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Coelurosauravus (meaning "hollow lizard grandfather") is an extinct genus of basal diapsid reptiles, known from the Late Permian of Madagascar. Like its relatives in the family Weigeltisauridae, members of this genus possessed long, rod-like ossifications along the edge of the body. These bony rods were not extensions of the ribs but were instead newly developed bones derived from the skin of the animal, a feature which is unique to the genus and its close relatives. Coelurosauravus specimens had an average length of 40 centimetres (16 in). The body was long and flat, suitable for gliding. The skull was lizard-like with a pointed snout and contained a broad back with a serrated crest, superficially resembling the crests of ceratopsian dinosaurs. It is believed that during life, these structures were covered with skin, forming wing-like surfaces which Coelurosauravus could use for gliding, similar to living gliding Draco lizards. However, due to the larger size of Coelurosauravus, it was a less efficient glider than Draco lizards.

Coelurosauravus is solely known from the type species, C. elivensis, which was named by Jean Piveteau in 1926 based on fossils from the Lower Sakamena Formation of Madagascar. Many other genera of weigeltisaurids have been lumped into Coelurosauravus since its original discovery. Most notable of these was Weigeltisaurus jaekeli, originally described from Germany in 1930. This European species is now known from numerous specimens found in Germany (and one in England), of which some were very well preserved. In 1987, Weigeltisaurus jaekeli was synonymized with Coelurosauravus as a second species, Coelurosauravus jaekeli. However, a 2015 study reinstated Weigeltisaurus as a separate genus for "Coelurosauravus" jaekeli, which has been retained by subsequent authors.


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Coelurosauravus appears in the game as a common flock animal