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Bumpy is a baby Ankylosaurus that was born in Jurassic World. Born with one large horn, Bumpy first saw Ben Pincus when hatched leading Bumpy to be close to the boy. Later on, Bumpy joined Ben and the rest of the campers from Camp Cretaceous after the escape of the Indominus rex. 

Bumpy appears in the animated TV series Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous.

Physical Appearance

Bumpy is a dull yellow in color, with greenish-blue coloration on her armor and the top of her legs. This is in contrast to the full grown Ankylosaurs which are dull gray in color. Due to her age, Bumpy is only around the size of a large dog, with dull osteoderms distributed across her body and a short, stumpy tail and club. Due to her premature birth, the spikes on the back of her head are asymmetrical, with the one on the right being larger and less blunt than the other (left one).

Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous


On the second day campers arrived at Camp Cretaceous, a group of campers (excluding Kenji and Darius, as punishment for entering the Raptor Paddock) were taken to Henry Wu's lab. Soon after they arrived, Bumpy's began hatching out of her egg, and camper Ben Pincus helped her out, causing her to imprint on him. Although the two would begin to spend some time together, the group were quickly forced to leave ruining the moment, as Brooklynn was caught breaking into Wu's lab, with Wu aggressively taking her and setting her back down on the egg platform.

Happy birthday, eddie!

Soon bumpy reunites with Ben after the group come a cross an ankylosaurus corps and joins them as they find a genetics lane where eddie, a scientist hides. Soon he tells them dr. Wu's involvement with the creation of the indominus rex and runs out when he finds out about the van they came by but soon the indominus comes along and eats him.


Promotional Images

Camp Cretaceous

Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous (toyline)

Bumpy appears in the Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous toyline as a part of the Snap Squad and Mini Dino collections.

Behind the Scenes

Bumpy went through multiple iterations, most of which being of multiple different other species of dinosaur, before the decision to make her an Ankylosaurus was reached.


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