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Chaos Theory is the eighth and final episode of the second season in the Netflix series, Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous. The episode was released on January 22, 2021.


A guilty Darius is determined to protect the island's innocent dinos — even if he has to do it all alone. But with luck, maybe he won't have to…

Plot Summary[]

Rexy the T. rex and her holographic duplicate continue to roar at each other, but eventually the real rex realizes that the hologram is playing on a loop, and wanders off.

Meanwhile, Darius wants the campers to all go to the boat and escape Isla Nublar while he confronts the hunters, but suddenly Ben Pincus' own voice emits from the speaker, telling him they won't allow this, since they could overhear Darius' plan once they managed to get audio input working. This shocks Darius, but he quickly complies and directs Kenji to come pick himself and Sammy up, while he directs Ben and Yaz to drive the dinosaurs away from the watering hole so that the hunters cannot get them; lastly, he directs Brooklyn to be their eyes and ears, monitoring everything from the control room.

Mitch and Tiff are considerably less focused, arguing with each other about Kenya and the situation they've landed themselves in. Tiff even tries to go over the fence to reach the watering hole, but Brooklynn left her a nasty surprise: she electrified the fence. Now in complete control of the island's systems, Brooklynn's voice rolls out of the speakers to mock the two hunters, but this only galvanizes them and resolves their earlier argument. Now determined to kill some dinosaurs, they go to continue on, but at that moment Grim arrives and tries to kill them. Tiff is fired up and well-prepared for this, quickly grabbing the gun from Mitch and ending the Baryonyx right there.

"Hey, next time you two wanna have a touching moment, maybe kick the guns a bit further away."

Jubilant, they continue on to kill even more dinosaurs, eventually managing to destroy the transformer powering the fence and scale it. Darius splits up to get ahead of the hunters, but Brooklynn realizes that he's trying to be a hero again, so she quickly gets a vehicle and goes after him. Darius confronts the armed hunters, but before any conflict can begin, Brooklyn runs them over in a Gyrosphere. She gets out and begins having "touching moment" with Darius, long enough for the hunters to get up and recover their guns. However, they've successfully stalled the hunters just long enough for Kenji, Yaz, Sammy, and Ben to come over the horizon in vehicles and on dinosaurs, flashing lights and blasting music, which causes the dinosaurs at the watering hole to stampede out of range.

While the hunters stand stupefied, Darius and Brooklynn quickly re-enter the Gyrosphere and book it, but things begin to go awry when Rexy arrives back on the plain and starts driving the dinosaurs back toward the hunters. Yaz's car breaks down, forcing Ben to circle back around to recover her and flee just as the stampede and Rexy arrive. There's a chase, but Bumpy runs "cross-stream" to the direction the stampede is running in, preventing Rexy from closing. Eventually they manage to turn sharply and Rexy is left sputtering and roaring behind them.

Driven before the stampede

Darius and Brooklynn tossed ahead by a stampede

Darius and Brooklynn are not nearly so fortunate, because their Gyrosphere breaks down and they're left stranded. The hunters catch them briefly, but then run away when they notice the stampede, which slams into the Gyrosphere and sends them flying. Eventually the Gyrosphere turns on again and they speed ahead and away from the stampede. The hunters, without a vehicle, don't have as much luck. They try to go to a tree for safety, but Mitch is caught by his own snare trap. The stampede passes them by, but it crushes their guns underfoot, and Rexy isn't much farther behind. Unable to free Mitch, Tiff abandons her husband to be eaten by Rexy.

Tiff beats Darius and Brooklynn to the docks and gets in her boat, leaving them behind once again. She screams spitefully at them that she won't even tell anyone they're on the island. However, as she sails away, Chaos and Limbo reveal themselves, having stowed away on the boat, and promptly eat her. On the island itself, everyone reunites and a group hug forms around Darius and Ben, who finally met in person since Ben's fall. Darius then decides that they have to find their own way off Isla Nublar.

The power grid collapses again as the Compsognathus dinosaurs chew through the wires, and deep beneath the ground, E750 starts roaring.

Characters and Cast[]