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"Life on Earth has existed for hundreds of millions of years. And dinosaurs were only a part of that, and we’re an even smaller part of that. They really put us in perspective. The idea that life on Earth existed 65 million years ago... it’s humbling. We act like we’re alone here, but we’re not. We’re part of a fragile system made up of all living things. If we’re going to survive, we’ll have to trust each other, depend on each other, coexist."
—Charlotte Lockwood(src)

Charlotte Lockwood was the daughter of Benjamin Lockwood, the former partner of John Hammond in creation of Jurassic Park and company InGen and the genetic mother of Maisie Lockwood who she created with her own DNA.

She was raised by the housekeeper of Lockwood Manor, Iris Carroll, and grew up to become one of Jurassic Park's lead geneticists.


Charlotte was born in the 1970s to her father Benjamin Lockwood and was raised in Lockwood Manor.

According to Henry Wu, Charlotte worked with him at Site B and was one of InGen's best geneticists between the early 1990s and the late 2000s. She also lived there, growing up around scientists and science itself, loving dinosaurs, and eventually becoming a brilliant scientist herself.

Following Hurricane Clarissa, Charlotte tried to use the cloning technology as a means to undergo trials of creating a child to combat her infertility, utilizing her own DNA for the experiments.

Charlotte's video diaries also revealed her pregnant with Maisie and showing her infant daughter on screen. As put by Wu, Charlotte had a genetic disease, which she did not realize plagued her until after her daughter was born, that wound up killing her when Maisie was very young. To prevent Maisie from succumbing to the same illness, Charlotte healed her daughter-clone with a genetic treatment. After Charlotte died, Lockwood covered up her death by saying it was due to a car accident, all to defend Charlotte's legacy. Ellie Sattler also revealed that Charlotte lectured at her university and they were good friends, despite not knowing each other very long. But Ellie knew Charlotte long enough to know she loved Maisie more than anything and that she wanted Maisie to have what Charlotte never did: a normal life.


Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom[]

While she never makes an appearance in the film, she appears in pictures in Lockwood's scrapbook, and is mentioned by Eli Mills when he discovers Maisie by the side of Owen Grady and Claire Dearing. As Maisie asks Benjamin whether her mother ever visited Jurassic Park and he responds that she did.

In the movie, it is told that she died untimely in a car crash along with her husband, causing Benjamin much distress. While Benjamin wanted to bring his daughter back through cloning, Hammond was opposed by the idea. This caused a break in the relationship between the two partners that was seemingly never rekindled. After the death of John Hammond, Lockwood went ahead and allegedly cloned his once daughter, resulting in Maisie Lockwood. Lockwood then kept Maisie's past secret to most visitors to the mansion by stating Maisie is his granddaughter, the daughter of his own daughter and her husband.

Jurassic World: Dominion[]

Once Maisie is brought along with Beta to Henry Wu in the Biosyn Sanctuary, he shows videos of Charlotte and explains to her who she was in life and reveals the actual truth about Maisie's origins, and therefore, Wu's struggle to recreate Charlotte's attempts, in order to end the locust problem. After successfully finding a solution, Wu publicly credits it to Charlotte's work.

Personality & Traits[]

Charlotte was credited as a good and kind-hearted person. Like her daughter, she loved dinosaurs. Henry Wu described her as "brilliant in ways I'll never be." Even up to her death, she believed that coexistence between human and dinosaurs was possible, regardless of the challenges.



  • When Maisie asked Benjamin whether her mother ever visited the park, he said that she did. It was implied that she visited the park, but instead she actually worked there and at Site B.
  • Benjamin claimed Charlotte died in a car accident with her husband, but it was revealed to be a cover story, and that Maisie was solely a clone of Charlotte. It remains unknown if Charlotte actually did or did not actually have a husband.
  • Charlotte Lockwood is portrayed as speaking in an English accent despite having been brought up in Lockwood Manor in California. This is possibly due to Iris Carrol serving as her primary caretaker (which she continued with the also English accented Maisie).