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The Brutish Mercenary was one of Eli Mills' mercenaries, responsible for guarding Dr. Henry Wu's laboratory at Lockwood Manor. During the evacuation, Wu demanded a blood sample from Blue, which Zia Rodriguez refused to give. As the two argued, Wu was attacked and put to sleep with a tranquilizer by Franklin Webb, who was posing as a lab technician. As Franklin unlocked Zia's handcuffs, the brutish mercenary and another merc ran up.

As the other merc dragged the unconscious Wu to safety, the brutish mercenary, armed with a cattle prod, prepared to tase Zia and Franklin. However Zia opened Blue's cage, releasing the Velociraptor. The mercenary attempted to force her back into the cage, but she lunged at him. As he turned to run, Blue leapt onto his back and began biting and clawing him.

A third mercenary ran into the lab armed with an assault rifle, but failed to rescue his companion because Blue's tail swept his feet out from under him, causing him to fire a useless burst of gunfire into the ceiling, before falling victim to Blue himself.

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