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Chungkingosaurus is an unlockable dinosaur in Jurassic World Evolution.


Chungkingosaurus fossils are unlocked once the player has building an expedition center and a fossil center on Isla Muerta.

Base Stats (at 100% Genome)

Attack 66
Defense 20
Lifespan 80
Resilience 52
Rating 42
Incubation Cost $275,000

Dig Sites

  • Ziliujing Formation


  • Tundra Pattern
  • Savannah Pattern
  • Rainforest Pattern
  • Jungle Pattern
  • Arid Pattern

Tour Information

Release From Hatchery

I know this one... a herbivore called Chungkingosaurus. Can you guess where it was first found? Don't tell me scientists don't have a sense of humour.

- Cabot Finch

Jurassic Tour

"Chungkningosaurus is one of the smallest known Stegosaurs. The name means "Chongqing lizard",  a reference to where the fossils were first discovered."
"In spite of her small size, Chungkingosaurus can use her tail spikes to defend herself against much larger predators."


Chungkingosaurus has 9 Gap ID slots to modify.

  1. Cosmetic
  2. Defense
  3. Lifespan
  4. Resilience
  5. Habitat
  6. Lifespan
  7. Stress
  8. Social
  9. Resilience

Bio (With Base Genome)


Like other stegosaurids, Chungkingosaurus eats from ground herbivore feeders. They are armored and possess spiked tail capable of inflicting damage to other dinosaurs.
Chungkingosaurus prefers modest sized social groups. They will tolerate some other dinosaurs from other species, but don't like to feel overwhelmed. 
Chungkingosaurus requires a good sized territory with plenty of grassland, an a slightly smaller area of forest.


Armored Herbivore

Health Requirement

Appetite 79
Metabolism 2.09

Comfort Requirement

Comfort Threshold 50%
Grassland 12,000 m2
Forest 9,700 m2
Wetland 0 m2
Ideal Population 2 - 18
Social Group 2 - 12


Susceptible Braken Poisoning
Immune Common Cold


Health Recovery 0.15% / s
Comfort Recovery 0.60% / s
Sedative Resistance 82
Medical Dart Resistance 82
Poison Resistance 100

Food Preference

Primary Preference Mosses
Secondary Preference Paw Paw
Harmed By: Rotten Wood

InGen Database


Era Late Jurassic
Family Huayangosauridae
Genus Chungkingosaurus
Height 2.4 m
Weight 3 T
Length 7.5 m
Feeder Type Ground Herbivore


Chungkiingosaurus is on of the smallest known Stegosaurs. It was a herbivore that once roamed China. Its name means "Chongqing lizard".
Like Stegosaurus, it possessed tail spikes to defend itself with. Its smaller size, smaller snout, and non-overlapping teeth differentiated it from Tuojiangosaurus which it closely resembled.


Material for Chungkingosaurus was found from 1977 onwards in the Chunking Group of the Upper Shaximiao Formation.


The varied dinosaur and other finds from the Upper Shaximiao Formation indicate a diverse environment. Crocodile and turtle fossils suggest plentiful water of an open nature.


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