In the chapter Bungalow reveals where John Hammond and Dr. Henry Wu are during the current events, a new discovery in the search for Dennis Nedry, and further follows Dr. Gerry Harding's group.


Dr. Henry Wu and John Hammond finish their dinner inside Hammond's Bungalow, despite Wu wanting to examine data about the dinosaurs to see if they are actually breeding like Dr. Alan Grant and Dr. Ian Malcolm believe. Dr. Wu notices that the video monitor in the bungalow is offline, so Hammond checks the phones only to find them down as well. Henry says that he might need to go to the Control Room to discover the cause, but John Hammond assures him that everything's under control and that they would be alerted if there was any problem.

After receiving their dessert, John Hammond talks to Wu about his greatest fear for the park: dying before Jurassic Park opens and that he will never see the delight of the children visiting. He also tells how the original purpose of InGen was freedom from government intervention and his plans to build Jurassic Parks in other countries.

At the Control Room, Robert Muldoon and John Arnold are approached by a security guard who tells them that they have not found Dennis Nedry, but another guard named Jimmy did see Nedry go into the Garage 10-15 minutes ago.

Meanwhile Dr. Gerry Harding, Dr. Ellie Sattler, and Donald Gennaro witness a herd of an Apatosaurus cross the road to which Dr. Sattler and Gennaro are amazed by how fearless the sauropods are.

At the bungalow, Dr. Wu is talking to Hammond about the pressures that could cease Jurassic Park from operating to which John insists that nothing can stop him from opening his park.

The chapter ends with Dr. Harding's group going through the Jungle River Cruise where they find a pack of Procompsognathus exhibiting scavenging behavior. Out of curiosity, the group decides to follow the small dinosaurs to find out what is attracting them.

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