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Carnotaurus ("meat-eating bull"), was one of the most bizarre yet dangerous meat-eating dinosaurs ever found. Its skull was short, with spiked armor on the top and a pair of knobby horns over its small eyes. The neck and shoulder blades were well developed, but the arms were incredibly short, with forearms so shrunken they were practically just wrists; not even Tyrannosaurus rex had such small arms.[1]

With its small skull, Carnotaurus might not have been able to attack big plant-eaters, but it was probably fast due to its long and powerfully built legs and could have easily chased down smaller, agile prey.[1] In fact research as indicated that despite Carnotaurus’ small head, its jaws were able to open very widely apart from other theropod dinosaurs in order to catch prey.

The horns of Carnotaurus look something like those of a bull - and like a bull, it may have used them in contests with others of its own species. In this way, two Carnotaurus could test each other's strength without either of them seriously injuring the other.[1]

Carnotaurus has become quite famous as a result of its starring role in the Disney animated film Dinosaur, however the animal depicted in the film are closer in size to Tyrannosaurus rex than the actual real Carnotaurus.

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Two Carnotaurus were recreated for the original Jurassic Park, but they were never transferred to Isla Nublar. It is unknown what happened to them after Hurricane Clarissa struck the island.[citation needed]

In 2009 Carnotaurus became one of dinosaurs exhibited as an attraction in Jurassic World. However, the exact attraction in which it was included is unknown, as the dinosaur was not mentioned in any of the advertising brochures for the park. At least one Carnotaurus named Toro ultimately proved to be too aggressive, which is why he was housed in a own paddock away from the visitors.[citation needed]

Jurassic World

Genetic material of Carnotaurus was, in 2014, used in the creation of the genetic hybrid Indominus rex.[2]

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

It is revealed that there are surviving Carnotaurus populations remaining on Isla Nublar, but will now face an impending danger, alongside many other creatures, in the form of an erupting volcano.[3]

These clones looked a bit different from their real-life counterparts. They were slightly oversized, being 10.4 meters (34.10 feet) instead of 9 meters (30 feet) when fully grown, had a broader snout, had pronated wrists like all of InGen’s cloned theropods, has a shrink wrapped face, had spikes rather than rounded osteoderms, lacks lips covering its teeth, has larger arms than in life with actual elbows, claws on all four fingers rather than just three of the four of the originals, and the speed was reduced. There seem to be two variations of the Carnotaurus: the first variations' coloration is a subdued red with several black marks across its entire body. The other variation is mainly black with reddish-pink marks going from the face and across the back.[3] It is unclear if these different variants are a result of them being different genders, or if they are a result of them being different clones.

Carnotaurus roaring in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

It first is shown that a Carnotaurus attacked Owen Grady, Claire Dearing and Franklin Webb as the volcano exploded at the Gyrosphere 08. It peers close to the Gyrosphere and roars. Soon, a Sinoceratops starts fighting with the Carnotaurus during the eruption. After a short fight, the Sinoceratops runs off and the Carnotaurus returned to attacking the humans. It begins to charge the humans but the T. rex of Isla Nublar intercepted and pinned it down during the chaos, killing the Carnotaurus in the process.[3]

Carnotaurus snatching Eli Mills' leg from the Rexy in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

At least two Carnotaurus were captured by Eli Mills and brought to the Lockwood Manor and were freed along with the other dinosaurs by Maisie Lockwood. One of the Carnotaurus, who has a broken horn and scars on its face, joins the T. rex of Isla Nublar in tearing apart and eating Eli Mills as he attempts to flee the manor with the Indominus rex DNA sample that is eventually destroyed during the attack. The T. rex then knocks over the Carnotaurus with her head and the Carnotaurus gets up and runs off.[3]


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Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

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Behind the Scenes

  • The color of the level 30 Carnotaurus in Jurassic Park: Builder is similar to the colors of the one from Disney's Dinosaur while the bulkiness of the level 40 Carnotaurus in Jurassic World: The Game is similar to the one in the film as well.
  • The sounds of the Carnotaurus in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom were made from vocalizations from an orangutan and of Styrofoam with a double-bass bow typically used by classical musicians.[4]
  • The coloration of the two Carnotaurus in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom are likely influenced by the two Carnotaurus from the Jurassic Park toy line by Kenner. The first Carnotaurus has a color scheme that resembles the "Bonebreaker" from Series 1 of The Lost World, while the second Carnotaurus has a coloration that is nearly identical to the "Demon" from Series 2 of Jurassic Park.


  • The Carnotaurus is possibly a reference to the Carnotaurus from Disney's Dinosaur who had dark red colouration throughout the top of its head and to the tip of its tail.



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