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Bumpy is the main dinosaur protagonist in the animated TV series Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous. She is a female Ankylosaurus that was born in Jurassic World. Born with one large horn, Bumpy first saw Ben Pincus when hatched leading Bumpy to be close to the boy. Later on, Bumpy joined Ben and the rest of the campers from Camp Cretaceous after the escape of the Indominus rex. In Season 2, Ben also nicknamed her "Bumps". In Season 3, Yasmina also nicknamed her "Bumpster", while Ben in Season 3 sometimes called her "Bumper Car". She later returns in Jurassic World: Chaos Theory, having been moved to Sammy's ranch in Texas.

Physical Appearance[]

Bumpy possesses a dull yellow hue, accompanied by greenish-blue markings on her armor and upper legs, setting her apart from fully grown Ankylosaurus, which typically exhibit a dull gray coloration. Despite her young age, Bumpy's size is comparable to that of a large dog. Her body is adorned with dull osteoderms evenly distributed, and she possesses a short, stubby tail with a club at the end. Notably, due to her premature birth, the spikes on the back of her head are asymmetrical, with the right spike being larger and less blunt than its counterpart on the left.

Within less then two months, Bumpy experiences significant growth and reaches near-full size as she adolescent size, albeit slightly smaller than other individuals of her species. Her predominantly greenish-blue complexion is complemented by a dull yellow shade on her underbelly and lower legs.


As an infant, Bumpy formed a bond with Ben, considering him to be her "father" since he was the first living being she encountered. As Bumpy grew, she alternated between her herd and her adopted parent, seeking protection from the presence of the Indominus rex.

During their time together, Bumpy discovered Ben's lifeless body on the jungle floor. Despite this loss, Bumpy learned to fend for herself, taking on predators like the Compsognathus, who were smaller in size. Bumpy also displayed an ability to find suitable berries for consumption and locate a water source in the river. However, Ben became frustrated with Bumpy always occupying his den for shelter and expressed his irritation towards her.

Their paths crossed again when Bumpy saved Ben from a dangerous encounter with Toro. From then on, Bumpy became a formidable protector, ensuring the safety of Ben and his fellow campers, which made Hap, another camper, uneasy.

It was later revealed that Bumpy was still younger compared to others of her species. The herd of Ankylosaurus treated her as a juvenile and accepted her as part of their defensive circle to protect her from predators. This acceptance into the herd was likely due to the threat posed by the Scorpios rex, which had been excessively killing other dinosaurs. Bumpy, being smaller in size and possibly at an adolescent stage, may have benefited from the safety of a larger herd. It is possible that Bumpy's cognitive development has not fully matured, maintaining a youthful mindset.

Bumpy has demonstrated remarkable strength and bravery by successfully fending off fully grown dinosaurs like Toro. It is possible that this encounter with Toro was her first real fight, although it's also likely that she had faced other predators during the time she was separated from Ben, which could have contributed to her development before their reunion. Furthermore, Bumpy exhibited her courage and resilience when confronted not only by Toro, but also by other dinosaurs and mind-controlled creatures on Mantah Corp island.


Early life[]

Bumpy was created by International Genetic Technologies, particularly its lead genetic biologist Dr. Henry Wu, for the Jurassic World theme park on Isla Nublar. She was one of a batch of nine eggs fertilized around October 11. In her egg, she began to develop asymmetrical scaly horns, and her left horn became atrophied. This is believed to be a genetic trait, but was overlooked by Wu geneticists, who had been tasked with examining all creatures for unusual traits and putting an end to deviations. No one at InGen knew they had created dinosaur perfection.

Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous[]

Season 1[]

Bumpy was born in the genetics lab , after only ten weeks, on December 20, 2015, under the supervision of Dr. Wu. Her birth was witnessed by four members of Camp Cretaceous Ben, Brooklynn, Yasmina and Sammy (excluding Darius and Kenji, as punishment for entering the Raptor Paddock). Bumpy began to hatch from the egg and camper Ben helped her, causing her to imprint on him. Although the two would begin to spend some time together, the group was quickly forced to leave ruining the moment, as Brooklynn was caught breaking into Wu's lab, with Wu aggressively grabbing her and placing her back on the egg platform.

Wu considered her asymmetrical skull an undesirable defect and scheduled her to be delivered to a herd of Ankylosaurus in Sector 5 after receiving a set of growth hormones. Normally, Jurassic World's baby dinosaurs lived in the nursery for three months while paleo-veterinarians monitored their health; Bumpy was cruelly denied this.

Fortunately, Bumpy was adopted by one of the pack's female Ankylosaurus, who acted as her surrogate mother. For forty-eight hours, Bumpy learned the ways of the Ankylosaurus, how to find good food and avoid bad food, and where to find fresh water and comfortable places to sleep. Their routine was uninterrupted for these two days, during which time Bumpy grew rapidly from her small childish size to a burly dozen pounds, becoming rounder and cuter all the time. When she was two days old, she looked like a big armored meatball. Park staff inspected her in a lab when she was two days old and then returned her to her forest home. On December 22, Bumpy's peaceful life was drastically altered when her herd was attacked by the Indominus rex. Bumpy was hiding when her mother tried to confront the monstrous hybrid. She fought bravely, but was wounded in battle and died tragically. Bumpy hid in the foliage and avoided detection. The Indominus was soon distracted by the Mitchell brothers who had witnessed the attack, and chased them away, leaving Bumpy alone with a ruined gyrosphere and her mother's corpse.

Soon Bumpy reunites with Ben after the group comes across his mother's corpse and joins them as they find the genetics lab where a scientist named Eddie is hiding. He soon tells them of Dr. Wu's involvement in creating the Indominus rex and runs off when he finds out about the van they came in, but soon the Indominus arrives and eats him. Bumpy, who inadvertently tripped Yaz, saved her from the same fate. Bumpy and the campers escape from the Indominus rex and then Toro, and then get on the monorail. However, Ben ends up falling off the monorail after being attacked by a Pteranodons. After everyone jumps off the monorail, she supposedly disappears. However, in the last scene, it is shown that she found Ben.

Season 2[]

After finding Ben, the two fall into a routine, mirroring Bumpy to find food and water, and Bumpy constantly taking his sleeping spot. Eventually, Ben became enraged and scared Bumpy off, but soon regretted his decision and goes looking for her. Shortly after, Ben developed the courage to stand up for himself and faced Toro. During the fight, a grown up Bumpy showed up and helped Ben fend off Toro, eventually resulting in the two causing Toro to fall off the edge. Ben is happy to see Bumpy again.

They then go after a distant campsite, and overheard Mitch, Tiff, and Hap discussing his friends, which alerted Ben to something amiss. After spotting Hap supposedly attack Brooklynn and Kenji, Ben briefly knocked him out. Brooklynn and Kenji were shocked to see Ben and Bumpy.

Hap led the four to a storage unit, where they find a motorcycle. Brooklynn, Kenji and Hap piled on the motorcycle while Ben rode Bumpy out of the storage unit amidst an explosion.

Bumpy went with the campers into the tunnels, hoping to arrive at Main Street in time to help Darius and Sammy. However, a gate blocks their path, so she followed Brooklynn deeper into the structure to eventually find a backup power facility. She's unable to help, but eventually Kenji managed to restore the power. It takes them a good deal of time, but eventually they were able to gain enough control of the island to reactivate the hologram of a Tyrannosaurus rex, which distracted Rexy and allows Darius and Sammy to escape.

Ben rode on Bumpy with Sammy and flashes lights and screams to scare the dinosaurs into a stampede, and both Bumpy and Ben recover Yaz when her car breaks down. They then flee from Rexy, who drove the dinosaurs right back in the other direction. Bumpy eventually escaped and rendezvous with everyone else.

Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous: Hidden Adventure[]

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Season 3[]

View from the Top[]

As the campers leave the island on a boat. Bumpy ran up the beach and roared out in sadness as her friends left, making Ben sad and he said, "Goodbye, Bumpy.". However, the campers were swept away and back on the island due to a huge wave. After getting back on the island, Ben called out to Bumpy, who emerges from the bushes and charges at Ben and knocks him down. Both happy to see each other, Bumpy snuggles with Ben and he says "Missed you, too." As Darius called a camp meeting, Ben tells Bumpy he’ll be right back, while she waits. While still waiting for Ben she sniffs around her territory as Ben watches her, not listening until they get his attention. As Kenji mentions Lookout Point, he takes Bumpy and the others to it, but they have to take the sky gondolas to reach the top. As Sammy, Kenji, Yaz, and Brooklynn go to the top. As Bumpy eats the food at Lookout Point, Darius says "Guess it’s you and me, Ben, but he decides to stay with Bumpy, as he insists Darius go, as Bumpy walks over to him, he decides to go on a walk with her. Then, Darius decides to go with Ben and Bumpy instead. As Bumpy decides on what leaves to eat, Ben gathers giant leaves to make a Bumpy sled for the hang glider. As Bumpy is beside Ben, he denies he’s fine but Darius realizes he’s not. Ben hears something and decides that he, Darius and Bumpy to be safe. As Darius asks Ben what’s wrong and keeps pressuring him, he says "I don’t want to leave Bumpy again, okay? That’s my problem!”. As Bumpy is eating leaves, Darius suggests building a bigger boat, but Ben disagrees that she’ll never fit on a boat. Ben left her and doesn’t want to leave her again. As Bumpy sees that Ben is sad, she tries comforting him to make him feel better, Darius states that she’ll be fine on island, Ben agrees knowing she’ll be fine, but he doesn’t believe he will. Bumpy resumes comforting Ben to make him feel better. As Ben, Darius, and Bumpy watch the flock chase after Brooklynn and Yaz, they begin to gain on them and Bumpy roars out worried for them. A Dimorphodon sabotages their glider and they begin to crash, Ben, Darius and Bumpy run over to help them. As they run to their rescue, Ben warns Darius, as the a Dimorphodon dives down trying to attack Darius, Ben pushes him down and they dodge it’s attack, but not it decides to fly back around and attack again. As it gets closer, Bumpy pushes out of the way and knocks it down, as it gets up and tries to attack, it sees that it has to deal with Ben, Darius and Bumpy, so it decides to fly away. Bumpy roars in triumph with Darius and Ben that they won. As Bumpy is with the rest of the campers and that they’re alive, Kenji and Sammy relieve about Tiff and Mitch’s boat and takes them right to it. When they arrive, Darius states that the boat can hold Bumpy, which makes Ben happy. After Bumpy snuggles with Ben, then all gaze at the boat.

Safe Harbor[]

As, Bumpy waits on the rocks while the campers check out the boat and as they see Tiff isn’t on the boat, Ben decides to go with Bumpy and meet them at the docks. As Bumpy and Ben arrive at the docks, Yaz grabs the supplies they brought and Sammy asks about their trip, he says that there are no dinosaurs, surrounded by a fence and locked it up. As Sammy tries hugging Bumpy, but walks past her and nudges and snuggles with Yaz instead. Then Kenji suggests they throw a yacht party. As the campers party, Bumpy sleeps beside the yacht. Sammy tries bonding with Bumpy by bringing her a bucket of water with a tiny umbrella, but takes out the instead. Bumpy sniff and not interested, then decides to go back to sleep. Ben ask how are they doing and Sammy says having a great time, but Bumpy walks past her, bumps her with her tail and walks over to Yaz. As Sammy talks with Ben and questions if she likes her, she is by Yaz and watches as she leaves. Ben states she might be losing her mojo, Sammy is determined to be friends with Bumpy, as she walks away from her. When they see the boat has a hole in it, the campers and Bumpy decide to find supplies to fix it. At night, they split up, and Bumpy decides to follow Yaz. As Sammy finds gas cans, but no gas, Yaz and walk past her and she says "Come on, Bumpster. Let’s search over here.", leaving Sammy depressed that she gave her a nickname. As, Yaz find cargo containers, she’s opening them but she and Bumpy end up getting separated. As Sammy continues looking for supplies, she hears noise thinking it’s Bumpy lost in the fog, then hears her groaning and decides to come to her. As, Sammy tries finding Bumpy but has a hard time seeing, she freaks when she touches something scaly, only it to be Bumpy. Sammy tries comforting her, but she snorts at her instead, she decides to take her back to Ben and Yaz until they are attacked by an Ouranosaurus. Bumpy gets in front of Sammy and begins swinging her tail at the Ouranosaurus getting it to back away, but then it decides to charge and so does Bumpy, but tricks it to trip over her and knocking it unconscious. Sammy hugs Bumpy and decides to leave with Bumpy going the opposite direction and Sammy following. As Bumpy finds her way, Sammy loses track of her, but she finds the other campers, as they find Sammy and avoid an Ouranosaurus. They decided to head to the yacht and find it thanks to the lights, then a pair of Ouranosauruses begin to attack. As Bumpy and the campers run to the yacht, while Kenji uses firecrackers to hold them back. As the campers and get aboard the yacht, they patch the hole and set sail, but not before the Ouranosauruses relieve they can swim and begin attacking the boat. They approach the rear of the boat and jump aboard, Bumpy then roars and hits one of them in the face with her tail trying to scare them off. As they get closer, she’s behind the campers as they use fireworks to scare them off. In the morning, after the fight, Sammy tries to thank Bumpy saving her, but instead snuggles by Yaz. Yaz reveals that she carried berries around and gave them to Bumpy and she and Ben messing with Sammy. Yaz berries to Sammy and she gave them to Bumpy and she grew to liking her to.

Casa De Kenji[]

As the campers add bad news, Kenji adds that they are low to the water because of Bumpy’s weight. Ben states she’s just and asks about finding another dock with no dinosaurs. Kenji remembers his penthouse and the campers take scooters, Ben rides Bumpy while they past a Monolophosaurus on their way to the penthouse. As they arrive, they decide to leave Bumpy outside while they check the place out. As the campers are inside, Bumpy is sleeping until she hears noises and sees a group of Monolophosauruses entering the building through the air vent. She tries to stop them, but is too late and begins roaring and slamming her tail to the ground to alert the campers of the danger. As, Bumpy continues roaring and slamming her tail to the ground and Ben alerts the others that she senses danger and they begin to speed up their progress. As, Darius, Brooklynn and Kenji run with a couple of Monolophosauruses right behind them. Yaz, Sammy and Ben grab the limousine and drive by the others and then they jump in. Before the Monolophosauruses could, Bumpy knocks them away and Ben says "Let’s hit it, Bumpy!", then she begins following them back to the dock. As Bumpy is on the boat the campers begin brainstorming on how to fix the boat.

Clever Girl[]

As Ben and Bumpy return to the dock, Kenji, Yaz, and Darius chase after the Chompy who stole the compass and he leaves Ben in charge.

Eye of the Storm[]

As Yaz and Kenji search Ben, they find him, Bumpy and a herd of Ankylosaurus. After, they get through the herd they scolded Ben disappearing to get toilet paper, but he did and went to check on Bumpy to see she was doing fine around her new friends. As Yaz and Kenji lecture Ben about taking off and being a team player. As, they decide to head back to camp, Bumpy follows while they question seeing each other again and being friends. As Ben is riding on Bumpy and Yaz and Kenji are running back to camp, they notice Darius isn’t back yet and they resume gathering supplies with Bumpy trying to follow but she can’t fit through the door. As Bumpy is waiting beside camp, Darius, Brooklynn and Sammy arrive to help. After the campers fortify the fence, Bumpy begins jumping up and acting terrified until she runs away from and almost hitting Ben with her tail, but he dodges her. Ben tries to stop her but she sensed the Scorpios rex was near by and continued running.

The Long Run[]

As Yaz runs back to camp with the antidote for the Scorpius, she remembers the good times she had with Sammy with one of them being when she and her were riding with Ben on Bumpy.

A Shock to the System[]

After the attack, Ben gathers supplies and noticed Bumpy's footprints and decided to go after her. Darius decided to find Ben alone. After Darius finds Ben they resume looking for Bumpy. As they track where Bumpy has been and she emerges out of the bushes. At Darius and Ben find Bumpy, Ben and Darius argue about Ben staying on the island. As they continue arguing, Bumpy watches as they begin to fight each other. After they stop fighting, Bumpy cries out to get them to stop, then he apologizes to Bumpy that she had to see that. She lefts head up and begins walking into the bushes, where Ben and Darius followed her and noticed that she found her own herd of Ankylosauruses. As she returned to her herd, two Ankylosauruses surround her with one of them licking her as part of the herd. As they snuggle with Bumpy as she’s the youngest of them all. As Bumpy with her herd and Darius and Ben are about to leave, they hear the Scorpius Rex close by. As it gets closer the adult Ankylosauruses form a protective circle for Bumpy. As the Scorpius circles the her it notices Bumpy and begins its attack by clawing at them, but it’s unable to get through their armor and tries clawing at their face, but still can’t get through. As the Scorpius tries using its quills against them, but no affect and they begin swinging their club tails at it. After realizing it can’t win, it decides to leave. After the fight, the herd celebrates and snuggles around Bumpy that she’s safe and Ben decides to let her stay with them.

Stay on Mission[]

As the campers devise a plan to rescue Brooklynn from Henry Wu and his bodyguard Hawkes and stop him from getting the laptop. Ben decides to get Bumpy to help rescue Brooklynn. As Ben arrives at the site where the helicopter is, Bumpy and Ben says, "Up for one last battle, old friend?", Bumpy roars in agreement. As Ben sees Kenji doing the exchange and the plan change, he resumes his part by hoping on Bumpy and riding down the hill. Before Wu opens the laptop, Ben led Bumpy and her herd to attack Wu and Hawks while asking how he feels about her asymmetrical now. As Bumpy herd charges all over the place, Bumpy and Ben past by Wu as he drops the laptop and says "Guess who?". After Bumpy’s herd allows the others to rescue Brooklynn and destroy the laptop, Bumpy and the other campers reunite with Brooklynn and glad she’s safe. As, Hawkes chases after them, Bumpy and the campers run away until Wi convinces Hawkes they’re not our mission. As he divides down and causes Bumpy and the campers to fall to the ground, they leave. After the attack, they celebrate as they succeed and Ben thanks Bumpy for the help. But Ben realizes that this is goodbye and the campers gather around and hug her, then Ben walks with her and she roars softly as she says goodbye and joins up with her herd.

Season 4[]

Turning Dr. Turner[]

Yaz sees Kenji and Brooklynn getting and decides to give them privacy. So she distracts Ben by asking "who ate grubs first? Him or Bumpy? And Ben says "On purpose? Him". So Yaz gets Ben to tell his story. In Ben’s story, there was a time when Bumpy walked with her mouth full of grubs.

Rude Awakening[]

When everyone sees Pierce in the arctic biome, Ben says, "if something like this happened to Bumpy" he’d do the same. They all agree to help.

The Long Game[]

As Mae uses her tablet and demonstrates her ability to speak with Pierce, but Ben is unimpressed and states he and Bumpy to each other with their hearts. But Darius frowns at his way versus Mae’s way. Later in the Desert Biome, Darius speaks with Pierce and makes friends with him but he pushes him away, with Mae stating it takes time to believe a bond with a dinosaur. Ben replies that he and Bumpy bonded quickly, much to Darius’s frustration.


As Ben tries giving the food the baby Brachiosaurus, but fails, he comments and says "Bumpy would do anything for a few berries." Then he realizes that she wants to play with him. He states that Bumpy was all about the berries but realizes that she’s not Bumpy and decides to play with her

Taking Control[]

Later in the Jungle Biome, Sammy suggests Ben gives her a name with denying on giving her name, thinking about Bumpy and him leaving her behind too. As he states that he’s on Mantah Corp Island and she’s on Isla Nublar, while still refusing to get close to the baby brachiosaurus. Later, when Kash captured the baby brachiosaurus and got the chip to work, Ben stated that he left one behind and he won’t do it again and decided they need to take Kash down. After they defeated Kash, Ben and Darius rescue and Ben tell her she reminds him of Bumpy. As Ben believes Bumpy and Firecracker would’ve been great friends, he starts believing she's forgotten about him. This is disproven when Bumpy reappears at the campsite on one night. She roars out to see if Ben and the others are here but, displays signs of sadness and mourns when she realizes that her friends are gone before she lies down to take a rest all alone.

Season 5[]

Out of the Pack[]

During Mantah Corp's trip to Isla Nublar to capture several dinosaurs for their mind control chips, after Bumpy's herd runs past them, Bumpy jumps out of the bushes and is reunited with Kenji Kon. Bumpy happily greets Kenji by licking him and meets Mae who has heard wonderful things about her. As they are enjoying their reunion, Daniel Kon and Hawkes try to take the chance to tranquilize and capture Bumpy. Kenji gets in between them and Bumpy and tries convincing Daniel not to capture her, but with Mae, she convinces Daniel to get "to get a less wonky dinosaur". As Daniel agrees to let Bumpy and find a different one. As everyone gets back into the cars and Bumpy follows. She stays behind Kenji as his father tells him "not to embarrass him again". As Bumpy is still behind Kenji as he is sad that he disappointed his dad, while Daniel and Mae hoped in the cars.

Clean Break[]

As Kenji gets on the boat to try linking the tablet using the boat, he hears a familiar dinosaur roar and pounding on the cargo truck until one of the twins stopped it and Kenji decided to check it out. As Kenji takes his dad's keys and sneaks past the twins, he opens the cargo truck and it's revealed to be Bumpy. As she remains still and unable to move, Kenji robs Bumpy's head and promises her he'll get her out of here. Then he hears his father and he leaves Bumpy in her cargo truck before him sees him.

The Core[]

As they arrive, Kenji and the others begin unloading Toro, a Dimorphodon, and Limbo off the cargo trucks. As the campers leave to regroup, Ben hears a familiar dinosaur roar and is surprised to see who it is. Darius says "we stop them" until Yaz noticed Ben is gone and when they heard a familiar roar and looked down the hill, they were surprised to see that Bumpy was one of the mind controlled dinosaurs.


As Hawkes, Godinez and The twins take control and they Toro, Dimorphodon, Limbo, and Bumpy through the tunnels to the Jungle biome. Daniel explains to Kenji that the campers escaped and he decides to use Bumpy as leverage against them if they try anything dangerous. In the Jungle biome, one of the twins begins practicing on controlling Toro by having him growl. As the other one has run while running into a cage, while not caring and has her hit her head against the cage. As Ben and Kenji decide to work together, the twins are controlling Toro and Bumpy and having them walk around. As, Kenji gets the twins to leave the assets, Ben run over and hugs Bumpy and says "let's go", but she's unable to move. He tries pushing her to get her to move but she's still unable to move, he tries offering her berries but she's unable to take them. As she remains unable to move, Ben and Kenji argue about how to get her to move, until she begins moving. Ben believes she's herself again until she roars at Ben, revealing she's under the twins control. Bumpy begins her attack by swinging her tail trying hit them, but they dodge and try to run away, but Bumpy chases after them and cuts off their escape. Then she tries to hit them again with her tail but they dodge her again. As Kenji fails to get the controller, Ben is left to face Bumpy as he refuses to leave her. She gets closer until she rams and slams Ben against a cage. As Bumpy towers over Ben, he knows this isn't fault, then roars at Ben and as she prepares to crush him with her tail, Ben says "No matter what happens, I forgive you, Bumper Car." As she was about to crush him, her tail stops as she fights back over their control. As she still fights back over their commands, Ben tells Bumpy to fight it and she's starting to resist their control more and more. Then Kenji takes and breaks the controller, he frees Bumpy completely. Once freed, Bumpy goes up to Ben and licks him and hug each other. Now free Ben hops on Bumpy, she begins slamming her tail and she and Ben roar in angry and chase away the twins. Kenji hops on Bumpy with Ben and they head to the Forest biome to meet with the others. As, the other camper leave an opening for Ben and Bumpy, they hear heavy footsteps coming and as they are about to hide, they hear a familiar roar and see that it's Ben and Bumpy and they made it with help from Kenji

The Last Stand[]

Bumpy later joins Ben, Darius, Kenji and the other dinosaurs in battling Daniel, his mercenaries and his mind controlled dinosaurs.

The Nublar Six[]

As Mantah Corp Island is safe and Daniel Kon gone, Ben rides on Bumpy to the watering hole and sees the other dinosaurs drinking peacefully. When the campers get rescued, Ben leaves her behind on Mantah Corp Island under Mae's care. Two years later, Bumpy pops her head into one of the group's video calls with Ben while he is spending his summer on the island studying the dinosaurs with Mae.

Jurassic World: Chaos Theory[]

Season 1[]

Down on the Ranch[]

On Sammy’s ranch, Sammy decides shows Darius and Ben that Bumpy is on her farm while she chases a few birds around. As Ben and Bumpy are happy to see each other again, they both run toward each other. As they both get close, Ben realizes that she might run him, so he stops and shields himself, but Bumpy stops to and lifts him her head and he hugs her. As Ben scratches her favorite spot, Sammy says she brought her to the mainland before the DPW investigation will take out all the creatures from Mantah Corp Island, after discovering their existence.


At night the DPW lure Bumpy over to them trying to capture her. Bumpy arrives with a giant net on her in their attempt to capture her. She then shakes off, DPW officers take aim at Bumpy, she gets scared of the guns, and they begin tranquilizing her and she begins to cry out as she falls asleep.

The Drop[]

As Ben, Sammy and Yaz are investigating the DPW, they hear a dinosaur roar and recognize it was Bumpy. As they found Bumpy in her cage, she begins going crazy. As Ben opens her cage, before they could escape, DPW workers find Bumpy and load her onto a truck. Ben hops on to find out where they’re taking Bumpy.

Into the Fog[]

As Ben and Bumpy in the truck together Ben grows more concerned of Bumpy as she’s in pain and thrashing around in the truck. Two guys say "transfer the sick one into the shipping container. Leaving Ben to believe that Bumpy might be dying. Ben gets out of the truck to avoid being seen, while two workers shock Bumpy to force out of the truck. They load her onto a ship container ready to be boarded on the ship. Ben finds the others and tells them "Bumpy’s dying". As Ben and tries to open Bumpy container, the others make noise to get the dinosaurs calling to hide what they’re doing. As Ben and Sammy try to find out what’s wrong with Bumpy, Sammy has a theory, while Darius, Kenji and Yaz are worried of losing Bumpy. As Bumpy stops moving, the others believe they lost her, while Sammy and Ben tell them she was pregnant. As Sammy explains she must have been escaping from her ranch to see Mr. Rightosaurus, much to Ben’s surprise. Realizing that Ben’s a grandpa and Sammy’s a grandma.

The End of the Beginning[]

As the Nublar Six begins to escape from Dudley Cabrera, Ben lays Bumpy’s unborn egg next to her for safe keeping. After defeating Dudley Cabrera and the Broker's forces, the Nublar Six leave Bumpy and the other dinosaurs for Mateo and the authorities to take care of while they go after the Broker. Ben tells Mateo to make sure to take very good care of Bumpy and her egg.


Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous[]

Season 1[]

Season 2[]

Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous: Hidden Adventure (players choice)[]

Season 3[]

Season 4[]

Season 5[]

Jurassic World: Chaos Theory[]

Season 1[]


Promotional Images[]

Camp Cretaceous[]

Chaos Theory[]

Behind the Scenes[]

Bumpy went through multiple iterations, most of which being of multiple different other species of dinosaur (including Carnotaurus, Pachycephalosaurus, Maiasaura, Parasaurolophus, Styracosaurus, Protoceratops, Ceratosaurus, Yutyrannus, Cryolophosaurus, and Allosaurus), before the decision to make her an Ankylosaur was reached.

Bumpy's adult appearance resembles the Ankylosaurus Gen 2 from Jurassic World: Alive.


  • Bumpy is the second dinosaur in Jurassic World that has asymmetry. (The first being Blue with her blue stripes.)
  • Some fans view Bumpy as the unofficial "seventh" member of the Nublar Six.
  • In Jurassic World: Chaos Theory, some of Bumpy’s roars and bellows are reused from Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon.



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