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Carolyn O'Hara[1] is a Biosyn employee seen in Jurassic World: Dominion.


Jurassic World: Dominion[]

Carolyn and Rainn Delacourt trapped and kidnapped Maisie Lockwood at Biosyn's behest when she cycled to the bridge between her house and the local town. Some time later, they land in Malta. Maisie disembarks from the jet and states she doesn't want to walk towards Soyona Santos' car, but O'Hara tells her it's not a choice.


  • In the junior novelization of Dominion based on an early script, O'Hara has a different dialogue when she cornered Maisie in the bridge. O'Hara tells Maisie, "thank God you're okay." Maisie asks who O'Hara is, to which O'Hara responds that they have been looking for her "for a long time".


  1. Name given in the credits.