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Camp Cretaceous (Episode) is the first episode in the Netflix series, Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous. The episode was released on September 18, 2020.


After waiting his whole life to see dinosaurs, Darius wins the chance to join five other campers on Isla Nublar for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Plot Summary

The episode begins with a sequence from a Virtual Reality Jurassic World themed video game. During the gameplay, there is an emergency in the camp at Jurassic World. One of the rangers is rushing through the forest. He attempts to get to a helicopter before the Tyrannosaurus rex catches him. The unfortunate ranger gets caught and eaten, leaving the person recording the video on their own. The Tyrannosaurus rex then approaches and devours the person recording the video within the game.

After the game ends, Darius (who is then revealed to be controlling the player) is super bummed that he lost. As Darius wants to beat the game so that he can win a trip to Jurassic World. Darius' brother, Brendon Bowman soon enters his bedroom and expresses his concern that Darius' too dedicated to the video game. In the middle of the night, Darius wakes up realizing the strategy to winning the VR game. He proceeds to beat the game and is invited to “Camp Cretaceous”, making his dreams of winning a trip to Jurassic World come true.

Darius arrives at the camp and is introduced to the other campers; BrooklynnSammyBenYaz (All of which made it into Camp Cretacous in some way or another) as well as the camp counselers Dave and Roxie. Roxie realizes one camper is missing and; right at that moment, the rich teenager and "self-proclaimed alpha male of the group" Kenji Kon arrives in a helicopter much to the dismay of Dave and Roxie. Kenji tosses his luggage to Roxie demanding she carries it, only to have her hurl his duffel bag at himself.

The campers including Darius are then camp in a truck, Dave and Roxie soon notice a small dinosaur hiding in the bushes before stopping the vehicle and leaving the car, each armed with a net to approach it. While the campers are waiting a Compsognathus pounces onto Darius before it is caught by Roxie and put in a cage. Soon after, the group arrives at Camp Cretaceous.

The camp counselers give the group a set of instructions, including a curfew due to safety concerns as they are in a dinosaur-filled jungle. Darius is eager to see dinosaurs straight away; so the counselers decide to take the group to a seated glider bridge to inspect different herbivorous breeds.

Later the middle of the night, Darius decides to sneak out; only to be caught by Kenji. Kenji begins to show off, making out that Darius is intimidated by him because of his wealth. Brooklynn (who also decided to sneak out) takes a photo of them, describing the situation as "toxic masculinity". Darius explains that arriving at Jurassic World (park) is his dream come true and he was only intending to explore. The three agree to sneak out and almost run into a park worker.

While outside, Kenji loses Brooklynn’s phone down an enclosed paddock area. He jumps down and offers to take a photo for Brooklynn’s social media followers. A Velociraptor then approaches him; Kenji takes a photo of it which only succeeds in provoking it further. Darius then breaks a steam pipe to keep the Velociraptor busy, but then finds the Velociraptor pack surrounding himself and Kenji.

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"Dude, please tell me you have a plan."
—Kenji to Darius([[|src]])





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