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Brooklynn is a main character in the Netflix series, Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous. Her character is voiced by Jenna Ortega.


At some point in 2015, Brooklynn acquired VIP tickets to Camp Cretaceous, a yet-to-release adventure camp on the Northern end of Isla Nublar. She had acquired the spot by being a famous social media personality. She is focused on getting content for her social media, usually interviewing other kids. When she notices Sammy taking cell samples from a Sinoceratops in one of her videos, she notices her phone missing from her charger. The next day, she is constantly asking the campers where her phone went, trying to get Sammy to admit what she had done. When the Indominus rex escapes, she, along with the gang escape into the jangle, falling from the zipline ride. They trek on towards the Research Lab, and find Eddie, a scientist who had gone so crazy from fear he had attempted to escape the island, and the kids, by driving off in his van. The Indominus rex charges the van off the road and devours the poor man, as the gang escape in the abandoned vehicle. Brooklynn's phone falls out of Sammy's pocket, as she reveals she is a spy from Mantah CorpYaz quickly turns her body, causing their van to crash. The campers leave the crashed van and go on the kayak ride, which sends them down an offshoot pipe and into the Mosasaurus Lagoon. Brooklynn and Kenji, aboard the CKK (Cool Kids Kayak), escape the hungry Mosasaurus. Brooklynn and the other campers attempt to ride the monorail, before being stopped by Toro. The group sneak around the dinosaur carefully and begin to crawl up the steps, and out of sight. When one camper accidentally kicks and empty coffee cup, Brooklynn scrambles to quietly stop the trash from making noise. She attempts to grab the cup, but only hits it further alerting the hungry Carnotaurus. She, among the others, make it up the steps and into the monorail train, away from danger.  Brooklynn and the others take a few toasts in their spare time before they notice a flock of agitated Pteranodons swarming them, because of the light and speed for the vehicle. Her and the others knock out the lights and attempt to exit the train before it speeds into a downed monorail train. They all jump, somehow surviving the harsh landing, and scattered from Bumpy, and what they presume the body of Ben. They take the underground tunnels to find the East Docks, confused by the now blocked passages, they are lost. Brooklynn finds a taser prod in a locker and gives it to Yaz as a walking stick. They hide from Toro, who appears to torment the group once more. They are cornered in a sealed-off loading bay and decide to blow up Toro via a crate full of compressed air, hand sanitizer, and the taser prod. The initial attempt fails and sends Brooklynn and the campers into hiding. When Yaz throws her taser prod into another pile of compressed air, they explode and cause the dinosaur to be fatally burnt. The dinosaur limping away, and a hole blown open, they are finally at the docks. Except for the fact they had missed the last evacuation departure. The last shot of Brooklyn and the gang have them aimlessly wandering Nublar, in search of a place to try and survive.


Brooklynn is very obsessed with her phone, the internet, and technology. She is constantly taking videos and photos. Hate comments on her content visably makes her upset.

Social Media Prescence

Brooklyn is known for her highly successful social media prescence. Her screen name is BrooklynnUnboxesTheWorld, which carries about 27 million followers. Fans of her call themselves Brooklanders, a name which has come to stick with her. List of known subscribers:


  • Sammy Gutierrez is a big fan of Brooklynn, and self-proclaimed Brooklander.

Behind the Scenes

  • As originally conceived, her name was going to be Jules and her hair wasn't as pink.




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