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"Do you remember the first time you saw a dinosaur? First time you see them, it's like... a miracle. You read about them in books, you see the bones in museums, but you don't really believe it. They're like myths. And then you see... the first one alive."
—Claire Dearing to Owen Grady(src)

Claire Dearing is the leader of the Dinosaur Protection Group and the former park operations manager of Jurassic World, before the park's abandonment in 2015 upon the escape of the Indominus rex. She founded the DPG after her experience in the Jurassic World incident, and rededicated to the survival and prosperity of the surviving dinosaurs. She is currently dating Owen Grady and, alongside him, is a guardian and adoptive parent of Maisie Lockwood.​​​​ She is Karen Mitchell's younger sister and Zach and Gray's aunt.

Claire is the protagonist of the Jurassic World Trilogy and is portrayed on screen and in expanded media by American actress Bryce Dallas Howard.


Early life[]

Claire Dearing was (possibly) born in 1985 and is Karen's younger sister. The two sisters grew up in a small home on the outskirts of an unnamed town in a more rural area. Their house was small and was on two flat acres at the edge of a white beech grove. Their father kept bees and fixed trucks in a detached garage. When the girls were born, their father planted apple trees and still pruned them when they became young adults. According to Claire, she had a happy, normal childhood and described their upbringing as "somewhat country".

Claire was passionate about animals and wildlife from a young age; her mother would later remark that she always suspected Claire would become a veterinarian due to this passion. At 12-years-old, Claire discovered Roo, a Pyrenees mix breed dog, kept at a warehouse as a guard dog on a five-foot chain. The warehouse keepers gave the dog minimal food that was too little but enough to keep Animal Control away from taking the animal. Claire would often visit the dog and talk to it to keep it company since it was too far away to pet. She'd visit Roo during the cold winters and the hot summers, and Roo would have to be outside and endure the harsh elements.

Claire became determined to rescue Roo, focusing all of her energy on this and reading up on animal laws at the library. She also took pictures every day and built up a case, and after six months, Animal Control was able to free the dog. This experience was the first that inspired Claire to aid animal life and enter law school to change laws to achieve her goal of helping them. Sometime around when Karen was in college, Claire found an injured baby fox in a field. As the baby's paw was injured and Karen's place was close by, Claire brought the fox with her to wait for a few hours until the arrival of a wildlife rehab employee. According to Karen, this baby fox scared her roommate so much that she screamed.

Karen would later marry Scott Mitchell with whom she'd have two children, Zach and Gray. As Claire went to college right after high school, Karen stuck around their hometown and often visited their parents. However, Claire would rarely call and wouldn't visit as she was entirely focused on her studies, causing some strain in her relationship with her family.


By 2004, Claire had two pets. A blue-tongued skink named Sally (after Sally Ride) and a dog named Earheart, presumably named after Amelia Earheart. Claire brought Sally to live in her college's dorms with her roommate Regina while Earheart lived with Claire's parents in their family home. It is unknown if either pet is still living by 2015. While at College she studied Political Science believing it the best way to protect the rights of animals.

After her first year of college ended, Claire applied for six internships in which only one - an internship at Washington D.C. - was rejected due to the age restrictions being updated, making her ineligible. The remaining five were all accepted, but the only one Claire was directly interested in was the Bright Minds Internship, a program for college students to intern at the upcoming theme park Jurassic World.[2] Although Claire believed getting into law was the responsible adult path, after talking to Karen, Claire decided to accept the Bright Minds Internship as the park was a brand new frontier that would change the world.

Bright Minds[]

During that summer, Claire befriended Justin Hendricks, with whom she became romantically linked. Claire also bonded with other interns AmandaEric SkyeTanya SkyeRonnie Torres, and Art. Claire learned a lot about the park and impressed several senior staff such as head trainer BertieSimon Masrani, and Dr. Henry Wu with her solutions to several problems. She also uncovered evidence of a potential cover-up when discovering a supposed previous intern's journal (which contradicted Bright Minds being the supposed first instance of a Jurassic World internship program). Claire also helped uncover corporate spies in the program; while initially suspecting Wyatt, son of a Masrani Board member, she and Justin discovered it was Eric and Tanya Skye.

Tragically, Claire and Justin caught the two in the act when they accidentally freed a Velociraptor from its paddock, which then attacked Justin. Justin died from his injuries while Claire managed to subdue the animal with a taser and bear spray given to her by her sister. After this, Eric and Tanya were removed from the program. After some mourning for Justin, Claire learned the two siblings were stealing information to sell to a rival corporation to pay for their sister's medical bills. Despite Justin's death, Claire negotiated with Simon Masrani to pay for the Skye sister's medical bills.

Claire later on also confronted Masrani about the previous intern, and Masrani revealed the truth. That the previous intern Izzie died in a car accident after trying to return to the evacuation boat when a storm came. Izzie had bonded strongly with the brachiosaurs and stayed behind to free one of the animals. Masrani paid her family to keep the silence, and Claire agrees to remain quiet to keep Jurassic World up and running. Impressed by all of her actions and accomplishments over the summer, Masrani offered Claire the chance to begin working at Jurassic World and remain on Isla Nublar, which Claire accepts.


Within the years of Jurassic World running, Claire rose in the ranks and eventually gained the position of Park Operations Manager of Jurassic World. In that time, Claire vastly changed from the caring, empathetic science-focused woman into a more straight-laced and business-oriented manager. Sometime before 2015, Claire hired Zara as her assistant to organize her busy schedule.

At some point (likely between 2011 and 2015, given the start of the IBRIS Project), Claire also went on a date with head Velociraptor trainer and behaviorist, Owen Grady. Claire had printed out an itinerary for the date and was against having tequila while Owen showed up to their date wearing "board shorts". Due to Owen being more free-spirited and somewhat of a chauvinist, and Claire's desire for order, the two clashed in personality. According to Grady, this was why they never went on a second date, and Claire voiced that she wasn't remotely interested (despite the fact the two had some level of physical attraction to the other).

In a deleted scene, Claire mentioned that she'd only seen her nephews "three times" in their lives, two of which were funerals, presumably of her parents.

Jurassic World[]

"Welcome to Jurassic World."
—Claire Dearing(src)

Sometime in June, her nephews, Zach and Gray, visited her and her workplace. As her job didn't allow her to spend a great deal of time with them, she had her assistant Zara look after them. She merely says she'll see them later tonight. Claire received Verizon Wireless investors who wanted to learn about the park's new attraction, a genetic hybrid named Indominus rex. After meeting her nephews at the Innovation Center, Claire received the visiting Jurassic World CEO Simon Masrani and brought him to the Indominus rex Paddock. Masrani asked her to bring in Owen to check the paddock for flaws, and she reluctantly went after the trainer, given their uneasy relationship. As they traveled to the paddock, she tried to call her nephews but got no response.

As they visit the paddock, the I. rex eventually escaped from captivity and went on a chaotic romp throughout the park. Claire returned to the Control Room. However, after seeing the first attempt at capturing the dinosaur fail, she requested an emergency shutdown of the park's attractions. Claire then learned that Zack and Gray weren't with her assistant Zara, so Claire called them and discovered they were on the Gyrosphere attraction. Once learning the boys were riding a sphere into the restricted area where the I. rex was loose, she decided to go after them, forcing her to again collaborate with Owen. While trailing the nephews, they found the Gyrosphere damaged and one of the Apatosaurus was wounded. Once they reached the abandoned Visitor Center, they figured the boys had fixed one of the Jurassic Park Jeeps to drive back to Jurassic World. Then they were attacked by the Indominus rex. They witnessed Masrani's helicopter be brought down by escaping pterosaurs from the Jurassic World Aviary and ran back to the park while Pteranodon and Dimorphodon flew above them.

After reaching Main Street, Claire and Owen were attacked by a Dimorphodon that tried to carry Owen away, leading Claire to grab his rifle and shoot the pterosaur. Shortly afterward, she found her nephews and escorted them to safety in the Mobile Veterinarian Unit MVU-12. While watching Owen leading Blue and the rest of his Velociraptors to hunt the Indominus rex on her tablet, Claire witnessed the hybrid take control of the pack. An InGen Soldier warned them of the raptors and went to the back of the vehicle to try to get inside it. He was then attacked by Delta and Claire hit the accelerator and soon Echo smashed through the driver's window trying to kill Claire. The raptors pursued her vehicle, but Claire defeated them as she drove Echo into a tree in the pursuit, and her nephews tased Delta with a cattle prod when she tried to go inside the back of the vehicle. Afterward, they met up with Owen while driving on the road, who told her that they needed to go indoors. Claire then called Lowery to send in a rescue chopper.

Lowery and Claireopening T

Claire opens Paddock Nine, releasing Rexy.

Entering the Hammond Creation Lab, Claire found that the InGen Security Division had commandeered the building, and Vic Hoskins revealed he had ordered the creation of the Indominus rex seeking a living weapon. While Vic discussed his plan with them, Delta entered the laboratory and killed Hoskins, causing Claire and her group to flee to Main Street. The group successfully escaped Delta when Gray used the Holoscape to project a Dilophosaurus to distract the raptor, but once outside, the group was met by the two surviving Velociraptors with Delta soon joining her other pack members. However, Owen convinced his raptor pack to attack the Indominus, but once Gray concludes they "need more teeth" to defeat the hybrid, Claire figures a solution. She calls Lowery Cruthers to open Paddock Nine, and uses a flare to attract Rexy; the park's veteran Tyrannosaurus into attacking the Indominus, eventually resulting in the hybrid's defeat via the Mosasaurus.

After the evacuation, Claire was in a warehouse with the other survivors, reuniting with her sister and brother-in-law. She hugged Karen before leaving the nephews to their parents and went with Owen.

Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous[]

While Claire does not appear in Jurassic World: Camp CretaceousRoxie mentions her on several occasions. Also mentioning that Claire wanted her nephews to visit Camp Cretaceous.

2015 - 2018[]

"I have not returned to that area of the world since the destruction of Jurassic World, and thinking about this upcoming trip I can’t help but feel apprehensive about the road ahead, as well as guilty for the part my actions played in causing this situation. However, I won’t let my fear and regret stop me from fighting for what’s right."
—Claire Dearing(src)

Claire and Owen remained in a relationship for some time after their shared experiences. However, their clashing personalities affected things and led to several arguments. After an instance in which they argued over who would drive their van, Claire told Owen to leave her. However, Owen was under the impression he left Claire of his own volition, which would later amuse Claire.

Claire still felt responsible for the dinosaurs still living on Isla Nublar, as did many former employees and animal rights activists. At some point, Claire moved back to her hometown in order to escape government investigations and the conspiracists online and her nightmares of the incident. During her unpacking she found her mementos box from the time she first started at Jurassic World and realized she needed a part of her old personality in order to help the dinosaurs. As her original goals growing up were to help the betterment of animals, Claire decided to found the Dinosaur Protection Group which sought to secure funding to rescue the dinosaurs and aid in their welfares. This matter especially became their concern when Isla Nublar's former dormant volcano Mt. Sibo suddenly became highly active. Geologists speculated Mt. Sibo would erupt and cause significant damage to the island and send the remaining dinosaurs back into extinction.

Two of Claire's DPG hires were Franklin Webb, a systems analyst, and Zia Rodriguez, a paleo-veterinarian and former Jurassic World intern. The two were fairly close with Claire and went with her on trips to schools to educate children about dinosaurs and their current plight. Claire would also write two blog entries on their website containing updates and her personal feelings.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom[]

"We could both use a touch of redemption, Couldn't we?"
—Benjamin Lockwood(src)

After the park closed, Claire founded the Dinosaur Protection Group to organize a rescue mission to save the dinosaurs of Isla Nublar from Mount Sibo's impending eruption that threatens to kill the remaining dinos. She is betrayed by Eli Mills and left to die on the island after he got what he wanted: Blue. She, Owen, and Franklin manage to escape by sneaking onto the boat as it's leaving the island. She learns that Mills only wanted the dinosaurs so that he could auction them off to the highest bidder. Owen and Claire head to Lockwood Manor planning to stop him but are caught by Mills' men. They're imprisoned among the dinosaurs and too late to stop the auction. They escape with the help of a Stygimoloch named Stiggy and run into Maisie Lockwood.

Fallen Kingdom - Tyrannosaurus rex animatronic - Cast interaction - 00001

Owen and Claire attempt to extract Rexy's blood.

Together, they enter the auction room where the Indoraptor is being auctioned off. They agree that it can't be allowed to leave the grounds. Claire and Maisie watch as Owen, with the help of the Stygimoloch, ends the auction by force. Owen reunites with Claire and Maisie, but they run into an enraged Mills. They learn that Maisie is a clone of Benjamin Lockwood's daughter. Before Mills can have her and Owen killed, the Indoraptor attacks and kills the mercenaries with Mills, forcing him to retreat. The Indoraptor chases them around the main floor of Lockwood Manor. Claire is injured and encourages Owen to go after Maisie, whom the Indoraptor is pursuing. Later, Claire is on the rooftop with a gun pointed at the Indoraptor, poised to attack Owen. She encourages it to do so with the laser, and it almost falls through the glass roof. The Indoraptor manages to catch itself but does end up plummeting to its death after Blue jumps on it.

Zia and Franklin tell Claire that the dinosaurs are dying due to the broken ventilation; the only way to save them is to open the doors and let them run free. Claire goes to push the button to release them but hesitates and decides against it. Maisie ends up being the one to open the gates, letting the dinosaurs out into the world, which led to Rexy and a Carnotaurus killing Mills and destroying the Indominus rex bone sample. The group leaves the manor and says goodbye to Blue, who runs off into the North Californian wilderness. Through those events, Claire renew her relationship with Owen and decided to adopt Maisie as their daughter. Claire, Owen, and Maisie were later seen driving down the highway to an unknown destination.


Off the Grid[]

Shortly after escaping Lockwood Manor, Owen acquires a camper van that they live out of for the next two years. During this time, they adopt various false cover stories with the overall prevailing narrative being that of a married couple and their daughter on a camping trip. The trio are mentioned to have travelled to various states across the Western United States aiding in local dinosaur related problems along the way, such as humanly relocating herbivorous dinosaurs away from orchards. Chasing sightings of Blue, they travel to Gibson Peak where they finally find the elusive dinosaur.

Off the Grid Artwork

For a scheduled three weeks, they settle down in Happy Trails Campground. The first day there, Claire goes swimming while Maisie interacts with the local kids. Sometime later, Claire has a meeting off-screen with, presumably, some of her old DPG contacts about the dinosaur situation that is serious enough for Maisie to be sent back to the lake. Claire continues to talk to these contacts, revealing that she's been trying to secure a habitat for Blue. However, the place doesn't accept carnivores. Claire expresses further disillusionment with the government's decisions, and lack of, regarding the dinosaurs.

At the same diner from before, the trio have lunch and discuss how Blue, and other dinosaurs, are reacting to the new world. While there, Randy, a local farmer who Blue visited the property of, and his family approach them. Randy and his family express sentiments of wanting the dinosaurs killed via poachers which upsets the trio. The next day, Maisie goes to play with the kids again so that Claire and Owen can discuss the matter with Sheriff Wraggs.

Claire and Owen do their best to appeal to the sheriff, who agrees to let them speak at a meeting with the local ranchers tomorrow. The next morning, a storm is brewing. Claire and Owen reluctantly leave Maisie by herself under the impression that she will be spending the day with Violet Moody and her grandparents.

The meeting with the ranchers doesn't go well. The overwhelming majority are in favor of killing Blue instead of any relocation attempt. Randy's wife, Billie, lets it slip that she's already been in contact with poachers to take care of Blue. Claire thanks them for listening and the duo attempt to leave. News suddenly reaches them that the bridge back to camp has been flooded by the storm. Claire suggests she try crossing anyways, but is talked down from it by Owen since it would be too dangerous.

They successfully contact Maisie via radio phone to tell her about the flooding. However, Maisie reveals that she and her new friends have been keeping two baby dinosaurs, Tri and Pi, a secret from everyone else at the campsite since they arrived. She has also been using Owen's training techniques to keep them safe. Maisie is abruptly cut off by the faulty signal while asking for their help causing Claire to worry.

The next day, Claire and Owen reunite with Maisie in the woods after Maisie has successfully trapped both poachers. He reveals that he knows their real identities and confirms their fear that people know about and are looking for Maisie, too. After the poachers are taken away, Maisie apologizes for lying and they forgive her.

A week later, they successfully relocate the Triceratops duo to a safer location near the coast. They leave Gibson Peak for Chico, California.

The Yosemite Six[]

An indeterminate amount of time later, they arrive in Yosemite National Park after staying with some of Owen's friends. Rather than entering the traditional way, they opt to enter through a seasonally closed entrance due to its closer proximity to where Blue is. Her tracking marker has not moved for three days which caused them to worry. They hide their camper and continue further into the park on foot with camping supplies.

After a day and a half of hiking through the park, they arrive at Boothe Lake, but can't find any sign of her. Maisie finds a piece of scale in the bank with the tracker on it with signs that it had been purposely taken off by a person. Maisie and Claire discuss what could've happen, and realize Blue couldn't have been taken out of the park without noticeable tire tracks in the area they drove in through. As they're discussing this, Owen discovers six dinosaurs nearby.

As they start to return to their camp from the night before, a park ranger intercepts them. She reveals her name, Leena Smythe-Patel, and Claire regonizes it from former Jurassic World worker, Prisha Smythe-Patel. They exchange a code used by dinosaur advocates and establish each other as allies. Leena confirms that her team removed the tracker since they believed it was put on by poachers. Due to the upcoming winter season, Claire and Owen agree to stay as long as needed to provide insight into dinosaur behavior so the six dinosaurs can be moved to a warmer area in a controlled manor that would avoid their discovery by the general public.

Because of how long they plan to stay and how intense the workload will be, Owen and Claire make the decision to temporarily enroll Maisie in the local school. Maisie is not fond of the idea, though she relents to it. Later that day, they're introduced to the two other rangers managing the dinosaurs: Jane Harper and Jack Banks. The next day, Claire drives Maisie to her first day at school before rejoining the rangers.

Yosemite Six

Over some amount of time, Owen and Claire aid the rangers in beginning to herd the dinosaurs to their new, warmer habitat. They participate in both physical herding and route planning. As a trio, they trek to KIbbie Lake where they talk about Maisie's feelings around releasing the dinosaurs and set up markers for later. Sometime later, after Owen and Claire drop Maisie off at school, Claire wonders if there will be a time where Maisie can go to a public school full time. At this point, Claire believes they need to find a way to settle down somewhere covertly and Owen hints at having an idea before they return to talking about finding Blue.

On horseback, they walk a trail in the park towards the Yosemite Six and a possible sighting of Blue where Owen further hints that he thinks they should settle down by finishing the cabin he started. By the time they arrive at the Yosemite Six, the sky is dark indicating a possible storm approaching. They dismount and start to set up heaters for the dinosaurs as it has begun snowing. However, their horses suddenly shriek indicating a predator is nearby.

Their horses manage to break free from the branches they'd been secured to, leaving the two of them stranded. Smash, one of the Yosemite Six, breaks the sonar technology used to keep them corralled forcing the two of them to hide behind a rock as the six dinosaurs begin to stampede to lower ground. Once they're a decent distance away, Claire shoots a flare gun to alert the rangers of the approaching dinosaurs. A young Allosaurus takes this as an opportunity to finally reveal herself. While shaking the snow off her body, the pair take their chance to flee towards the trail. Halfway there, Claire freezes as she spots Blue blocking it.

Recognizing Owen, she pushes past them and begins to pursue the Allosaurus. They continue fleeing towards the trail while the dinosaurs fight. Hearing Blue cry out in pain, Claire aims her reloaded flare gun at the fight and shoots. It's enough to frighten the Allosaurus off completely making Blue retreat into the woods. The two slowly continue down the trail in the storm until they come across their horses. Just as they've remounted, they receive a call from Maisie on the satellite phone. They try to warn her, but the signal is very weak.

On their way back, they spot a footprint from the Allosaurus and realize she has the scent of the Yosemite Six and is headed towards town. Before they can continue towards town, they spot Blue with a side covered in dried blood. Due to the cold water of the creek, Blue refuses to cross it. Using a piece of salmon skin, they encourage Blue to cross the bridge with them in hopes they'll later be able to tranquilize and give her medical care at the ranger station. The two of them begin riding back towards the Yosemite Six, now with Blue in tow.

Owen and Claire arrive at the school armed with a net gun and tranquilizer. Blue, who had already arrived long before, is tranquilized and netted. Maisie reunites with her parents in a group hug. Soon, the Allosaurus breaks free from the cafeteria where Maisie had trapped her, and they repeat the process. Later, they load a tranquilized Blue into a horse trailer attached to their van. With the rangers taking care of the remaining dinosaurs, they decide they have to leave quickly before more people discover what happened at the school.

After Maisie says her goodbyes and Owen finishes giving his final advice to the rangers, the three of them begin their drive to Owen's cabin with Blue in tow.

Jurassic World: Dominion[]

Claire and Sunrio sign in JWD

Claire speaking to Maisie

For the next two years, they continue to raise Maisie in secret in an isolated cabin in Sierra Nevada as they knew people were looking for her and Blue. Although they understand Maisie's frustration and wanting answers about her biological mother, Claire and Owen not only wanted to keep their daughter safe but also couldn't give her the answer she wanted because they didn't know Charlotte well. Also, Claire has been stopping illegal smuggling of dinosaurs with help from Franklin and Zia. However, Claire had to abandon her work because she and her friends were almost caught. Also, Claire understands that her friends got new job offers that they should take.

One day, after finding out that Blue had an offspring, Claire finds out through Owen that Biosyn kidnapped their old friend's child, as Maisie named her Beta, and their daughter. Claire and Owen leave their cabin to rescue Maisie and Beta. Through the help of their old friends, Claire and Owen tracked her in Malta where the dinosaur smuggling ring took place. She chased Soyona Santos and incapacitates her with a shock gun. Claire then interrogated her with it into where Maisie and Beta were being taken, which it's revealed that they are in the Biosyn Research Facility in Dolomites mountain range in Italy. Escaping an Atrociraptor attack, Claire and Owen get a ride to Biosyn from Kayla Watts. However, upon arriving, Claire gets separated from Owen and Kayla as she ejected from the plane after a Quetzalcoatlus attack. After dealing with some of Biosyn's dinosaurs, Claire reunited with Owen and Kayla. Then, Claire, Owen and Kayla see a car got turned upside down.

Hearing and seeing Maisie, who escaped, was inside as she gets out to see them, Claire and Owen embraced their daughter as they were relieved that she was safe. However, much to her surprise, Claire sees that Maisie already knew Kayla. Claire was more surprised to see three people exiting the car but recognized them as Dr. Ellie Sattler, Alan Grant, and Ian Malcolm from Jurassic Park. Hearing that Ellie, Alan and Ian were the ones who rescued and helped Maisie escape, Claire expressed her gratitude to them for saving her daughter. However, the group were attacked by a Giganotosaurus at a research outpost, but managed to escape it.

While regrouping, Claire tended to Maisie then left to get the power back on with Ellie accompanying her. While getting to the power lines, Claire asked Ellie that she still get nightmares about her experience in Jurassic Park and she tells that she does. Claire then tells Ellie that she has a lot of regrets as she helps her see through her past mistakes that she had when she worked in Jurassic World. After getting the power back on, Claire and the group encounter Henry Wu as he wants to leave with them and tells the group that he can fix what Biosyn has done. However, Claire and the rest of the group were skeptical of trusting Henry after everything he put them through, but Maisie convinced them to give him a chance. After escaping Biosyn during the battle between the Giganotosaurus, Therizinosaurus, and Jurassic Park's veteran Tyrannosaurus, Claire, Owen and Maisie bring Beta back to Blue. Claire and her family were at their cabin doing a campfire and having s'mores together.

Personality and traits[]

Claire is a "workaholic" and has a type a personality.[3] This was demonstrated by her actions when on a date with Owen Grady; she printed an itinerary, refused to drink tequila and criticized Owen's attire. She was devoted almost entirely to her job and was very good at it, but had found little time for personal pursuits and was a bit cold and aloof. Claire initially believed dinosaurs to be little more than "assets" and beasts with limited intelligence, if any. But when she and Owen discovered a fatally wounded Apatosaurus and Owen comforted it in its final moments, it shook Claire, making her realize that they were living, thinking creatures. This realization would later evolve into a fully dedicated effort towards saving the dinosaurs, first from Mt. Sibo's eruption, and then from Eli Mills' machinations when she discovered his intents to sell the captured dinosaurs for money. But she is not above killing those who harm the ones she loves, namely a Dimorphodon that attacked Owen and attempting to kill the Indoraptor for threatening the lives of Owen and Maisie.

After the fall of Jurassic World, Claire has shown to dislike her old self as she was ashamed of; who she was during her time working at the park. Also, Claire couldn't stand those who only see dinosaurs as assets; although it maybe due to how much she hated the person that she was as she was once like them. Claire even carried a lot of regret and has been seeking redemption for her actions. But through Ellie's help, Claire found in her heart to forgive herself for her actions and move on with her life.

Initially, Claire wasn't sure about having a family of her own like her sister, Karen, has with Zach and Gray, as she believed that she didn't need that to be happy. But Claire realized that her sister was right as she ended up forming her own family as she has a happy relationship with Owen and they both took in Maisie as their adoptive daughter. Also, through Owen's influences, Claire has shown to enjoy living the outdoor life and learned survival skills.


Claire Dearing is a Caucasian woman in her mid to late 30's, standing 5'7" with red hair, green eyes, a fair complexion, and has a voluptuous 35-24-36 hourglass figure. Her wardrobe changed over the course of the series. In her debut Jurassic World, Claire's outfit was almost all white: buttoned down shirt, blazer, elastic belt with a golden buckle, and a flared midi skater skirt. However, her tank top was purple and her heels were tan-colored. During the movie, while searching for her nephews, Claire's attire (more specifically her shirt and skirt) got ruined and she abandoned some of her wardrobe.

In Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Claire is first seen wearing a beige knee-length trench coat, a maroon buttoned shirt, dark blue jeans, and black high heels. When visiting the Lockwood Estate, Claire wore a long grey coat, a white long sleeve shirt, a grey dress, and grey heels. When the company ventured to Isla Nublar to rescue the dinosaurs, Claire wore an outfit more fitting to a jungle safari: a brown buttoned jacket, a dark green buttoned shirt, a green long sleeve shirt, dark brown cargo pants, a brown, double loop belt, and brown knee high boots. When she arrived at the Island, she took off her jacket and once her buttoned shirt was ripped, she abandoned that as well.

In Jurassic World: Dominion, Claire isn't seen wearing her more fancy attire and is instead wearing outfits more suitable to an outdoor lifestyle; plaid buttoned shirts, plain t-shirts, jeans, belts and boots. When going to rescue Maisie, Claire wore a blue-green button shirt, a red colored t-shirt, midnight blue pants, a black colored belt with a type of design on it, and brown work boots.


Karen Mitchell[]

Karen and Claire have been close since their childhood, the two are still close even into adulthood despite Claire's narrow and intense focus on her career. Before Claire's internship at Bright Minds, one could best describe their relationship as being like two best friends. However, the two differed in what they sought out in life, with Karen firmly believing in having a family and finding love was the key to happiness. She firmly believed that Claire would become a mom like her, though Claire scoffed at the notion. Claire later lamented how her neglecting to be with Zach and Gray would affect her relationship with Karen, even believing she'd never let her see the boys again after all the trauma and danger they experienced. But when Claire reunited the boys with their parents, Karen tearfully embraced her sister as well.

According to Claire, after Jurassic World's fall, she moved in with Karen and the boys to remain nearby. It's believed that with Claire now no longer in charge of managing a theme park, Claire's relationship with Karen (and by extension, the rest of her family) improved. Howard states she believes the two have remained in contact despite Karen's lack of later appearances.[4]

Zach and Gray[]

Claire cared a lot for her nephews, even if her workaholic tendencies made her barely see them - before them visiting Jurassic World, it was seven years before her last visit, and she does not know the boys' exact ages. (In a deleted scene, Claire mentioned to have seen her nephews three times throughout the course of their lives: two birthdays and a funeral. ) But during the Isla Nublar Incident of 2015, Claire showed how much she cared for them and went to lengths to protect them.

Owen Grady[]


Claire and Owen during the Jurassic World incident in 2015.

Claire and Owen had many personality differences, which ensured their relationship was an uneasy one. The two had a date, but it did not work out, with Claire's controlled nature and Owen's loose manners clashing. Once Claire asked her to bring Owen to inspect the Indominus rex pen, the two were frequently insulting each other during the assignment. Once the I. rex broke free and Claire and Owen had to look for her nephews, Owen complained that Claire was ill-prepared for such a jungle trek, particularly with her high-heel shoes. However, the circumstances allowed Claire to see a different side of him. Once Claire shot a Dimorphodon which had attacked Owen, he thanked her by passionately kissing her. After the Jurassic World incident was over, Owen said they'd better "stick together, for survival".

After, Claire and Owen maintained a romantic relationship. This would eventually fall apart due to various miscommunications caused by their clashing personalities. The two maintained romantic feelings for each other despite these complications. Although stilted, the two had a clear bond and interest in each other while discussing Isla Nublar and during the mission on Isla Nublar with Owen covertly asking if she had started seeing anyone and Claire telling him to stay safe.

With the island putting them in peril, the two worked in tandem to survive like they had during Jurassic World. The two shared various romantic moments from Claire falling asleep on him to a heart-to-heart while locked up in Lockwood Manor. During the events with the Indoraptor, they shared a kiss indicating that neither wished to stay broken up. Afterwards, they took responsibility as co-guardians of Maisie.

For the next four years, Claire and Owen maintained a stable, loving relationship. Throughout their adventure to and inside Biosyn, the couple shared many moments of physical affection and worry about the others safety. The first on-screen "I love you" was also exchanged with Owen later agreeing to Kayla's observation of, "You really love her, huh?". While Claire does not say it back in the moment, her various actions made it clear she felt the same way. After retrieving their daughter, they return to their cabin where they're last seen laughing with each other.

Simon Masrani[]

Claire had a great deal of respect for the billionaire owner of Masrani Global, mostly when she was younger. Masrani, in turn, deeply respected Claire due to her intelligence and willingness to challenge him in conversation. When Claire went on to solve several issues at Jurassic World just as an intern, Masrani offered her a job when the park opened. In her adulthood as Park Manager, Claire still somewhat respected Masrani but was more critical of his relaxed attitude towards running Jurassic World. When Masrani died in his attempt to take down the Indominus rex, Claire was visibly horrified.

Zara Young[]

Zara Young is Claire's personal assistant while working at Jurassic World. She is known to manage Claire's schedule and keep her on task, but not much is known about their relationship. Claire does not verbally express any anger at Zara when her nephews are lost, nor does Zara verbally express annoyance at Claire despite clearly being bored with the task of watching her nephews, so it can be inferred that they hold a healthy respect for each other.

Maisie Lockwood[]

Claire and Maisie

Claire holding Maisie out of caring.

While meeting with Benjamin Lockwood to save the dinosaurs from Eruption of Mt. Sibo, she noticed Maisie watching them. Days later, she and Owen met Maisie again at Lockwood Manor. As her recent ordeals had left Maisie distressed, Claire convinces her to trust her, knowing that Maisie saw her with her grandfather. Claire immediately becomes protective of the girl, going through great lengths to defend her from Mills, his mercenaries, and the Indoraptor. Even when she learns that Maisie is a clone of Lockwood's daughter, Claire along with Owen, accepted her as a person regardless of her origins. After the dinosaur escape, Claire and Owen took Maisie in.

In 2022, Claire was protective of Maisie because of potential threats due to her unique nature. Maisie felt fondly of her adoptive mother, though disliked the lack of freedom she had. Maisie struggled with her nature as a clone of her biological mother and thus took it out on her adoptive mother at times, going as far as to tell Claire she wasn't her mother at all. Despite this, Claire never thought less of Maisie or hesitated to believe she was truly her daughter.

The pair would reunite happily with Maisie declaring Claire and Owen her parents. The two remained physically close while escaping Biosyn exchanging a second hug, clinging together while the Giganotosaurus approached, and Claire cleaning Maisie's cut. After her experience at Biosyn, Maisie was able to fully consider Claire and Owen to be her adoptive parents allowing them a happy conclusion where they were seen laughing together as a family.

Zia Rodriguez[]

Claire respects Zia Rodriguez as a colleague and friend; she also respects Zia for her veterinary skill and love of dinosaurs. When Zia got frustrated in a phone call with a Congresswoman, Claire took over to smooth out a deal. Later, when offered to return to Isla Nublar to rescue Blue, Claire brought Zia along for her Paleo-Veterinarian expertise. When on the island passing through Main Street's ruins in a military vehicle, Zia runs out of it to see a Brachiosaurus passing by with her own eyes. Claire holds Zia's shoulders and stands with her as Zia cries due to it being the first dinosaur she had ever seen in real life.

Claire and Zia split up when finding Blue, Claire staying behind with Franklin at the computer station, and Zia joining Owen. After getting out of harm's way from the Baryonyx and evading the pyroclastic flow of the erupting Mt. Sibo, Claire, Franklin, and Owen wind up on a beach. After processing all of the shock, Claire immediately asks about Zia's whereabouts, to which Owen reveals Zia being taken captive by Ken Wheatly's men. When reuniting on the Arcadia after escaping further eruption, Zia remarks in joy at Owen, Claire, and Franklin being alive. Claire and Zia later work together to help save Blue's life from a gunshot wound. When Zia manages a successful blood transfusion, Claire cries in joy at saving Blue.

One might best compare Claire and Zia's relationship to Claire's relationship with Zara Young, Claire's late assistant. But comparisons falter as Claire shows more genuine respect and warmth towards Zia that is more akin to a friendship, whereas Claire and Zara were more so just colleagues.

In 2022, Zia worked closely with Claire and Franklin in exposing illegal smuggling of dinosaurs to the Department of Fish and Wildlife (DFW). She is more sympathetic to Claire's methods of extrajudicial action than Franklin, but ultimately doesn't agree that it's the most effective method.

Franklin Webb[]

Franklin and Claire get along well as colleagues and friends. Claire depends on Franklin in the Dinosaur Protection Group as everyone values his programmer and computer technician skills for managing their social media and marketing. But these skills also extend to critical use when Claire brings Franklin and Zia to Isla Nublar to rescue Blue. Franklin is who taps into the Jurassic World system network; allowing them to access the dinosaur tracking system.

Claire and Franklin later work together to escape the trapped computer station when abandoned by the mercenaries. Claire tries to ease Franklin's worries about a T-rex but later gets frustrated when Franklin freaks out. However, despite this, Claire works to ensure Franklin makes it out of the situation alive as they rush to safety with Owen and later when the three run to the S.S. Arcadia. Claire tries to run back for Franklin when a falling rock hits him before Owen gets him instead.

One might best compare Claire's relationship with Franklin and his role within the Dinosaur Protection Group to her relationship with Lowery in Jurassic World. But Claire seems to show a level of respect towards Franklin and care for his well-being throughout the events of Fallen Kingdom. But she does display the same level of annoyance to Lowery and Franklin's respective "un-brave" or un-heroic moments.

In 2022, Franklin and Claire worked closely to expose illegal dinosaur breeding facilities to the DFW. However, while sneaking into a Ceratopsian breeding farm, they almost get shot, which made Franklin quit this "work" and join the CIA. He later helped Claire and Owen after they told him that Maisie was kidnapped. Due to his connection with CIA, Claire and Owen infiltrated in an operation in Malta in search of poacher Rainn Delacourt.

Justin Hendricks[]

From her first meeting with Justin on their plane ride to Costa Rica, Claire showed an obvious interest the young man. They continued to bond throughout their respective internships. Ultimately, they aren't ever given a chance to be together as a couple as Justin sacrifices himself to protect her. Even years later, at age 30, Justin's death is deeply traumatic for Claire to reflect on.

Barry Sembène[]

Claire seems to be on good terms with Barry as they used to work together in Jurassic World. Also, Claire was pleased that Barry would help her and Owen find their missing daughter.

Henry Wu[]

Claire highly respects Henry while working as an intern in his lab, and later relates to him as one of the few people who've ever lost friends to a dinosaur attack. It's unclear if they maintain any sort of bond after Claire becomes a full time employee. Over the course of the movies, Claire becomes more and more distrustful towards him due to his hybrids. In Dominion, she shows a visible dislike for him. This likely changes when he keeps his word and solves the locust problem.

Kayla Watts[]

Claire is initially disappointed with Kayla and her refusal to consider helping her find Maisie, but this immediately changes once Kayla changes her mind. They become quick allies. They prove to be a good team, evading dinosaur attacks together in multiple scenes.

Ellie Sattler[]

Claire heard about Ellie's survival at Jurassic Park. When she meets her in person, Claire was surprised but grateful to her for rescuing her daughter. Ellie shows a great deal of concern when Claire's foot gets tangled, having to be held onto by Alan to prevent her from jumping in to help. Claire also accepts Ellie's help in bringing power offline in order to leave Biosyn. At the end of the movie, Claire seems to take Ellie's advice to heart being shown spending quality time with her family instead of dwelling on her past with the dinosaurs.

Alan Grant[]

Claire knew of Alan's survival at Jurassic Park. Once she meets Alan in person, Claire appreciated his help in rescuing her daughter.

Ian Malcolm[]

Claire grew up hearing about the San Diego Incident, but it's unclear how much she knew about Ian's involvement. Later, Ian is an advocate for letting the volcano wipe out the dinosaurs instead of interfering with directly contradicts Claire's ideology at the time. Despite both being invested in the government hearings, there is little indication they came into direct contact during it. Once they meet in person at Biosyn, any personal disagreements seem to be forgotten as they focus on escaping. He even helps Claire and Ellie navigate the power room.


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Behind the scenes[]

Claire Dearing Concept Art

Claire Dearing was portrayed on screen by American actress Bryce Dallas Howard. Claire shares Howard's physical appearance, including her red hair and green eyes, and her physical features have remained in expanded media. Though, some toys, such as LEGO Duplo, make the mistake of giving her light blue eyes in contrast to Howard's light green.

The character originated in previous screenplays such as the Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver draft. In one of these early drafts, her name was Beth, and she was the love interest of the main character[5]. In another, Claire was named Whitney and was to have a much smaller and darker role, being the antagonist of Vance (the character who became Owen Grady).[6] Another screenplay featured Claire staying with Zach and Gray during their trip instead of leaving them with her assistant.[7]

Colin Trevorrow and Derek Connolly's final draft firmly established Claire as the protagonist who would continue a character evolution through successive films. Bryce Dallas Howard was chosen and cast the earliest out of the finalized cast due to her varied background as an actress. As was most of the cast, Trevorrow mentioned that Howard was chosen due to being a great character actor. In interviews and behind the scenes footage, writer Colin Trevorrow has expressed that he views Claire as the real main protagonist of the Jurassic World Trilogy since she's the one who undergoes a character arc. This sentiment can be supported as all three Jurassic World films introduce Claire first out of all the main cast. Despite this, Bryce Dallas Howard receives second billing.

Throughout Jurassic World, Bryce Dallas Howard never changes out of Claire's signature high-heeled shoes and likely had to endure specific training learning how to move fast in the uncomfortable shoes, while adding that "it’s way better than running barefoot in a jungle.”[8] There was some minor backlash from fans online who found Claire wearing heels throughout the film to be ridiculous, despite Howard doing all her running herself on-screen and it not being an easy feat. This "controversy" surrounding the heels led to Colin Trevorrow texting Howard "#NoHeels2018" in referring to Claire's attire in Fallen Kingdom. Humorously, Howard still wears heels at the beginning of the film before appearing in terrain appropriate jungle boots for the rest of the film.

In one deleted scene, Claire would mention having seen her nephews only three times throughout their lives, with two of those occasions being funerals. Another deleted scene featured Owen telling Claire to cover herself in dinosaur feces to "mask her scent" (due to her potent vanilla-scented lotion), leading her to cover said feces on her legs, arms, and face. This entire scene was likely a reference to a scene in Jurassic Park which featured Ellie Sattler sticking her arms in a mound of Triceratops dung, but Steven Spielberg ultimately cut it for time. However, evidence of the scene remains in the film as Claire has "mud" on her arms and chest before the Indominus attack in the Jurassic Park garage.


  • The first name Claire was chosen by Trevorrow because it was "hard on the surface, but ultimately loving". Connolly chose Dearing as an on-the-nose-reference to indicate she "may seem sharp-edged at first, but ultimately [she] is very endearing".[9]
  • The Evolution of Claire novel states Claire as canonically 19 in 2004, placing her birth year in either 1985 or 1984, making Claire 30-years-old in Jurassic World, 33 in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, and around 36 or 37 in Jurassic World: Dominion.
    • This also makes Claire around four years younger than her actress Bryce Dallas Howard.
  • Claire is both the first main lead of a Jurassic Park film and the main female lead to appear in multiple films as the main character and the lead female character. Though Chris Pratt received top billing in all films, Colin Trevorrow has stated in multiple interviews that he considers Bryce Dallas Howard's Claire Dearing to be the central protagonist of the second trilogy and "engine of the story". [10][11][9]
  • Claire's first appearance in both Jurassic World and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is in an elevator, However, in Jurassic World she seen going down while in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom she seen going up.
  • Although it never ended up happening, Howard expressed interest in giving Claire an undercut during Fallen Kingdom, and later Dominion, to reflect her radical progression. "If she's an eco-terrorist, I need an undercut," she states. [12][13]
  • Claire and Owen, although a heavily committed couple and having referred to each other as husband and wife for cover in the novels, are not married. In interview, actress Bryce Dallas Howard says, "And if there was one shortcoming [of Owen], I would just say, 'Put a ring on it'. Maybe he's tried and Claire said no. Who knows." implying their lack of marital status.[14]
  • In both Maisie Lockwood Adventure novels, Claire is mentioned to have embroidered and/or stitched patches onto Maisie's vest. This could be used to infer that the patches on Maisie's jacket in Dominion were stitched by her.

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