Compstegnathus is a hybrid dinosaur created as part of the Chaos Effect line. It is a hybrid of the dinosaurs Compsognathus and Stegosaurus, in addition to an African species of tree frog.


Bred to be the ultimate "first strike" scout, the Compstegnathus combines speed and aggression with a piranha-like appetite. Travelling in packs, these dinos overwhelm larger targets and devour them within seconds. For smaller prey, their tongues are their most valuable hunting tool. Inherited from African Tree Frogs, their tongues lash out and wrap around unfortunate victims, dragging them into the range of razor sharp teeth and sharp tail spikes. Large armored plates offer a line of defense against enemies. Individually, the Compstegnathus is cautious but turns vicious in a group of its own kind.


  • Compstegnathus's name roughly translates to "Elegant Roofed Jaw."


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