls enough to reactivate a hologram of a T. rex which distracts Rexy long enough for Darius and Sammy to escape. Brooklynn then contacted them over the speakers and learned that the hunters were going to the watering hole.

"Chaos Theory"[]

Darius tasked Brooklynn to monitor the island and inform the others where everyone is, acting as their eyes and ears. He also reactivated the electric fences and briefly fried Tiff. When Darius asked how he could get ahead of the hunters, she readily provided him with the information and then asked him his plan; However, he had no plan and just wanted to be a hero. Brooklynn wouldn't have this, she frantically checks the cameras, and sees a closed door that says E750, before seeing a gyrosphere to use to get to the watering hole and run over the hunters. She came out and started berating Darius, and the hunters stood up, but she was really just entertaining them so the other campers could chase the dinosaurs away from the watering hole. As the hunters watch in shock, Darius and Brooklynn pile into the gyrosphere and flee, only for Darius to crash it. The hunters catch up to them, but soon flee as the dinosaur stampede approaches, crashing into the gyrosphere and sending it flying. Eventually, the sphere was reactivated and they sped away towards the docks, but Tiff gets there first and drives away, declaring that they will never leave the island. Brooklynn and Darius return and meet up with the other campers and join in a group hug. Then they decide to find their way off the island.


"Hidden Adventure"[]

Season 3[]

"View from the Top"[]

The season begins with Brooklynn and the other campers on the makeshift raft they created in an attempt to escape the island, when they are swept back by the wave, and return to camp with the others. The campers discuss their previous failed escape plans, including Brooklynn's plan to return to the tunnels and look for a phone. When Kenji suggests they go to Lookout Point to find hang gliders, she goes with him too. Brooklynn shares a gondola cabin with Yaz on the way up, something that both girls find very annoying. They fight over which of them had a more difficult childhood, and somehow come to the conclusion that both of their childhoods were exploited by numbers, whether it be internet followers or backgrounds. When they reach the top, Yaz leaves Brooklynn to go find a rock to break the lock holding the hang gliders, while Brooklynn successfully unlocks the gliders. The Dimorphodons attack and Brooklynn and Yaz escape on one of the hang gliders. Fortunately, the attack and his escape really bring them together. The campers find Tiff and Mitch's yacht, and Brooklynn celebrates with them.

"Safe Harbor"[]

After boarding the ship, Brooklynn notices dinosaur marks there and comments that Tiff had unwanted visitors, and the six learn that the ship is low on gas. During the day, having a yacht party, Kenji scares Brooklynn and Darius on a few occasions, much to their amusement and annoyance, which then causes the two to talk about playing a prank on Kenji. After learning that there is a hole in the ship, the six search for supplies to repair it. As the six are attacked by some Ouranosaurus, they run back to the ship and use fireworks to scare them away.

"Casa De Kenji"[]

Darius uses duct tape to temporarily cover the hole, but the six know this won't hold for long. Brooklyn and the group spend the remaining gas on the boat to go to Kenji's father's penthouses, to get supplies for the hole in the boat. Although he initially admires the penthouse, he gets serious about searching for supplies after Ben comments that Bumpy senses danger. When the group is attacked by a herd of Monolophosaurus, Brooklynn, Kenji and Darius escape via the non-working elevator, while the other three escape to the garage and get gas from the limousines and sealant for the hole in the ship. Brooklyn, Darius and Kenji escape from the penthouses, where Ben, Sammy and Yaz pick them up in a limo and the six return to the ship.

"Clever Girl"[]

Brooklynn is helping Darius repair the hole at first, but then walked away with Sammy who asked her to help her find out why Mantah Corp sent her here, to protect her family, Brooklynn agrees to help. However, Brooklynn takes control and refuses to listen to Sammy's ideas, which makes her angry, berates her, and runs off. Fortunately, Brooklynn realizes her mistake and apologizes, leading Sammy to agree to work with her again. Sammy takes Brooklynn to a secret laboratory, where they find room "E750" and several pre-recorded videos of Dr. Wu, which reveal that the eponymous creature is an aggressive hybrid dinosaur known as "Scorpio rex". When Brooklynn looks in horror that the hybrid is loose, she notices that the cryogenic chamber is destroyed.

"Eye of the Storm"[]

Brooklynn and Sammy run to warn the others about the Scorpius rex. They first run into Darius and warn him. The three warn the others about the Scorpios rex via walkie talkie and then run back to their camp to pack their bags and leave the island. Unfortunately, the tide is too high, forcing them to stay. To protect themselves, the six electrify the fence. The group is then attacked by the Scorpio rex. While hybrid soon walks away, Sammy, who was unfortunately infected with the Scorpius's poisonous quills, falls unconscious, much to the horror of Brooklynn and the others.

"The Long Run"[]

To help Sammy, Yaz runs to find the antidote, while Darius and Ben create a distraction to divert the Scorpius, Brooklynn and Kenji stay behind to take care of Sammy. When Kenji is worried about what could happen to Sammy, Brooklynn tells him not to think like that. Finally, the others return and Yasmina gives Sammy the antidote. Despite giving the antidote, it appears to have been too late and Sammy has died, much to the sadness and horror of the others. However, his life ends up being saved, much to the relief of Brooklynn and the others.

"A Shock to the System"[]

After Ben runs off to find Bumpy, Darius goes after him, causing Brooklynn, Kenji, Sammy, and Yaz to go to the ship. The three face a stampede of Parasaurolophus lux, but manage to escape. They finally reach the ship. However, as the Scorpius approaches, the three leave the dock to escape.

"Escape from Isla Nublar"[]

Brooklynn, Kenji, Sammy, and Yasmina return to the island on the boat and search for Darius and Ben, eventually finding them. However, they are surprised to learn that there are two Scorpius rexes. They are soon attacked by the two and even for a short time, Blue. Luckily, Blue ends up helping them. Brooklynn and the other campers help take down the Visitor Center with both Scorpios rex inside, killing them. At the dock, the group boards the ship while Ben stays behind. After a moment, Ben changes his mind, much to the happiness of Brooklynn and the others, and the entire group supports his trip to Costa Rica. As they drive away, several helicopters surround the ship and order the group to return to the island.

"Whatever It Takes"[]

The six return to the island. However, before Brooklynn, Yaz, and Darius can board the helicopter, Rexy attacks and the pilot forces him to leave with Kenji, Ben, and Sammy on board. Brooklynn and the other two left behind flee from Rexy and are chased to Main Street, before the dinosaur is distracted. They watch the Mosasaurus eat a man trying to escape in a helicopter and then run to try to find their companions. They watch Dr. Wu get out of his helicopter and begin walking towards his lab in search of his laptop. Brooklynn wants to find the laptop and destroy it to prevent it from creating more hybrid dinosaurs. The three arrive before Dr. Wu. They sneak into the lab through the vents and get the laptop, but Brooklynn is caught by Wu's bodyguard, Hawkes. Yaz and Darius grab the laptop and run, per Brooklynn's plea, while she is kidnapped.

"Stay on Mission"[]

Hawkes takes Brooklynn outside, where she reunites with Wu, and the latter is surprised that she and the other campers never made it off the island. After Hawkes tells her that Brooklynn would be held captive until the laptop is brought in, Hawkes, Brooklynn, and Wu head to the helicopter. On their way back, Brooklynn criticizes Wu for creating monsters and tells him about her encounter with the Scorpios rex, which would be more like the two of them. The next morning, after arriving at the helicopter, Kenji returns the laptop to Wu, but at that moment, Ben takes Bumpy and his pack of Ankylosaurus to attack Wu and Hawkes, eventually leading to Brooklynn escaping and meeting with the campers, as well as destroying Wu's laptop. After Wu and Hawkes leave the island, the six campers say goodbye to Bumpy. While Kenji is angry at Darius for putting Brooklynn's life at risk, Brooklynn comforts Darius. She and the other five leave the island on the boat. However, none of them notice that there seems to be something about the roaring ship in the last scene.

Season 4[]

"Beneath the Surface"[]

Brooklynn persuades the reluctant Kenji to eat with the group. After Kenji lashes out at Darius, Brooklynn goes to comfort him. She tells him that Darius did what he did because she asked him to. She then helps Kenji fix the SONAR, which unbeknownst to her, causes Kenji to now view her in a different light. When the ship gets stuck in kelp, Brooklynn reveals this to the others and Darius goes in the water to remove the kelp. Following this, the group is attacked by the Mosasaurus who destroys the ship, which leads to the campers being swept away onto an unknown island. Brooklynn remarks that the island "doesn't look like Costa Rica". The six go into a cave in order to possibly find shelter for the night.

"At Least…"[]

After Ben sees something shiny, the six head out to find what it is. Kenji jokes with Brooklynn about being abducted by aliens, and then acts awkward around her. The group wanders into a desert as a sandstorm begins to form. Unable to see, Brooklynn tumbles down into a ravine with Kenji. Brooklynn and Kenji look for ways to get out and eventually do. After the sandstorm ends, Brooklynn and Kenji reunite with the group. Unfortunately, all are disappointed to learn that the shiny thing is really a big rectangle metal. Later at night, the group wakes up and notices a saber-toothed tiger in a bush, but they all escape in the end. After Kenji trips on a piece of metal the following morning, the group then follows it to an invisible wall which opens to reveal a metal hallway, much to their shock.

"Turning Dr. Turner"[]

At the other end of the hallway, the six find themselves in a forest. After avoiding two T. rexes, they encounter Dr. Mae Turner, who is studying how dinosaurs interact with one another. They follow her back to her place. Distrusting Mae, however, due to their experiences with Mitch and Tiff, they discover that she is an employee of Mantah Corp, so Darius, and Sammy distract Mae, while the rest of the group goes out to a place she told them not to go. Brooklynn, Kenji, Yaz and Ben spot a BRAD, a robot that kills the Compy from the boat because it is an "unrecognized lifeform" on the island. Mae stops BRAD before it finds and kills them. When Mae later goes to monitor the eating habits of the mother T.rex Big Eatie and her daughter Little Eatie, Darius and Sammy follow her, while Brooklynn stays back with Kenji, Ben and Yaz. Yaz notices that Kenji has a crush on Brooklynn and tries to get them together, much to Brooklynn's unawareness and Kenji's annoyance. When they hear a BRAD enter, they hide, when the robot discovered Yaz and Ben tried to shoot them, but was destroyed by Kenji.

"Rude Awakening"[]

After Mae discovers that Mantah Corp is tampering with the food to make the dinosaurs more aggressive, everyone comes up with a plan to call the supply plane and get rid of the altered food, in order to get off the island and stop Mantah Corp, Brooklynn with Sammy remove the tampered food. The group is then chased by the mother T. rex Big Eatie and BRADs, but they escape into a biome with freezing temperatures, where they encounter a freezing Kentrosaurus named Pierce. Despite wanting to catch the plane, the group agrees to help get Pierce out of this area, upon Darius's request. While they are attacked by a BRAD, a frightened Yaz successfully knocks it into the water. After saving Pierce, the 6 campers run to the plane, but unfortunately arrive too late. Darius and Ben head back to Mae's, while Yaz breaks down before the others, and talks about her nightmares and desire to go home, with Yaz being comforted by Brooklynn, Sammy, and Kenji, saying that they also have nightmares.

"The Long Game"[]

Darius and Ben help Mae with Pierce, while Brooklynn and Kenji remove the tampered food from the T. rex area and uncomfortably see Little Eatie still injured, and run to inform Mae. After regrouping, Sammy reveals that a man on the island named Kash is the one who blackmailed her family into sending her to Jurassic World, and Brooklynn shows her sympathy. Luckily, Brooklynn and the others stop Sammy from confronting Kash. They see Kash and Mae, the former being Mae's boss. As Kash turns the BRADs against Mae and orders them to kill her, Brooklynn and the others save Mae and defend the BRADS, although they were then surrounded by Velociraptors, one of which injured Mae. Fortunately, the group is saved when Sammy uses one of the damaged BRADs to wound and scare away the birds of prey. The 6 take Mae somewhere where they won't be seen.

"Mission Critical"[]

Ben tries to help the injured Mae, while Brooklynn with Yaz try to get Kash's phone and call for help but to no avail. After Big Eatie and Pierce are lured to a location by BRADs and Mantah Corp's drones are forced to fight, Brooklynn and the others agree to stop Kash and get her phone back. The six campers come up with a plan to get Kash away, stop the fight, and get the phone back. When Kenji and Brooklynn are together, Brooklynn jokes about putting him down and Kenji shows some affection before changing his expression when Brooklynn looks at him. They see Kash, who was lured away thanks to Ben, Yaz and Sammy. However, when Kash sends his BRAD to get his phone back, Brooklynn and Kenji try to follow the BRAD, but stop when they see some BRADs.

"Staying Alive"[]

The 5 wonder why Darius hasn't stopped the fight. Not knowing what to do, the others turn to Brooklynn for advice, who suggests they destroy the drones. They then try to destroy the drones to stop the fight, but luckily, Darius, who was captured by Kash, convinces him to stop the fight. The five notice that Darius has been captured and Brooklynn wonders where they are taking Darius. After Mae tells them that there is a platform in the desert, the five leave. Brooklynn asks Kenji why everyone wants her to make the decisions, Kenji says she can't be the leader and the heartthrob. Kenji tells Brooklynn that he trusts her. Brooklynn and the others use the platform to reach the medical bay, but not before being chased by the Spinosaurus and the Sabertooth Tiger, the latter being killed by the Spino. They meet up with Darius, but Darius decides to stay behind and act as a spy for the group.

"Technical Difficulties"[]

When they saw that Darius is being watched by a new BRAD-X, the group has Brooklynn reprogram one of the new BRAD-Xs to communicate with Darius. However, Kenji and the others put too much pressure on Brooklynn, who gets scared. Fortunately, Kenji and the others recognize their mistake and apologize to her. Brooklynn successfully reprograms a BRAD to communicate with Darius' BRAD-X, allowing them to talk to Darius, much to the satisfaction of Kenji and the others. Kenji praises Brooklynn and tells her that he likes her, which surprises her, and an embarrassed Kenji quickly backs away.


The five head to Med Bay to save the youngest dinosaurs with the help of Darius. However, Brooklynn begins to avoid Kenji due to him saying that he likes her, which upsets him. Brooklynn and Yaz rescue a Spinoceratops. While walking with Yaz, Brooklynn tells Yaz how she feels about Kenji, but then runs into Kenji. Brooklynn and Kenji take the Spinoceratops that Brooklynn and Yaz found, based on Yaz's advice. After heading to another room, the Spinoceratops that Brooklynn and Kenji brought damages the fuse and cuts the power completely. The group and the small dinosaurs are attacked by a Ceratosaurus, but escape. Brooklynn and Kenji take one of the Spinoceratops to the cold, snowy biome and name it Rebel.

"Taking Control"[]

Brooklynn tells Kenji that he will be a good father. Kenji and Brooklynn take Rebel inside and hug for warmth, but after returning inside, Kenji awkwardly lets go of him. They take Rebel back to Sammy, Yaz, and Angel (the Spinoceratops that Sammy found and named). Ben returns and tells the others that Kash injected the control chip into the baby Brachiosaurus he rescued. The group comes up with a plan to take down Kash. When Kenji can't get Rebel to calm down, Brooklynn asks him what's going on. He states that he wants to support Rebel, causing Brooklynn to comment that he wishes his father was there for him. During the plan, Brooklynn stays with Rebel, and the two finally admit their feelings and become a couple. After catching Kash, Darius and Ben reunite with the others, much to the happiness of Brooklynn and the others, and the baby Brachiosaurus is named after Ben Firecracker.

"Who's the Boss?"[]

Kenji tells Brooklynn that he wants to tell Darius about them, and the reason he was really angry on the ship was because he liked her, much to Brooklynn's surprise. While taking Rebel and Angel to the desert biome, Brooklynn tells Yaz and Sammy about her and Kenji, much to her (Sammy's in particular) happiness and thanks Yaz for pushing her. Unfortunately, the Spinosaurus scares them away. Brooklynn, Sammy, and Yaz take Angel and Rebel to the snowy biome, but Brooklynn and Sammy initially don't want to leave. Yaz tries to pressure them to leave, which upsets them and they try to stop her, leading to their snowmobile falling into the icy water. Fortunately, the three of them leave before he enters. Brooklynn and Sammy express their frustration to Yaz for not listening, and Yaz apologizes for her mistake, and both Brooklynn and Sammy forgive her. After finally deciding to leave, they are approached by what they believe to be Darius' BRAD-X, who tells them that Pierce is in danger. Brooklynn, Sammy and Yaz arrive with the snowmobile and scare away the Dilophosaurus that were attacking Darius, Kenji, Ben and Mae. Kenji asks Brooklynn how she found them and she tells him that he and Darius sent their BRAD-X to warn them, which Kenji denies and the two kiss. Darius then realizes that it is a trap, much to the surprise of the others. The six of them, Mae and Pierce, see a group of BRAD-X, Kash, and the CEO of Mantah Corp approach them. When a confused Kenji says "Dad?", Brooklynn and the other campers are shocked.

Season 5[]


After Kenji's father, Daniel Kon, invites them to visit the facility, Brooklynn is not convinced to trust Mr. Kon. In the infirmary, he goes with Sammy to confront Kash who is locked up, after he told them to go to Kon's office to investigate they went there. They find and discover that the Gutierrez ranch now belongs to Daniel. Although, Daniel tells them that the Gutierrez family ranch is fine, they inform the others, before Kenji explains that his father will continue with the dino fights. In the morning, they show Daniel a different side of the dinosaurs to change and they managed to reunite Big Eatie and Little Eatie.

"The Final Test"[]

In the morning, Brooklynn continues to not trust Mr. Kon with Darius, before Kenji approaches. Kenji tells Brooklynn that he wants them to go on a date, and she accepts. When he leaves, he worries that his father is obviously doing something shady to keep him working, and they decide to go investigate. With Ben, they head to the vault where they meet Mae, and try to tell her where Daniel is, but she interrupts them to go to the daycare, and they do. Brooklynn, confused by the way Mae acted, goes straight to the daycare and discovers that Kash is no longer locked up. In her office they find some drones in the forest biome, and Brooklynn decides to go anyway despite her date with Kenji.

In the forest biome, Brooklynn is horrified with the others, when they see that Daniel bet Mae working with Kash to make mind control chips for the dinosaurs, watching as Kash controls Big Eatie. While they return to the facility, she is somewhat embarrassed that she was late for her appointment, suddenly they are attacked by the raptors brought by Mr. Kon to keep them away. They follow the movements of the drones to evade the attack of the raptors. When they approach the observation panel, Little Eatie appears and attacks them. They manage to find a small gap towards the facility, and barely evade it due to the shield and barely managed to enter, they head to the main room only to discover that Kenji is not there. Brooklynn and the other campers watch from afar as Kenji enjoys the company of the investors, and realize the difficulty of getting Kenji to believe his father.

"Battle Lines"[]

The next day, Brooklyn tries to apologize to Kenji for standing him up on their date, at the same time trying to explain to him that his father made Kash make the chips to take control of the dinosaurs. But he doesn't believe her and accuses her of lying about her father being a villain. Ben tries to defend her and Kenji reluctantly agrees to talk to his father and leaves. The group decides to try to get to the bottom of the situation, while following Kash and Mae. As they follow Kash and Mae to a facility they decide to wait until the coast is clear. Brooklynn sneaks into the facility inside a box with Ben and covertly communicates with Mae. Dr. Turner hands him a radio so he can listen to the conversation, just as an alarm goes off. Mae and Kash run outside to witness BRAD-X go crazy. They use the distraction to escape, glad they can fry the control chips.

They return to the lobby, and find Kenji waiting for them. He ignores any attempt at an explanation, arguing that his father is trying to save the dinosaurs, but they, including Brooklynn, are not convinced of this. When the group returns to the dorms, they try to plan their next moves even if everything changes with Kenji. They head to the forest biome through the feeding platform, arrive and begin to release the controlled dinosaurs. Brooklynn with Darius, helps free Big Eatie, trying to get the remote control from investor Mr. Gold and manages to free the T. rex, causing Gold to be crushed by the dinosaur. After that, Brooklynn is locked up with the others by Kenji and Daniel, and she is sad.

"Evasive Action"[]

Brooklynn, devastated by Kenji's apparent betrayal and why he left them, then tries to find a way out before the BRAD-X watching them returns. They find one towards the drain and go down but the robot returns and discovers them. Down in the sewer, everyone blames Kenji, but Brooklynn says it's her father's fault, they are interrupted by the BRAD following them, and Brooklynn, Ben, and Yaz separate from Sammy and Darius. Searching for them, they hear their screams and find them in the core that connects the entire island, there they are attacked by a Nothosaurus, but they manage to evade it and come to the surface. They all go back to arguing about Kenji blaming him for everything and Brooklynn continues to defend him, at the same time trying to ask Darius to help, but they can't worry about Kenji now, when suddenly they hear an earthquake.

"Shaky Ground"[]

Brooklynn goes with Sammy Yaz and Ben to pay for the drones, while Darius takes care of calming the dinosaurs. They access Kash's computer, and Brooklynn turns off the drones, suddenly noticing that the signal they sent to ask for help had reached Mantha Corp Island and turns on the drone that was destroyed by the Scorpios. Using the drone to keep an eye on Mr. Kon, Brooklynn is surprised when she sees Kenji happy with his father controlling Toro, leaving devastated, she goes to Daniel's office and explodes with anger, throwing everything around her, very heartbroken and angry about Kenji, just as the others come in and comfort her. They inform her that Daniel will give BioSyn the mind control chips, but an earthquake is heard and Brooklynn hides with Ben under the desk. Afterwards, they head to help Big Eatie and manage to remove the tree with the snowmobile. Giving Brooklynn a moment with Darius, she explains that she is hurt by the confusion over Kenji and he understands.

"Out of the Pack"[]

Along with Darius and Ben, Brooklynn enters the office to delete the files while they distract the robots. After attempts to figure out the password, he finally succeeds and turns off all BRADs, and also changes the password. Later everyone gathers at a bonfire to celebrate by roasting marshmallows.

"The Leap"[]

In Mae's cave drinking chocolate, Brooklynn shows everyone her very clean shoes. Then they decide to make a watering hole for the dinosaurs like Nublar, Brooklynn along with Darius helps with the Tyrannosaurus to distract them, while Sammy is in charge of making the watering hole. They climb a tree to avoid them, waiting for them to get tired. Seeing the pterosaurs, they throw pine cones to get their attention at the Tyrannosaurus and make them run after them. Then Brooklynn and Darius run to the already prepared watering hole and everyone meets where they are with the herbivores. When they saw Big Eatie and Little Eatie arrive, they think it won't work, but it finally worked. Afterwards everyone has fun jumping from the waterfall.

"The Core"[]

Brooklynn records with a tablet for posterity, as they recount the various adventures they had. When the conversation turns to Kenji, Darius raises the point that they should prepare for when Kenji and Mr. Kon return. The group goes to the maintenance halls to close the doors and try to catch them when they arrive. When the sudden alarm sounds throughout the facility, Brooklynn determines that the entire system is malfunctioning, they see an error warning that a geothermal power malfunction has occurred. They return to the drain and Brooklynn realizes that the core is overheating because the drill was misaligned. They decide to fix it while the rest take care of carrying the Nothosaurus out of the drejane. With Darius, they use tuallas to avoid the poisonous gas and Brooklynn manages to fix the drill, but then she is knocked unconscious by the gas and Darius saves her by dragging her.

They met everyone in the forest and are surprised when they see that Sammy and Yaz are girlfriends. Hearing the drone alert that they have arrived, they head to the docks, the group is horrified to see how they unload the dinosaurs from the trucks by controlling them, especially when they see Kenji helping and even when they turn around and see that they have also captured to Bumpy.


Brooklynn along with Darius, Sammy and Yaz, try to find a USB hidden in one of the BRADS-X, which contains mind control chips. They finally find him in the desert, but realize that they were being chased, they managed to escape from Hawkes and Godinez, but lost their memory. They all meet up with Ben and Bumpy in the woods, and to Brooklynn's and everyone's surprise they saw that Kenji helped him save Bumpy.

"The Last Stand"[]

Brooklynn, surprised but still very angry with Kenji like the others for believing her father, he apologizes to the group. Kenji approaches Brooklynn, just as she tells him that she made a speech for when he returned, but ultimately accepts his apology. They run towards the watering hole, trying to get everyone to run, while Brooklynn and Ben with Bumpy try to distract the bad guys for as long as they can. They return quickly, warning that they are coming, when they see that the dinosaurs did not move and decide to fight. Along with Kenji, Brooklynn saves him from Godinez, freeing Limbo from control. All the dinosaurs broke free of control, but Daniel using a master control took them back. Brooklynn watches with the others in horror, as they go to attack Little Eatie, but Big Eatie intervenes, fighting against the Spinosaurus, but the controlled dinosaur managed to defeat her.

"The Nublar Six"[]

With Big Eatie defeated, Brooklynn runs with her friends hiding in a tree, deciding what they should do. Seeing no other option, they decide to leave the island and head to the docks, but are stalked by the controlled dinosaurs and Brooklynn separates with Kenji and Darius. They take a shortcut into the drainage, but are attacked by a Pteranodon, almost taking Brooklynn away but she was saved by Kenji, although she separates to find herself on the boat. Afterwards, Brooklynn along with the others, made a plan to scare Daniel, activating the alarm making him believe that the power core would explode and they saw that the plan worked, just when he left the island and at the same time when she says that she was afraid to activate the alarm soon. Then, she returns to the drain, putting the drill back as it was and sitting with everyone in the trough with the dinosaurs now living happily, at the same time that Kenji gives her the yellow flower that he was going to give her on their first date.

Receiving an alert that someone has arrived on the island, they head to the docks, Brooklynn sees that they are her former advisors, Dave and Roxie accompanied by Brandom and Mae, and runs to hug them, finally being rescued. Leaving the island behind, Brooklynn sits next to Kenji on the stern of the ship, informing him that Mae has already contacted the authorities and her father has been arrested, and even comforts him and they share a kiss, resuming their relationship. After the incident at Mantah Corp Island and returning home, Brooklynn and the rest of the Nublar Six kept in touch where it was revealed that she changed her hairstyle and is currently dating Kenji. She also tells Darius and Kenji about some mysterious events she is discovering at Lockwood Manor and says that the two of them should check it out.

Jurassic World: Chaos Theory[]

Sometime in 2021, Brooklynn began her career as an investigative reporter.

Season 1[]

She was secretly researching a website called Dark Jurassic, looking for clues about illegal dinosaur smuggling. This led her to realize that the Department of Prehistoric Wildlife was corrupt and actively involved in dinosaur smuggling. This also led to Brooklynn having a secret life, living in an apartment in Denver, Colorado, something she would keep a secret from her friends.

During this, Brooklynn and Kenji continued dating for some time. However, because she was too focused on her research than on their relationship, while living in Colorado with him, this led Kenji to break off their relationship, because he could no longer bear the distance between them. After breaking up with Kenji, Brooklynn met up with Ben at Delaney University, where she talked to him about her new career as a reporter, then met up with Sammy at his ranch (where she would leave a map and mark directions) and helped Yaz work on his PTSD, before leaving and staying with Darius at his cabin for a while. During which, Darius began to secretly fall in love with her, but Brooklynn did not reciprocate. She then went to investigate dinosaur smuggling and visited Kenji's father in Colorado, who lived nearby, to see if he knew anything, and apparently, she was planning to buy a dinosaur, but only to get information about these illegal operations, until telling her that "she wasn't afraid to get her hands dirty. In that, she received millions of dollars from Daniel to buy dinosaurs, in the name of the former CEO of Mantah Corp, money that Darius and Kenji found in her secret apartment.

In one of these covert operations, Brooklynn set up a drop-off point to meet with Darius and tell him about her investigation, unaware that DPW Regional Director Dudley Cabrera already knew of her intentions and set a trap for her, releasing an Allosaurus to send her a threatening message. Darius did not arrive that night, because he felt very ashamed of having fallen in love with her. While Brooklynn was sending him a video, she heard a truck arrive and the Allosaurus chased her and attacked her, supposedly killing her. Everyone believed Brooklynn had died, which drove a wedge between Darius and Kenji, who lost contact after the incident, and Darius hid from the world out of guilt and became obsessed with finding and capturing the Allosaurus.

When the Nublar Six were apparently being hunted, Darius, Ben, Kenji, Yaz, and Sammy confronted Cabrera, who they believe was responsible for sending the dinosaurs after them. But he only revealed that he wanted the Allosaurus to simply scare Brooklynn into stopping her meddling in his affairs, but her death was not part of his plan. Rather, it is revealed that the mysterious woman who had been hunting them was who had killed her with her pack of Atrociraptors, as Brooklynn's actions threatened to expose the smuggling ring, run by a kingpin known only as "The Broker." After the conflict ended, the Nublar Six set out on a ship to find out who is behind the illegal operations.


Brooklyn Survival

However, at the end of "The End of the Beginning", it is revealed that Brooklynn is alive, but hidden working on the smuggling network, showing that she survived the Allosaurus and Atrociraptors attack, but lost a hand. When Cabrera's death is publicized, it is also revealed that Ronnie (Darius' former boss at the DPW) knows that Brooklynn is alive and keeps in contact with her. She sends her the article about Cabrera's death through Dark Jurassic and what happened in the warehouse and on the dock and warns her to be careful. Brooklynn replied "I always am; except when I'm not" before printing out Cabrera's article and standing in front of a large vision board of what she's been working on, where she has a photo of her friends, before turning around and leaving.


Brooklynn starts off as an insecure girl who is very obsessed with her phone, the internet, and technology. She is constantly taking videos and photos. Hate comments on her content visibly makes her upset. She however is able to bond with Darius to an extent after the two were saved from a quicksand pit due to the both of them wanting people to like them. Despite her anger towards Sammy for stealing her phone, she would forgive her after she realized that Sammy just did what she did to help her family while she herself just wanted to impress angry people on internet. Other than her phone addiction, she is a generally friendly and slightly rebellious person but has a bad habit of unnecessarily snooping around and getting her nose into other people’s businesses.

Due to traveling around the world and being tutored online, Brooklynn has never experienced a regular teenage lifestyle before and as such, is socially awkward when placed in a regular conversation regarding other teenagers. She is also not very knowledgeable about school buildings, having never been in one before.

During season 2, Brooklynn grows to be more fearless and is shown to be very reasonable with a high moral compass, as shown from when she defended Hap from Ben and later began to accept his help in getting them off the island, despite not trusting him at all. According to Hap, she has more sense than Kenji and Ben combined, which seems to be true as seen from the smart decisions she made when regarding Hap’s loyalty.

In season 3, it shows her relationships with her fellow campers (Darius in particular, and to an extent, Yasmina) improving, and her desire to get views for her YouTube channel reducing. While initially butting heads with Yasmina, the two bond after escaping from Dimorphodons. While helping Sammy trying to dig up dirt on Mantah Corp, she initially does not listen to her and uses this as a way to gain views. However, after Sammy criticizes her for her actions, Brooklynn realizes her mistake and starts listening to her. She can be selfless in order to accomplish goals, such as handing Wu's laptop and encouraging both Darius and Yasmina to leave her when she was captured by Hawkes. When Kenji expressed anger towards Darius for putting Brooklynn's life at risk, Brooklynn (who was rescued) comforts him.

In season 4, Brooklynn spends a lot of time with Kenji and eventually realizes she has feelings for him. After the two reveal how they feel about each other, they become a couple. After Darius is captured by Kash, the group looks to Brooklynn to call the shots, which makes her the leader in Darius's absence. At the end of the season, she is shocked to learn that the president of Mantah Corp is Kenji's dad.

In season 5, she's the least willing to accept Kenji's betrayal and heartbroken to see him smiling while controlling Toro. She accepts Sammy and Yaz's relationship and is happy to see them together, even screaming in joy and giving them a couple name. She ultimately forgives Kenji after the latter admits his mistakes to trust his father instead of the camp family.


Brooklynn has bright pink dyed hair with two long bangs on both sides, and a small ponytail in the back. She wears a pink jacket with a red tank top underneath (see Season 4 trailer). The jacket has black and white on the collar, on the sleeves, and the bottom of the sweater. She also wears dark blue jeans with several small tears and white shoes. By season 2, her lack of access to hair dye causes her hair to begin reverting back to its natural brown color. She also has neon green eyes, freckles and wears a black band on her right wrist.

Sometime before Season 3, Brooklynn has fixed up her messy ponytail; it's bigger than the original size in Season 1 and her hair dye is still slowly reverting back.

In the episode "Safe Harbor", Brooklynn wears a 2-piece swimsuit. The upper half consists of a model with white and the lower part consists of a pair of blue shorts.

In Season 5 trailer that Brooklynn's hair remains fully dyed bright pink in the finale Season. There are a few times that show Brooklynn's hair dye fading in episodes #1, 3, and 4 of Season 5, but these might be several animation errors.

In Jurassic World: Chaos Theory, Brooklynn's hair is cut way back and she only had one arm, having lost part of her left arm in the Allosaurus attack.


Darius Bowman[]

Brooklyn and Darius shares a good friendship with respect for each other. She always helped lift him up when he felt down or be the voice of reason when he tried to do everything himself. After Kenji broke up with her, she stayed with Darius for awhile. While she became closer to him, she rebuffed his romantic feelings towards her.

Kenji Kon[]

Upon first meeting, Brooklyn thought Kenji was an obnoxious rich boy. While her attitude towards him slowly changed, she didn't consider him her friend until much later. After escaping the island, she started to develop feelings towards Kenji as they struggled to survive hidden on Mantah Corp Island. She kissed Kenji in the last episode of Season 4.

Their budding relationship suffered when Kenji betrayed his friends by siding with his dad. After apologizing for his betrayal, the two resumed their relationship, which lasted many years. A few months prior to the start of Jurassic World: Chaos Theory, Kenji broke up with her because she was distracted by her secret investigation.

Sammy Gutierrez[]

Originally taken aback by Sammy's upbeat and affectionate personality, Brooklyn became furious when Sammy stole her phone and later broke it during the incident with the Indominus rex. When she was scolded about her anger and realized why Sammy had done what she did, she forgave the girl. Overtime, she and Sammy grew closer as friends. When Sammy was poisoned she used her first aid knowledge to help keep her alive.

Yasmina Fadoula[]

Despite having watched some of her videos, Yaz was annoyed by Brooklynn when they first met due to the latter constantly trying to film her. They had many ups and downs over the seasons. Examples include, the time Sammy stole Brooklyn's phone and how to get a sail from one of the hang gliders. After each event, their friendship grew stronger.

Ben Pincus[]

When she first met Ben, she thought he was a wimp. When he supposedly died, she was very sad. She became elated to learn he not only survived but had gained confidence in himself, though his desire to feed Hap to the Mosasaurus disturbed her greatly. Over the course of the series they became good friends.

Mae Turner[]

Staying true to her skeptical nature, Brooklyn was initially suspicious of Mae, especially after what happened with Mitch and Tiff.


When Bumpy first hatched, she cooed over how cute she was. Later, during their escape from the Indominus rex, she believed that it was best to leave her behind. Brooklyn was pleased to learn that both her and Ben had survived though, eventually coming to rely on her as their best protection against the predators on the island.


Brooklynn is secretly friends with Darius' former boss, Ronnie.

Social Media Presence[]

Brooklynn is known for her highly successful social media presence. Her screen name is "BrooklynnUnboxesTheWorld", which carries about 27 million followers. Fans of her call themselves 'Brooklanders', a name which has come to stick with her. According to her, she made the name up when she was 10 and has since disliked it.

List of known subscribers:


  • Sammy Gutierrez is a big fan of Brooklynn, and self-proclaimed 'Brooklander'.
  • She's the only known character so far to have dyed hair.
  • Its revealed in "A Beacon of Hope" that, as of 2015, she has at least one endorsement deal, which resulted in a standee of herself being located in a shop on Main Street to advertise phone chargers. Although Sammy expressed a strong desire to take the sign with them, it was ultimately sacrificed to distract Rexy.
  • In Season 2, after spending several weeks on the island, her hair dye has begun to fade and her roots reveal her real hair color to be dark brown.
  • It is revealed in "The Watering Hole" that Brooklynn is home schooled and takes classes with online tutors.
  • Brooklynn's suspicions regarding Sammy and both Mitch and Tiff were proven to be correct (as Sammy was revealed a spy, and Mitch and Tiff hunters); although on both occasions no one initially believed her (though she was incorrect about Hap).
  • Brooklynn is the only camper to have an unknown last name.
  • Brooklynn is the first character in the franchise to have gay parents. However, Brooklynn herself is not a lesbian, though she supports Sammy and Yaz's lesbian relationship.
    • Ironically she was the one who ended up turning Yasmina and Sammy against each other briefly in seasons 1 & 4.
  • In the finale of season 5, she changed her hair.
  • In The Final Test, Kenji reveals that Brooklynn’s favorite color is yellow. He knows this because he’s her boyfriend and he knows her better than anyone else.
    • However there is no way Kenji could have asked her or known about her color due to the time they've been a couple.
  • When Brooklynn returned home, it is unknown if she again started uploading videos for her fans from the first season, as she said in the second season that her fans might be worried.
  • While the Jurassic World: Chaos Theory trailer seemingly confirmed her death, she was secretly still alive, similar to Ben's supposed death and return.
  • In the season 1 finale episode of Chaos Theory, it's revealed Brooklynn never died, but she lost one hand and part of the left arm.
    • There is a description about a new character that was revealed before the series premiere called "Sydney." This character is related (like Brooklynn) to the loss of an arm due to a dinosaur attack. This name could probably be the one Brooklynn would use to hide her identity.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • As originally conceived, her name was going to be Jules and her hair wasn't as pink.
  • According to Jenna Ortega, some concepts for Brooklynn involved her being British or Australian, and she was going to be much more self-centered.


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