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Bumpy is an Ankylosaurus that was born in Jurassic World. Born with one large horn, Bumpy first saw Ben Pincus when hatched leading Bumpy to be close to the boy. Later on, Bumpy joined Ben and the rest of the campers from Camp Cretaceous after the escape of the Indominus rex. In Season 2, Ben also nicknamed her "Bumps". In Season 3, Yasmina also nicknamed her "Bumpster", while Ben in Season 3 sometimes called her "Bumper Car".

Bumpy appears in the animated TV series Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous.

Physical Appearance

Bumpy is of dull yellow complexion, with greenish-blue coloration on her armour and the top of her legs. This is in contrast to the full grown Ankylosaurs which are dull gray in color. Due to her age, Bumpy is only around the size of a large dog, with dull osteoderms distributed across her body and a short, stumpy tail and club. Due to her premature birth, the spikes on the back of her head are asymmetrical, with the one on the right being larger and less blunt than the other (left one).

Within a few weeks, Bumpy has grown to near full-size, being slightly smaller than the rest of her species; comprised mostly of greenish-blue complexion, with dull yellow colouration on her underbelly and bottom of her legs.


As an infant, Bumpy thought the first thing she saw as to be her 'mother', which happened to be Ben. Upon reuniting with Ben, Bumpy had experienced much growth, alternating between her herd and adopted parent during the presence of the Indominus rex.

Bumpy later stumbles across Ben, finding his body on the jungle floor. The two spend time together, with Bumpy providing protection from the Compsognathus and even finding berries suitable for consumption. Ben soon tires of Bumpy always occupying his den (composed of large leaves) and vents his frustration out on her. The two later reunite when Bumpy saves Ben's life from a near death encounter with Toro. Bumpy now serves as a force to be reckoned with, providing protection to Ben and his fellow campers, and making Hap uncomfortable.

It was revealed that Bumpy is still younger to her kind. As a group of Ankylosaurus treated her as juvenile in order to protect her from predators in defensive circle as she was part of the new herd and she was quite smaller then the others likely adolescent size. It’s possible that Bumpy maintains a young brain level.


Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous

Season 1

On the second day campers arrived at Camp Cretaceous, a group of campers (excluding Kenji and Darius, as punishment for entering the Raptor Paddock) were taken to Henry Wu's lab. Soon after they arrived, Bumpy began hatching out of her egg, and camper Ben Pincus helped her out, causing her to imprint on him. Although the two would begin to spend some time together, the group were quickly forced to leave ruining the moment, as Brooklynn was caught breaking into Wu's lab, with Wu aggressively taking her and setting her back down on the egg platform.

Soon Bumpy reunites with Ben after the group came a cross an Ankylosaurus corpse and joins them as they find a genetics lane where a scientist named Eddie is hiding. Soon he tells them Dr. Wu's involvement with the creation of the Indominus rex and runs out when he finds out about the van they came by but soon the Indominus comes along and eats him. Bumpy inadvertently tripping Yaz saved her from the same fate. Bumpy and the campers escape the Indominus rex and later Toro, and then get on the monorail. However, Ben ends up falling off the monorail after being attacked by a Pteranodon. After everyone jumps off the monorail, she supposedly disappears. However, in the last scene, she is shown to have found Ben.

Season 2

After finding Ben, the two fall into a routine, mirroring Bumpy to find food and water, and Bumpy constantly taking his sleeping spot. Eventually, Ben became enraged and scared Bumpy off, but soon regretted his decision and goes looking for her. Shortly after, Ben developed the courage to stand up for himself and faced Toro. During the fight, a grown up Bumpy showed up and helped Ben fend off Toro, eventually resulting in the two causing Toro to fall off the edge. Ben is happy to see Bumpy again.

They then go after a distant campsite, and overheard Mitch, Tiff, and Hap discussing his friends, which alerted Ben to something amiss. After spotting Hap supposedly attack Brooklynn and Kenji, Ben briefly knocked him out. Brooklyn and Kenji were shocked to see Ben and Bumpy.

Hap led the four to a storage unit, where they find a motorcycle. Brooklynn, Kenji and Hap piled on the motorcycle while Ben rode Bumpy out of the storage unit amidst an explosion.

Bumpy went with the campers into the tunnels, hoping to arrive at Main Street in time to help Darius and Sammy. However, a gate blocks their path, so she followed Brooklynn deeper into the structure to eventually find a backup power facility. She's unable to help, but eventually Kenji managed to restore the power. It takes them a good deal of time, but eventually they were able to gain enough control of the island to reactivate the hologram of a Tyrannosaurus rex, which distracted the real Rex and allows Darius and Sammy to escape.

Ben rode on Bumpy with Sammy and flashes lights and screams to scare the dinosaurs into a stampede, and both Bumpy and Ben recover Yaz when her car breaks down. They then flee from Rexy, who drove the dinosaurs right back in the other direction. Bumpy eventually escaped and rendezvous with everyone else.

Season 3

When the campers leave the island on a boat. Bumpy ran up the beach, making Ben sad. However, the campers were swept away and back on the island due to a huge wave. After getting back on the island, Ben called out Bumpy's name, who finds him and starts licking him.

Ben does not want to leave Bumpy again. However, after the campers learn that Mitch and Tiff's boat is still there, Ben is happy because he can bring Bumpy along with them.

Bumpy spent most of her time with Ben. She actually started to take a liking to Yaz, but is cold to Sammy, though she does later save her from an Ouranosaurus. It is eventually revealed that what draws Bumpy to Yasmina is the food in her pocket.

Later on, Bumpy ran off shortly before the Scorpios Rex attacked the campers. After the attack, Ben was gathering supplies and noticed Bumpy's footprints and decided to go looking for her. Darius followed Ben because the plan was to leave the island. After Darius and Ben find Bumpy, they notice that she has found her own herd of Ankylosaurus, all of whom are bigger and older than her. However, the Scorpios rex suddenly arrived and proceeded to attack Bumpy and the herd, which scares Ben. Fortunately, her herd protected Bumpy by surrounding her and using their bony plates and spikes on their bodies and heads to avoid the Scorpios rex's claws and being infected by the Scorpios rex's quills and using their clubs on their tails to scare off the Scorpius rex, eventually resulting in the latter giving up and walking away. Ben then realized that he can no longer protect Bumpy, and that Bumpy is now protected by her herd.

Later on, when the campers come up with a plan to rescue Brooklyn (She had been captured by Henry Wu's guard Hawkes) and get Wu's laptop, Ben led Bumpy and her herd to attack Wu and Hawks, eventually resulting in Wu's laptop being destroyed.

After the attack, Ben sadly said goodbye to Bumpy. The other campers join Ben in hugging and saying goodbye to Bumpy. When Ben watches Bumpy go back to her herd, he smiles. With Ben and the other campers leaving the island after saying goodbye to Bumpy.

Season 4

Bumpy is mentioned several times by Ben, who believes she's forgotten about him. This is disproven when Bumpy reappears at the campsite on one night. She roars out to see if Ben and the others are here but, displays signs of sadness and mourns when she realizes that her friends are gone before she lies down to take a rest all alone.

Season 5

Bumpy is seen with Ben on her back walking towards and reuniting with the rest of campers. Also, she's seen with Ben hugging and crying at the sight of finally reuniting with each other again, but she shows no sign of emotion when Ben hugs emphasizing that she's being mind controlled.

Eruption of Mt. Sibo

An interview with director Colin Trevorrow indicates that Bumpy survived the 2018 Mt. Sibo Eruption.[1] It is unclear if she was captured by mercenaries and subsequently released into California by Maisie Lockwood, or if she was removed from Isla Nublar beforehand.


Promotional Images

Camp Cretaceous

Behind the Scenes

Bumpy went through multiple iterations, most of which being of multiple different other species of dinosaur (including Carnotaurus, Pachycephalosaurus, Maiasaura, Parasaurolophus, Styracosaurus, Protoceratops, Ceratosaurus, Yutyrannus, Cryolophosaurus, and Allosaurus), before the decision to make her an Ankylosaurus was reached.

Bumpy's adult appearance resembles the Gen 2 Ankylosaurus from Jurassic World: Alive.


  • Bumpy is the second dinosaur in Jurassic World that has asymmetry. (The first being Blue with her blue stripes.)



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